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Benefits of Northwest Facing House


North West facing house is not so bad. This can benefits with health, wealth and prosperity if other construction is supported by other Vaastu Shastra principles.

Only thing is to keep in mind, the male member of the house may remain away from the house for a longer time if the door faces West and a female if the door faces North.

Northwest is ruled by the planet Chandra (Moon). The owner of Northwest facing house travels from one to another place, his mind is very unstable. Usually, character of this house owner is well natured, soft-spoken and sentimental.

Northwest represents AIR element and which leads to discord and quarrels, also which disturbs co-ordination and relationship. Similarly, waves of jealousy from near and dear affects the patience level and productivity. 

northwest facing house

Northwest Direction is Vayu or the wind is ruling god: This direction is capable of making the owner rich or poor depending on its usage. Vayu  Bhagwan, the God of the Northwest direction, known as “Sadhagathi” means always moving. Vayu is the basic element of survival of life on earth. This is the most significant direction for women in the family.  Giving child birth their developments in life depend up on the proper utilization of Northwest direction, they can get fame and make scientific developments by living in such a property.  God Vayu is associated in formations of the foetus (the unborn young of a vertebrate), its development and easy delivery. Vayu also gives education and happiness to the habitats.

Any extension in Northwest will keep the residents on continuous traveling and always on moving. The extension of Northwest direction will shorten the Northeast or Eshanya, which is inauspicious. Their attitude goes over expensive and this may lead to poverty. Pits, ponds and water storages in this direction will lead to more problems in loneliness. Northwest direction, if utilized properly gives prosperity, good offspring, longer life, health, dignity and support from the Govt authorities.

Romantic-bedroom--North-westBedroom in North-west is good for newly married couple and their children provided that family has elder people. Whereas if the couple is the only elder in family then bedroom in Southwest will better and which is the corner of owner.

While buying the Northwest corner house, see that the North road should run towards West direction and West road should stop. This will gives financial stability. Whereas If the North road is stopped and West road is running, then avoid buying these properties.

And If the North and West roads are running, then observe the surroundings in  East, West, North and South.

The open space  towards South and West sides is more than compared to other directions, and then avoid purchasing this house.  And vise-a-versa North and East directions have a more space compared to other, in such houses, generally inhabitants may get fame and name and will have good knowledge and children will become more intelligent. 


279 Comments to Benefits of Northwest Facing House

  1. muthu says:

    dear sir ,
    in northwest direction in north side road is coming and ending in the compound wall .how to solve the problem kindly advice me

    • admin says:

      Hello Muthu Ji:
      Compound wall in North north west will restrict any bad effect thereof. Place a ” Panchamukhi Hanuman” pic on that compound wall facing to that NNW road.

  2. prasanna says:

    we are looking to rent a small house in melbourne australia , the house is facing NW direction . what do we do? there is lot of open space on west and a little open space on north for car park.
    also there is another house the main entrance for the whole building is NW but the flat for rent is in the North .
    Please advce will the bad effects of vaastu apply to tenants as well?

    many thanks.
    Mrs.Prasanna Lakshmi

    • admin says:

      Hello Mrs.Prasanna Ji:
      Any vaastu defect will give bad effects upto 50% to the tenants.

  3. Payal says:

    Sir, my kitchen is in north east direction. I am living in a rented apartment in Egypt, so I cannot change the construction. Please advice if there is any remedy or else I should change the apartment. I was unaware of this before, but now when started facing many problems, one of my friend pointed out this. Please advice the best remedy.
    Many thanks,

    • admin says:

      Hello Payal JI:
      Kitchen in Northeast can cause many problems in Name and Fame. Place three “Bronz” bowls on roof of kitchen facing downward in North, Northeast, East. These bowls should not come exact on Gas stove. Place Money plant and little Pam tree in Northeast direction.

    • shashi bala says:

      north east direction where growingenergy of health and wealth come if kitchen is there it will burn. for pooja room north east is best

  4. dhinesh says:


    with respect to entrance,
    Main door is in facing north in the north west corner,
    but grill gate is facing west in the north west corner.
    Is it correct?

  5. my home main entrance is north west&grill gate also nort it corrct?any pooja required? says:

    my home main entrance is north west&grill gate also nort west….is it corrct?any pooja required?

  6. laveena says:

    i want to know northwest entrance is good or bad…as already i m going thru financial problems and even court case is going on for property ….as i m a single parent finding it difficult …pl suggest some remedy

    • admin says:

      Hello Laveena ji:
      Northwest entrance is good, but if other elements are according to Vaastu principles

  7. Anand Mahishi says:

    My small cafe has NW enterance in first floor and has 4 pillars inside and one of the pillar is almost in the centre( not exactly in centre). Pl advise any remedy required?

