Benefits of Houses Built According Vaastu Shastra

What is the prime motivation of the Vaastu Shastra?

“The structure of the House designed according to Vaastu Shastra vibrates with cosmic energy and the bodily appliance resonates with this vibration. To create and have the house of supreme bliss, and enable us to experience this highest bliss in this ordinary house it-self”

In short, this is the science of materialization of energy into matter or material form.”

Benefits of the Houses Built According to Vaastu Shastra


Houses built According to Vaastu maximize happiness, health and good fortune.
People who live and work in the building designed according to Vaastu they will:

  • Think more clearly and creatively
  • Makes superior decisions
  • Feel happier and healthier
  • Feels attentive and re-energized all the day
  • Get more deeply Sleep and relaxingly
  • Feel more energetic and less tired
  • At lower Stress and Enjoys greater peace of mind.

So well begun is half done!   Benefits of Houses Built According Vaastu


The space isolated and restricted in four walled structure “Building” becomes a living organism and will start vibrating in a particular order”

“As if such a building is planned to vibrate in the same numerical order with that of inhabitants, the resultant fact he will experience harmony or may form ideal union with the Universe It-self..

“Dr. V. Ganapathi Sthapati”

“When inner space and outer space vibrate together in harmony then peacefulness, liveliness, health, prosperity, and dynamic, creativity become the natural order and effortless experience.”

Brahmarishi Mayan, circa 10,500 BC

Wrong placement of Main Entrance door may leads to:

  • Inauspicious, depressing influences
  • Anger, Aggression
  • There should be Constant Fear, Poverty, Lack of Liveliness and Success
  • Chronic diseases

Consideration that may decides auspicious or inauspicious influence on the habitats of the House.

  • Orientation of house in the Plot
  • Placements of rooms in the house
  • Proportion and Vedic measurements [Aayadi Calculations]
  • Slope of the land and Shape of the land
  • View of Rising Sun [Unobstructed]

Environmental influences on House Vaastu

  • Location of water elements
  • House according Vaastu promotes Positive evolutionary influences
  • But the House without Vaastu delivers Negative effects.
  • When the full evolutionary natural support is available in the House according to Vaastu Shastra; No harm will arrive from Outside and nothing wrong will bounce up inside.