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Five Elements, Vaastu and Colors


Five elements of Universe or nature, i.e. Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Space are responsible for generating positive or negative energies in the living House or Vaastu. These five elements are not physical substances that we use while constructing the houser but are the powers or essences describing all substance and all attributes.

These Five elements are also associated with Colors, Seasons, Directions and Organs.

Fire” is associated with Red, Summer, South, and Heart

Earth” is placed at the South-west, Yellow, Orange or Brown, Mid-autumn etc. And represents Liver.

Air” is blue autumn, North, Lungs and Gall bladder, Winter, the West, and the kidneys.

Water” is shapeless, colorless and represents North-East direction, effects of mind and cells.



PurplePurple, deep Red, or Plum are an Auspicious colors. These color are supposed to inspire the respect to others. The wave length of purple color is so lowest due to which it creates the High speed frequency.

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GreenGreen represents stillness, Hope, and Freshness. In plants and vegetation, green indicates Positive and Healthy energies. Green color neither a Warming nor a cooling so it creates the balance in environment.

BlueBlue or Indigo symbolizes Spring, New Growth, and Hope. However, blue is also a cold, secondary and mourning color. Blue – Green- Blue – Green mint, or aqua are more Auspicious than indigo as they are more closely aligned with the colors of nature and spring.

Sky Blue: Color creates the effect of coldness. Blue color creates the feeling of largeness in the environment.

Yellow  Yellow or Gold colors are stand for Power. Yellow gives a sense of tolerance, patience, and wisdom gained from past experience. This is a spiritual color which creates Warming effects.

BlackOn the positive side, black – or any other dark color – gives a feeling of depth, both in mood and perspective. Yet black indicates a Lack of Hope, and it may make us feel “Dark” Low and Depressed.

GrayThis is an ambiguous color – or gray area. To some, gray, like a dismal cloudy day, keynotes Frustration and Hopelessness .To other, it is positive and signifies the Resolution.

BrownThis color gives a heavy feeling, this color can be used to create a stability, established impression and a sense of the passage of time. It represents the Depth and Elegance.

OrangeOrange, as a mixture of red and yellow, is an Auspicious and it represents the the characteristics of Happiness and Power. Orange is Warming in Nature.

PinkThis is the symbol of Love and Pure Feelings, Joy, Happiness, and Romance. By keeping patients in Pink color environment reduces the emotions of violence and revenge. Pink color acts as a tranquilizer [anti-anxiety agent] for veins and muscles. Because of Pink color anger is low in nature, Under Pink color muscles don’t experience stress and tension. This is why effects of Pink color are now used to balance sex, family disputes, business matters and jails. Even blind people can experience relaxed in Pink colored rooms.

Peach It is the color of Attraction and Love.

Red – this color creates the notion of Heat. The wave length of Red color is the longest and so that the frequency created is at slowest.

Red, Orange & Yellow colors extricate [free from a restriction or troublesome.] laziness & weakness.

Vaastu Color Remedies to Increase the Positive Energy Of the Elements.

Living Room [NE]- The living room should be full of May colors, shades, and patterns. Living room is the place to entertain guests, the living room should be full of pleasant visual stimuli to keep the atmosphere and conversations lively and diverse. The best colors are yellow, beige, tan, green or blue, further color may be differs according to location of Living room.


Puja / Prayer Room: According to Vaastu Shastra, the Prayer or Puja room should be painted with White, Light yellow or Light blue color. Dark is the color of evil thus never go for Dark colors. The floor of the Puja room should be White or off White marble. A Cupboard for keeping the Puja related goods should be in South or West.

Kitchen [SE]- In a kitchen, white is the best color, it show off the colors of food, as if it were a blank canvas upon which the cook creates a meal of red tomatoes, green peppers, yellow squash. Besides it is also the color of purity and cleanliness.

Dining Room [West]- Dining rooms, where the family eats and entertains, should be appetizingly colorful. Pinks, greens, and blues are best. Avoid black, white or a mixture of black and white. These colors are less conducive to enjoying eating.

Bedroom [SW]- Pink color could be best option for the master bedroom. Pink is also an auspicious color. Light blue and Purple are also fine colors for bedrooms, as they are colors of hope and cultivation. Yellow is also fine for the elderly peoples.


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  1. rakesh agarwal says:

    my bedroom is north facing, door of the room is on west north side, almiras on east wall , bed is on south wall, my wall colour south is cherry red n all thre white , any suggestion

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