  8. aparna says:

    We are planing to buy a northwest facing home in USA, I was looking for some one to show the house and go with vastu, at least kitchen and master bedroom.But i am not finding anyone who is good help.

    When we enter the house kitchen will be to our left side and next to kitchen we have garage, which is like kitchen will be some where in the center.

    And master bed room is in upstairs, its the left side corner, This house has three side road, east west and north.

    Please let me know if it is good to buy this house.

  9. VD says:

    My home is NW facing n Kitchen is in NE so many financial problems please advise. unexpected expense comes all the time.

  10. AG says:

    planning to buy a two side open house with main entrance facing Northwest direction. Also the main entrance exactly faCES a t-junction. is it ok to go ahead?

  11. mitra says:

    my nakhastra is bharini and rasi is mesa. I want to purchase a simplex house facing northwest. The house main door is in west side. Now, I will not stay there. Is it good for me to buy the house. If I will construct the first floor as per vastu and stay in first floor, whether bad effect of the room will affect me?

  12. dharmapad says:

    we are planning to buy a house which is kind of NW facing but more towards north. but the road in front that you’ve mentioned is curving towards east and stop after say, 20 yards. Is it good or bad? Also, I do think, there’s a lot of open spaces in West or South.
    pl advice.

  13. Daya says:

    Dear Sir,

    We are planing to buy a flat, Main door is in facing north in the north west corner, and road was blocked in south side.and Master bed room is south is north east.pls suggest where poja room located in room.
    Please let me know if it is good to buy this house.

  14. Balaji says:

    Dear Sir,

    We are planning to buy a apartment in Bangalore. In that main door entrance is west facing ( North west) . can we buy this west facing house. Rest everything is fine like kitchen is in South East, Master bedroom in South west, another bedroom is in North East. Please provide your valuable feedback. My DOB is 23-July-1987.

  15. Balaji says:


    I have sent the details to ur mail id … Thanks a lot …

  16. Anirban Choudhury says:

    Dear Sir,

    We are planning to buy an apartment. The society and the builder are good the trouble is the only apartments available now are with doors which are NW facing. As I will have to invest a substantial sum, requesting advise.

    My DOB – 28/11/1981
    Profession – Professional in the BFSI sector

  17. sheetal says:

    i am leaving in house facing north west and my hall, kitchen,bedroom is in a same is middle of the hall & bedroom but my gas is north east side of the kitchen is it ok

  18. Hema says:

    Hello there, we are planning to buy a house facing North West in USA. The Door too faces NorthWest. is that good? I have the floor plan, if you would like to see it, I can send it to you. The road comes from North and takes a turn in front of this house towards west and both the ends meets with different roads. Pls advice.

  19. Hi I am a business man, the property I am using is rented it is in basement of building. building has south entrance but my place which is actually a basement of a complete building has NORTHWEST entrance.
    The effect I am observing is I am earning very quick but at same time for any reason I am not able to save money every month I get lot of money and I have to spend them at same time and you will not believe some time I have to spend for a silly mater also and same thing happens every month. I am not able to stand stable I running running and running, I am working for more than 14 hours a day still I am not able to complete my dues.
    Well this was not the issue in past I am doing business from last 7 years but from last 2 years I am shocked, what to do please help me my email address is

  20. Thejakumar says:

    My flat is in near to north east of apartment and main entrance is from north west and grill is from west side. And west side is completely open space(center of apartment ). The apartment is having house’s in all sides and center part is open space. Rest of all the vastu elements are correct . Is any problem due to west side space or entrance from north west? if so what would be the remedies ?

  21. Kez says:

    My house is facing northwest.
    Front door is facing Northwest.
    If I stand on the road facing my house:
    On the left of my front door is garage therefore this is facing the north?
    On the right side of my front door is bedrooms therefore they are facing the west sun and can get quite hot during summer.

    My house is deep to the back.
    If I stand up on the road looking into my house:
    On the left side of the house from front to the back is garage, bedroom, bedroom, end with living room. Therefore living room is at the back left corner of the house (receive morning East sun).
    In the center of the house from front to back is porch, main front door, hallway, hallway, and end with dining room (on the left of the dining room is the living room).
    On the right side of the house from front to the back is 2 bedrooms side by side, bathroom, my bedroom, my bathroom, laundry, kitchen. Therefore kitchen is at the back right corner of the house.
    The back of my house is open plan from left to right is living room, dining, kitchen.

