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Cure Disease with Vastu to Live happy

Vaastu tips to cure disease

Every house may have one or other Vaastu defect or dosh and inmates of that house may not aware of this Vastu concept and don’t really understand the reason behind prolonged illness after living in such houses. Vaastu contains some important guidelines following these Vaastu Tips one can keep their health in good condition and will remain in the good state of mind.



Stomach is the center of our body. The center [Brahmsthan] of our house affects the center of our body. So it’s important to keep the center of the house empty, neat, clean and light in weight. A lot of stomach problems might happen because of defected center of house like having a bore well, generator, inverter, staircase, toilet and Kitchen etc. 

  • You can make a passage here in Brahmsthan or can place a dining table in the center of the house, but no heavy objects are allowed here at any cost.  Good Vaastu 
  • The Southeast direction affects on Female health and children’s of the house. [Especially second Son]
  • Southwest affects the health of elders.
  • In both the directions [Southeast and Southwest] there should not be a slope, underground water tank, drainage system, septic tank, cracks, etc. 
  • There should not be dustbin, toilet, godown, etc in Northeast. Northeast should be always clean.
  • Never keep the Medicines in the kitchen. Keeping medicines there will call more health problems.
  • Always sleep with head towards South or East.
  • Owner or head of the family should always use Southwest portion for all their activities in order to keep good health.
  • Sleeping under beam can cause depression, headache or loss of memory. 

Vaastu tips to cure disease

Vaastu associates with the health and illness with the placement of kitchen in the house.

According to Vaastu principles placement of Kitchen is also related with health and illness of the inmates specially for Women.

Kitchen if not located in the fire area the Southeast, the occupants will be at risk to health disorders. So, always plan the kitchen in southeast direction.

Construct the boundary wall at the same height of the gate. Planting citrus plants on either side of the gate promotes good health.

By Lighting a Lamp ( Diya ) in the fire area (Southeast ) regularly can give you good quality health.


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