Monthly Archives: November 2014

Vaastu Compliant house

Buying or Renting a House? Avoid these major Vaastu Defects [Dosh].

    It is not easy to get a ready made House or Flat which is Vaastu-compliant. However, certain safety measures should be considered while searching for House property. Here are…

Vaastu-For doorway to Success

House Entrance and Vaastu Directions

When we think about the main entrance of the House, the Eight directions play major role according to Vaastu Shastra. Hereunder we brief out the role of these directions in…

Divorce and Vaastu

Vaastu and Divorce

In this modern era relationships are becoming more complex. Major problem is lack of understanding that modern couples are facing now days Break-ups have becoming so common and the divorce tempo…

Vastu-Tips- for- Career

Effects of Vaastu Corrections

Often people carry out or do the Vaastu remedies [corrections] and expect positive results immediately. This will not happen always. Keep in mind it takes some time for the effect…

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