    My question is:
    On the back right corner (south) is kitchen. Is this okay since my front door is facing northwest?
    Shall I put water feature or wood earth feature in my kitchen? So that the kitchen doesn’t “burn” my metal house?
    My bedroom, my head when sleeping is alongside the southwest wall. Is this okay?

  22. Ajay says:

    Hi Sir,

    My home main entrance is north west and my main door is more towards North.

    Please let me know if there are any remedies for this

  23. Jay says:

    Hello Sir,

    My Complete plot size is from 270 degrees(West) to 350 degrees(North) and my main door location is exactly at 330 degrees(North West).

    Please suggest me if it is a defect.

  24. lingappa says:

    Hello Sir,

    My Flat is facing North and door is at North west corner and there is open space in EastSouth corner. Please suggest me…. let me know whether i can share Flat plan.

  25. laksmy77 says:

    We constructed a house recently , it is west facing road but the main gate is in NW corner and the main door is also in NW. And the kitchen in SE ,we have another door facing south .the sump in NW and the borewell in NE with over head tank in SE. I am worried if any ill effects , please advice us sir.

    • admin says:

      Hello Laksmy:
      Over head tank in SE is the defect. Shift this Tank towards South-west. Also shift the sump of NW to NE

  26. Shazia says:

    Hello planning to purchase an apartment n the kitchen is in North East is not suppose to be good …how we’d it affect

    • admin says:

      Hello Shazia ji:
      Kitchen in North-East is a defect, Which adversely affects on Overall growth of the family

  27. Ranij says:

    Sir ‘

    Me and two boys children living north face house , I wont to know good or bad

  28. reena says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am planning to buy a home facing north but slightly inclined by 30 degrees to the west . Is it ok to buy a house like that. I also sent you the floor plan to your email id. Can you please advice.

  29. Parimala says:

    Good day to you sir,

    I have a empty place facing north west ( just a small corner , I would like to seek your advise whether can I decorate all my ganesa collection at that corner? Pls advise

    Thanks & regards

  30. vasavi says:

    Hello sir..
    We are planning to rent a house which is north husband and me are working as a software engineers..till now we r staying in east facing house where there is no growth from 3.5 years..if we shift to a north facing it will be and pls suggest any remedies for future growth sir husband name is malleswara rao..

  31. Arun says:

    Hello Sir, We are planning to buy a home which has a Home and Entrance door is facing north west, we like the home.
    1. kitchen is facing north west,
    2. Main door open in Kitchen
    3. Master Bed is North East

    is this property worth buying ? and if we decide to buy what are the remedies

    Thank you,

    • admin says:

      Hello Arun ji:
      Master Bed in North-East is a defect. However for detail analysis Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession.
      My Mail Id: I will reply.

  32. GM says:

    Hi Sir, I am planning to buy a house in USA. Main door is facing North West. The road in front of the house is going from North to South. When I enter to my house from outside, to my left there is a formal living room and to my right there is a wall and behind it there is a Master Bedroom. From entrance if you come straight towards, there will be big Living room (Hall). From the hall entrance if you go towards left, then there will be kitchen. From th Master Bedroom door, right is master bedroom and left is closets and bathroom. please advice if this house is good or do we need to try any vasthu remedies.?

    PLease advice

  33. Nikhil Kulkarni says:

    Hello Sir,I have planned to buy a house which has entrance at NW. Its on 3rd floor of 4th storage apartment. Entrance door is on North wall. While going out my face will be towards North. Steps are towards west side. My Kitchen is towards West if, I stand in center of my house. Bedroom is S and SE direction.
    Kindly suggest your views regarding above property

  34. GM says:

    Hi Sir, I am planning to buy a house in USA. Main door is facing North West. The road in front of the house is going from North to South. When I enter to my house from outside, to my left there is a formal living room and to my right there is a wall and behind it there is a Master Bedroom. From entrance if you come straight towards, there will be big Living room (Hall). From the hall entrance if you go towards left, then there will be kitchen. From th Master Bedroom door, right is master bedroom and left is closets and bathroom. please advice if this house is good or do we need to try any vasthu remedies.?

  35. Ganesh says:

    Dear Sir,
    we have main door in north east, west side facing, can we keep one more door in north west direction, kindly let me know.

  36. Raj Kumar singh says:

    sir i want to purchase a house that is west.. f…………north (f-face), means nearer to west. This is builder’s house. when we inter the house just left is room enterence and front is steps for roof (16 steps) and beside (on right) bathroom and toilet. After enterence the in there is a kitchen west-north facing and beside (left) toilet.
    Please suggest me the benefits and loss of the house..should i buy or not?


