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April, 2014

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Pregnancy and Vaastu Shastra

Pregnancy and Vaastu Shastra

Apart from seeking a gynecologist’s opinion while trying to Conceive, some assured simple Vaastu Shastra tips can also be considered when getting pregnant. Unmarried Girls should take Northwest room as the first option to get marriage. The ruling planet is “Moon” and Northwest is governed by the “Air” element and have the qualities to Move and transformation. As a next option they can have Southeast room (“Fire” element and ruling planet “Venus”). Keeping a HeenaRead More

Vaastu Tips

Bedroom Vaastu Tips

Vastu Shastra unifies the Science and Astrology; it is an ancient spiritual science for designing and building a house. Vastu Shastra helps us to make our lives superior and will prevent from things going wrong. Here are some simple Vaastu tips using which one can make their life really happy. For Good Behavior Southwest: Resting children in southwest direction can make them arrogant and unyielding.   The south-east: this direction is dominated by fire; livingRead More

Vaastu Tips for Career

Put a water fountain on your work table in northeast corner of your workplace.

Vaastu Shastra is a science which helps in many ways to enhance your luck, prosperity and happiness. A house built with correct Vaastu principles can bring prosperity and happiness in life of inmates and can also improves the career while incorrect Vastu gives stressful life and stagnation in career.       Good or Vaastu dosh (defect) free house promotes good opportunities and luck if we use some basic Vaastu tips for Career while constructing the house and officeRead More

Vaastu Shastra for Office

Vaastu For Office

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science used to build a structures and designing their interior. Likewise there is Vaastu principles to Construct and run an office as well. Make better use of these Vastu tips for office and make your workplace or Office more Vaastu friendly to get more returns (ROI) Any office or workplace is principally constructed to get all over success with good earning to acquire profit and thereby maintain controlling staff properly. Vaastu friendly officeRead More

Shermukhi and Gaumukhi Plots


Selection of a plot site is just like as to select a compatible life partner, care should equally be taken while selecting your plot site too. Plots which are narrow in front and wide in rear are called Gaumukhi. And Plots that are broad in front and narrow at back are called as Shermukhi plot.  According to Vaastu Shastra avoid the plots which are triangular, circular, oval, and other irregular shapes. Avoid site close toRead More

Vaastu Tips for Study Room

vaastu tips for study room

“I can’t remember what studied” or “our retention power is weak” or “we could not concentrate on studies” etc. these are some complaints ever make the students. To have better studies and acquire knowledge it’s necessary to build a study room according to Vaastu Shastra. Below in this article we will see easy to implement, vaastu tips for study room We surely find many more remedies to this problem in our ancient science Vaastu Shastra. ForRead More

Vaastu Shanti Muhurath


Vastu Shanti is a religious and spiritual Puja procedure of worshiping Vaastu Purush. Vaastu Purush means Energy, Soul, and Shakti; thus Vaastu Purush is the Protector, Soul and Lord of the house. If  the Vaastu Shanti Muhurath or time of that day is auspicious, then the result of that Graha pravesh will be very fruitful as desired always. Deciding of Muhurath helps to focus on the Planet energy and other astrological elements to nullify theRead More

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