Monthly Archives: September 2014

Vaastu dosh and their effects

Vaastu Dosh and Their Effects!

Following are some problems or Vaastu Dosh effects, which may be experienced in common reading and raised in questions on Vaastu Shastra principles, which does not prove to be a…

Vastu and Southwest Cut

Vaastu and South-West Cut

We are well aware of the truth that, the Universe and the Living Vaastu is made of Five Elements [PanchMahabhutas]. And the human body is also made of PanchMahabhutas, thus…

Vaastu and Brahmasthan

Vaastu and Brahmasthan

Brahmasthan, the Centre of the House is an important element of ancient Vaastu Shastra. It is a central, holiest and powerful place of the house. All directions meet here at the…

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