  37. abeey0602 says:


    I am facing south as soon as I enter my apartment. Is it correct for me

  38. maheswari s says:

    dear sir
    we looking for own a apartment, its northeast facing inside all ok, but entrance gate both gates on dead ends ie northwest main entrance and back gate at southeast….is it ok to buy or ignore it pls reply…

  39. sree says:

    Hi cAn we buy a house facing northwest for investment. We are not going to live there after buying . We are planning to give it for rent as it far ?

  40. laksmy77 says:

    Sir, We recently constructed a house facing West road , with entrance door in NW having a small cut in NW, main gate also in NW and a small gate in Sw for tenants to enter. Kitchen is in SE, kids room in NE, master brm in SW with balcony extended , and borewell in NE , sump in NW, overhead tank in SE , We recently moved into this house and the day after gruhapravesham itself my inlaws met an accident , i am worried if any ill effects , please advise sir ,

  41. narresh says:

    hi sir, in we have a big & deep septic tank in the n/w corner of the plot, is it a vaasthu problem, please tell me the remedy.

  42. kavitha says:


    We are staying in Apt in Sharjah, for our apt east, west, north, south comes in corners. and for us main door facing N/W corner. we have taken this apt for 3years agreement. we are facing many problems my husband lost his job and many others, when enter in this apt, is there any solution for this or better to shift other house. plz suggest us.

  43. Ravi Shankar says:

    I am sending the plan of the flat (3602) on your mail id wherein we have recently shifted as a tenant. House is on the ground floor. Kindly advise whether we should continue to stay or vacate.

    Main entrance is in North Northwest direction. Kitchen in Northeast direction. Master bedroom in South west direction and toilets in south direction.

  44. NTS says:

    I would like to look into a NW home and send the layout by email . Kindly comment

  45. m S Pillai says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have an offer for a plot having main approach road on North West facing and rear side road(lower width) on south east side. My star is Makam, DOB -20.12.1959, time 22.30Hrs. I am a retired Engr. Please suggest should I purchase the plot and what special caution should be taken for construction of house.
    RThanks and regards,

    M S Pillai

  46. narresh says:

    i sir, in we have a big & deep septic tank in the n/w corner of the plot, is it a vaasthu problem, please tell me the remedy. sir please suggest me,

  47. alpa says:

    my home enrence door is northwest and I already done vastupooja still my husband and I get the one by one problems about health ,money and Relationship.

  48. Darshan Chauhan says:

    My home entrance door is Northwest but we have kitchen and staircase in Northeast direction and we are facing health wealth and relationship issues. Please help!

  49. Mathew says:

    Dear Sir , my house is north facing with the main entrance opening to the north. The garage is in the north east corner. Garage door for car entry and exit opens to the North. There is a door that connects the garage to the house – that door is on the east wall. The garages are attached to the home and the door on the east wall is always used to enter and exit the house – more often than the main door in the North.

    We also have a pool in the south side of the house. The same is attached to the house by a net enclosure.

    Please help with some remedies as I have been told the pool in the south side is not good for residents.

    Kind regards,

  50. ambi says:

    hello Sir,
    We are building a new home and the main door will be in NW direction. Will that be a problem ?

    Please advice.

  51. Neelu says:

    I want some suggestion about start and established buissiness my flat is in corner of southwest and there is channel in west direction after that enterance in flat is from sw . My close relative always creat hindrance suggest me what can I do.

  52. Gaurav says:

    I have sent an email also I am planning to buy a house facing NW, It is a corner plot and the road from north east comes to an end to southwest and road from south east goes towards NW. Please suggest if this is a good property.

  53. BALAJI says:

    i am planning to buy a resale flat entrance facing is north west,kitchen is nort east two bed rooms are in the south west one another in south east,please advice.

  54. Arty says:

    Does owning a west facing bad vastu property as an investment property only would have a bad impact on us? (we don’t intent to go and live in it. we would put it on rent but the house will still be on our names).

  55. kishore says:

    In my office I work facing north west direction, does that show any negative impact on me.

  56. Naseera says:

    Sir, my house is facing north and I have two main doors viz., one at north east and mainly using door at north west and a back exit door at east corner of south. small grill gate in front of northwest main door and a big gate in front of northeast main door, kindly advise me whether i can keep both the main entrance doors

  57. shiva kumar says:

    my house entrance is in nw corner an my bed room is stright to the entrance but my finiancial be in average and below average.

  58. Thina says:


    I am constructing a new house in which ground floor has 2 house for rent 1 house in the first floor in which i am going to stay.

