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July, 2016

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Septic Tank Location and It’s Effects


A septic tank is the part of house where all the waste, either from human or from kitchen etc. gets collected before it’s flushed out of from the house. This totally means septic tank holds negativity in it for small or even prolonged periods of time. In addition, if this tank is located the wrong direction, then this negativity will, and definitely obstruct on the positive energy of the house making its residents go throughRead More

Vaastu Dosh Remedies for T – Point Houses


Road hits [Vidhi Shula] plays a significant role in Vaastu Shastra, Either in positive or negative way on the Life of Individuals who are residing in Road hit Properties. So, while buying any new properties or at the time of doing Vaastu assessment of existing properties, we have to consider the Road hits also. Properties having Road hits from North, North-East or East Direction are proved to be highly gainful to the inmates. [If RoadRead More

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