    My plot has 2 roads. One on North side and one on west side.

    My first house in the ground floor is north facing and entrance in north east which has a hall(East west) ,bedroom (South west) and kitchen (south east)

    My second house has west facing entrance on the west side road in the remaining half portion of the plot. Main entrance is in northwest of the remaining 1/2 plot and southwest of the whole plot and has a hall (west to south) , Kitchen in southeast and bedroom in southwest. and also it has 1 pillar coming in the hall (not exactly in the middle) but close to the wall. Is it right?


  59. Nagalakshmi says:

    hi, iam going to take a flat for rent. which is facing north and that main gate of the house is facing east.. my portion is in L shape.. from NE first bed room then some space for walking in to the kitchen and bath room and bedroom then kitchen and bedroom. there is no door for kitchen and when i stand in kitchen for cooking it is north facing side.. and bedroom door is east facing. and bathroom door is also north facing. is it good or bad. tell me. shall we move in to that house or not?

    • Nagalakshmi says:

      sorry first is not bed room its hall

    • Nagalakshmi says:

      hi, iam going to take a flat for rent. which is facing north and that main gate of the house is facing east.. my portion is in L shape.. from NE first hall then some space for walking in to the kitchen and bath room and bedroom then kitchen and bedroom. there is no door for kitchen and when i stand in kitchen for cooking it is north facing side.. and bedroom door is east facing. and bathroom door is also north facing. is it good or bad. tell me. shall we move in to that house or not?

  60. Vodnala Sadanandam says:

    Hello sir: I have north-west place in a village. west -75 feet, north-50 feet,east-100 feet, south-45 feet approximately. I constructed 3 rooms (16×14) plus one room (11×14) after one year I constructed another room (13×14) attaching to 4th room. all are built with cement sheets roof. although my place is having more place in eeshanya. (in telugu eeshanyam perigindi) I have been facing more problems in my life. I have no permanent job . I worked different jobs, I studied M.A, B.Ed. I have not got teacher job still today. I am facing more problems like money losses, reputation losses, fear ful, court litigations etc,
    please give me good suggestions for my life. Total construction occupies west ( west= east) side 72 feets on the west compound wall. north ( north= south) side 14 feets.

  61. HARISH SHARMA says:

    hello sir my house is south east facing,there is septic tank in south corner and boaring insouth west ,and entrance in south corner above septic tank please suggest some precious

    • admin says:

      Hello Harish ji:
      Septic Tank in South, Bore-well in Southwest and Entrance in South are defects. “Ratnadhyaya” is the remedy

  62. Sai says:

    Hello sir , we are planning to rent an appartment. The entrance door is facing southwest direction. Is that ok because we have no other options

  63. Megha says:

    Hello muthu ji…
    We have buyed the house in UK which is facing northwest mai door.
    Is it ok….
    And it got three bedrooms at upstrais masterbedroom and the one bedroom is at right side and one more is in the middle..
    So in which bedroom my husbend(owner) need to sleep…

  64. Indu says:


    I’m planning to buy a house. The house has main entrance at north and east. The main gate is at north east corner and there is a small gate at north west corner. Is this fine abt the small gate or do I need to change any thing

  65. Swetha says:

    Hello sir,

    We bought northwest facing home in USA. Is that fine having kitchen in southwest facing and master bedroom is northeast facing.

  66. says:

    Hello sir..we purchased a flat of west south main it okk…

  67. Satwinder Singh says:

    Sir .
    I’m leaving in rented home its main entrance NW direction. NW area room I used for business office purpose but from last 4 months My business and finance condition is not good. I Putted bamboo port noth direction. 5mukhi hanuman ji picture fixed at East side wall. Vastu dosh yantr in mandir.. Kindly suggest.

  68. Annu says:

    Sir there is a cut in northwest side of my house & that part is used in society lift ,is it ok

  69. Devi says:

    Hi sir, we are staying for rent in north direction main door but it is in northwest corner and kitchen in northeast and toilets are southeast corner is it good or bad as per vastu any remedies for the same please

  70. Laxman B says:

    Hi sir,
    I have send emailed my home plane.plz let me know what to do changes in my home or any actions
    Laxman B

  71. Sheetal says:

    Namaskar sir, My entrance door is located in North West section of the house facing North East ,is it a problem? Secondly I also want to have placement of gods in North East section of house but its a master bed, so can I still do it or not??kindly advice,regs

    • admin says:

      Master bedroom in North-east is a defect.
      Main entrance door in West of North-west is OK, whereas if it’s in North of North-west it’s defect

  72. gnanam says:

    Hi ,

    I have an idea to buy a east facing flat at First Floor has length 31 ft and width 16 ft rectangle in which north east side has inclined small rectangle shape with length of 9ft and width of 2ft and south east corner has inclined small rectangle with length of 4ft and width 6ft, Is it advisable to buy?

  73. FRANZ says:


  74. Seema Sharma says:

    Hi Sir/Mam,
    I have to shift in a company provided flat. Can you please let me know which will be the best option to chose among these four :
    1) (a) SW facing main door
    (b) 2 Balcony in north east ( one in drawing room and one in master bedroom)
    (c) Drawing room in south east
    (d) kitchen in 252 degree west ( i.e in sw towards west)
    (e) guest room and 1 more bedroom in in NE
    (f) 1 bedroom in west
    (g) Master bedroom in north west

    2) (a) East facing main door
    (b) 2 Balconies ( one in SW with drawing room and one in North west with Master Bedroom)
    (c) Kitchen in east towards NE ( cooking facing east, Taps in North east)
    (d) one bedroom in NE
    (e) Guest Room and 1 bedroom in West
    ( f) Drawing room in NE
    (g) Master Bedroom in north west

    3 (a) North East facing main door
    (b) Kitchen in east towards south east
    (c) guest room and one bedroom in South West
    (d) 2 balconies ( one in west one in south)
    (e) Drawing Room in NW
    (f) Master Bedroom in south

    4 (a) North West facing Main door
    (b) kitchen towards west – North west
    (c) Guest Room and one bedroom towards east south east
    (d) Drawing Room in North west
    (e) 2 balconies ( one in north east and one in south east)
    (f) Master Bedroom in South East

    Thanks in anticipation


  75. Seema Sharma says:

    Also Please note that one balcony is in line with the main door ( that is in just opposite direction)

  76. RSheth says:

    I am planing to build an additional to the existing north facing home. changing the first floor completely and adding Garage. Any suggestions…

  77. FRANZ says:


  78. Keeran K says:

    I bought a NW corner plot. But there is empty NE extension plot, where a road runs North side for both of us. If NE plot person constructs bigger full size home, it may hamper sun light falling to my home. Do you suggest to hold the plot or sell ?

  79. manikandan says:

    hello sir. we are planning to construct a new our site road in the west side and lake in the north side in this situation providing the main door in west facing in north west side is good…

    pls give a suggestions for solve this problem. thank you

  80. vandana says:

    Hello sir,
    We want to rent a house which has main door facing north west corner and main gate is facing west is it ok according to vastu please let me know

  81. Ilamurugu says:

    Sir, I am going to take a house for rent, face of the building is west. But my main door is north west. Is it ok. Back side door south west.

  82. Ashish says:

    Hello ,

    I am looking to buy a flat and it main door entrance is north -west ,, more on the west side. Is it good to buy such flats?

  83. Vihaanviaan says:

    I am going to take a house for rent in first floor, main door facing north west towards north. But north west is completely blocked by another within the gap of three feet. Is there any problem.

  84. Vipul Garad says:

    I am in big confusion. I liked on flat its NW facing in main entrance mostly tilted to North. I have to choose between 2 flats and I am getting a good deal. I am mainly looking for entrance, Balcony & kitchen directions. But, I m little sceptical about vashtu compliance in flat. Can you please advice here also tell me are there any workarounds for the same ? I will send u plan so u will understand properly. Please share email id. Thanks

  85. ruma chatterjee says:

    in northwest direction in north side road is coming and ending in the compound wall & electric meter room .how to solve the problem kindly advice me

  86. ruma chatterjee says:

    in northwest direction in north side not road , its common passage is coming and ending in the compound wall & electric meter room . but west side road after boundery wall and compond wall is runing, its motorable road. road direction north to south. how to solve the problem kindly advice me

  87. nimishaA says:

    hello,I have purchased a new flat and while entering the flat, the direction is northwest. I live with my parents and younger brother. kindly suggest can we move in this flat?

  88. Priyanka says:

    My bedroomis in the north east of the home. I and my husband sleeps with our head in suggest wht we can do as we can neither change the bedroom direction not the sleeping position

  89. archana says:

    We are planning to buy a flat sir. Its enterance is more towards west and north. I am mailing you the exact plan on your mail id. Please check it and revert back.

  90. Vijay says:


    I needed you advice. I just bought house whose main entrance is in NW corner more (to be exact some what between 315 – 330 degree) and plot also facing NW. So is this entrance is good or not. Your advice will be highly appreciated.


  91. hitesh says:

    my door facing northwest and garage facing northwest is that good ,road running front of house is is dead end on 3000 feet a ffter 4 house of my house is that good


  92. sweety says:

    I’m planning to buy a flat, main entrance is in northwest(more towards north). Is this acceptable. Main entrance is in corner of the wall.
    Please help. We are currently in West face house and we have family issues and property issues.

  93. helen says:

    Hello, my septic tank is in the NE, WOULD I HAVE PROBLEMS?

  94. nitish says:

    I saw a West facing plot which has a road right in front of it a little towards the North-West corner. Exactly points In between the centre point of the west and North-West. Is it a good one?

  95. Divya singh says:

    My house is facing NW. From the time we have moved j to this property we are only facing financial problems. Please help.

  96. Sheetal says:

    We have a flat which is in North west facing n kitchen also us in north West …pls suggest on this

  97. Hema says:

    Hello Sir,
    We have a house with a NorthWest facing entrance. Before we moved into this house, my husband was working on the same place for several years. Soon after we moved into this house, he moved to a differebt work place in a different state. I know that the male in the family will travel, if the entrance is facing Northwest.

    Is there any remedy for this? Please advice.

    Thank you.

  98. Aneel Kumar says:

    Hello Sir,

    We are looking for a house. My Birth star is Aswani and date of birth is August 23rd 75. Could you please let me know the best direction that suits to me.

    Please advice and Thanks in advance.

    Thank you,

  99. Vidkar says:

    Hello sir,. We are looking at an apartment to buy which is west facing and the main door is towards the north west … kitchen , master bedroom are in SE n SW respectively , my husband’s d.o.b is 13-11-77 and mine is 26.10.82 .. is the north west entrance favourable .. pls advice.Thanks

  100. Manasa says:

    Hi sir I am going to buy a flat which faces north-west corner and the main gate of whole building faces south and other vastu inside the house is good. I just want to know whether north-west door is good for me and my husband. My date of birth is 10/ 03/1990 and my husband date of birth is 10/03/1979.please tell us whether it’s good for us or not

  101. Kamal Shah says:

    I am planning to purchase a flat. But its direction are completely in different angle.
    The entrance of th house is facing South east.
    I hold like to mail you the drawing of the flat. Please suggest and forward me the email address.

  102. Suresh says:

    Hello sir , we are planning to rent an appartment. The entrance door is facing North North-West direction. Is that ok. Please advise

  103. Dilpreet says:

    Sir im renting a flat with door facing northwest is it ok to rent

  104. Vishal says:

    Dear brother,
    I am having a construction site office main entrance door in north west direction and office at south east direction so is it ok?? Please advice me for this.

  105. Pratik says:

    Hello sir,
    Iam an Architect.
    My office is located near my house at Northwest side of our plot facing north.


  106. Paresh says:

    We are going to rent an apartment
    The building entrance and the flat entrance west of north about25%
    Is it good or bad
    And northwest corber has kitchen. South west has master bedroom , northeast Jas another bedroom and south east has living room
    And toilet is between kitchen and master bedroom

    Please advise if this is good ?

  107. kusum kumar says:

    My entrance door of an apartment is in west side so kindly suggest me the advantages and disadvantages.

  108. kusum kumar says:

    Entrance of an apartment is in east side and entering the main door is in west side , so kindly suggest me . Is it good or not

  109. Edward W says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am looking at a northwest facing cul-de-sac lot. with front door facing northwest. With bedroom in the southeast section of the house and more yard space in the south east corner side of the house. I am seeking for your expert advice. I will send you the plan and lot plot via email for review. Thank you!

    Edward W

  110. Amit Kumar says:

    Hello Sir,
    I’m looking to purchase a two-stored house in USA which has 234 degree NW facing entrance door , Garage & Master bedroom at North, main toilet in NW, Kitchen in East, living room in South west, kids/Guest room in SW/SE. We are concerned with the house entrance facing NW and vaastu of other rooms. Please advice.


  111. kishorelenka says:

    Dear Sir,

    We are planning to buy a apartment in Bangalore. In that main door entrance is west facing ( North west) more towards west less toward north. can we buy this west facing house. Rest everything is fine like kitchen is in South East, Master bedroom in South west, another bedroom is in North East. Please provide your valuable feedback.

  112. Siddhartha says:

    Hello Sir,

    I wanted to get my house plan verified by you before I buy. Wanted to know your consultation fee.


  113. SUBHASH says:

    sir, my flat main door west north corner its ok

  114. Nisha. says:

    Hello Sir.
    We are soon moving into our own flat in Bangalore.
    I realised , the entrance is exactly in Nw corner of flat area, door facing toward north. Also, the Kitchen is in NOrthen side ,but there is utility area extended towards NE.
    The Toilets are in SW corner and Master bedroom is in south direction, with balcony in SE .

    Please suggest remedies or any Pooja which we can do during GrihPravesh Pooja.

    My DOb – 3/6/1981
    My husbands 3/7/1980

    Kindly reply. Would be highly thankful to you. Thanks again.

  115. Vinay Verma says:

    Sir , We are planning to take a flat on lease , the deal is very good but its on 13th floor ( 1301 ) , also the face of the main entrance is to North – West ( more towards West ) , Is it fine ??

  116. SRIKANTH says:

    my flat entrance is at Northwest corner, where should i keep pooja room? if i place northeast corner of my living room, can i place idols facing towards south is okay?

  117. mani says:

    Hello sir we are planning to buy a northwest house which is a corner flat entrance is entance gate also at northwest is it good as per my DOB oct 28 1987

  118. Bhanu says:

    Hi sir,

    We are planning to buy a appartment/flat which is north facing. When we enter into the flat, hall/living room is towards northwest, and children bedroom is towards northeast. Kitchen is in south east , master bed room is in southwest. only doubt here: is it ok to enter the house using north west entrance and is it ok if children bedroom is in northeast?

  119. Arunkumar says:

    Sir I have two side road to my plot ,North and west side. Please guide me to build a house

  120. Angel says:


    We want to rent a house. The entrance and kitchen both are towards northwest and to the south east there is a pool. Is it ok to rent the house?

  121. Sheelma says:


    We want to purchase north west corner plot, this is good or not. second north east hit road in half plot and the turned road from north to south. pls suggest me this is good for me or not.

  122. Ashish says:

    Dear sir,

    I want to buy a plot. Facing SE. Road on SE side. All other sides are houses. Should I buy it?

  123. Monalisa says:

    While taking a house, should we consider the entrance to the house or exit to the house through the main door while considering the direction of main door.
    Like Should i consider the case when I am inside the house and opening the main door (it is SE )or should I consider I am outside and am entering the house.(it is NW).
    Can you please suggest what should be considered

    • admin says:

      While exit from the house, which direction you face that is facing of the house. Here it’s SE facing house

  124. Mohammed sadiq says:

    North west facing door for rented flat good or bad, North east bedroom facing door good or bad pls. let me know, my rented flat structure like . kitchen – South east, big toilet – north west, small toilet – south east, building entrance – north west. so pls. let know the good or bad.

    • admin says:

      Main door in Northwest is OK, Master bedroom in Northeast and Toilet in Southeast is defect

  125. Vishhal K Modi says:

    Hello sir,

    I am a businessman from Kolkata and the main entrance of our house (apartment) is on the extreme North-west corner and the main door is facing west. Just opposite to the entrance is a staircase which is leading up to our main door. Is it ok?


  126. K Kalyan Ayyar says:

    Hi. We are planing to buy a villa with the entrance facing north west that we will be entering the house facing soth east. The Kitchen is at the right extreme side while entering. Also i need to more details about this house. If i send the plan can you help me please?

  127. Suresh Jaswal says:

    Dear sir
    My house having corners at main directions how we find Ishaan and Agni corners
    Also having house at North to south corner what to do please clarify me sir

  128. Bhanu Prakash says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am looking for rent house and found a duplex house at 2 & 3 floor. Ground floor has a 1 BHK and 1st floor has 2 BHK. This Duplex built at 2 & 3 floor. This building has 2 gates entrance gates. 1 is at North and another one is at west gate. The Duplex house entrance door is at North West. Is it Good ? The mail door is entrance of the hall. After the Hall, next Kitchen and next Bed room. In upstairs another 2 Bed rooms and open place in east side at 3rd (Top) floor. North Road is ending and west road is continuing. Is it Okay to move ? what are benefits of the North west facing house. Please help.

  129. Rajitha says:

    Hello sir,we live in south Africa and we took a rented house facing northwest, when we enter the door, on the right side will be the kitchen, leading to living area, from living area to the right are 2 bedroom, one facing northwest and other to southeast and balcony is oposite to the main door, please tell us about its benefits and corrections if any to be made

  130. Praveena says:

    Hi Sir, We are going to rent a Flat in apartment. The main Gate is located at East. And the House is in North direction, But the House main door is located to extreme end of North West. And beside that there is one more flat attached to North West Side. Please let us know if this is a defect or OK

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