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Importance of Slope in Plot



According to Vaastu Shastra, the Slope of the Site plays important role in designing the house and the flow of surplus around the house. Vaastu has some guidelines to aid you while Selecting the Site or Plot with the ideal ‘Slope’.

The North-East half of the plot is called the Solar [Sun] half and the South-West half is called the Lunar [Moon] half. Preferably the Solar half [Sun] should be lower than the Lunar half [moon]



In short, Vaastu recommends that always, the:

North-East corner should be the lowest

South-West should be higher than the North-East corner

As in broad the plot should be elevated in South and West directions, and declining towards East and North, so that water should flow from West to East and from South to North. Such plot is known as elephant’s back. Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi is said to live in such PlotsPlot-Shape-and-Vaastu

This type of plot brings Joy, Happiness, Good offspring and overall success in life to the habitats in the houses constructed on such plots.

On the other hand, if Sun’s place is elevated over Moon’s place, the family residing in that house will turn into poorer day by day, health problems and get entangled in unwanted quarrels, litigations and lose everything gradually.

The plot, which is elevated in the middle and shallow all around, is known as Turtle’s back. Inhabitation on such land leads to greater enthusiasm, luxuries and accumulation of wealth for the occupants.

However, any of the deficiencies observed in your plot [After purchasing] please make the plot with Vaastu complaint like elevating the South-west than North-east before constructing a house.




20 Comments to Importance of Slope in Plot

  1. pooja sharma says:

    This information is really useful & we r facing the same problem as our south west corner is lower than north west can u please suggest us some effective remedies for the same.

    • admin says:

      Hello Pooja ji:
      Increasing the floor level is the remedy or you can put a Antina on South-west corner on slab or roof.

  2. Sreehari says:

    Sir, house is facing exact south. Slope is towards south because road is lower than house itself. Northside land is more than South. How can we remedy the situation? I read in your site that making mountain like landscape is good. If we construct something like a tulasi-slab higher than the slab of the house itself, will that be good? Please send me your email id so I can pay for your consultation also.

  3. rahul says:

    sir in my north east corner there is a septc tank wht to do with that pls suggest

  4. priyamvada says:

    we constructed our house on a plot which has a well in the southeast direction . we closed it after performing some pooja before construction . and we bored the summersable tube in the northeast corner . But it has been 8 years there are many problems occured in family like health loss , wealth loss and loss of prestige.
    Now plz sugges the remedies. what should we do now

  5. Bala says:

    Hello sir
    I live in a hill station in UK.
    I have east facing garden and the house entrance is facing west. The house is 3m above road but east side garden got 40degree rising land and it will look like 5 levels of garden. West is not taller than east. I cannot make it as flat ground due to hill station rules.

    Please suggest me a dosha remedy for the house

    • admin says:

      Please call me on +91 9494214400

      • Bhim Singh Chouhan says:

        Dear sir
        we live in sydney and building a house on the slopy plot. Slope facing to west and also plot on T-junction as well. House facing is east.
        Slab and Foundation have been done…and framing work on the way..
        This is our dream home. We woeked heard to achieved that but one of our friend suggested that this kind of plot consider unlucky 😑😑.
        I do not want to loose my wealth and health.please give us suggestion soon as you able to as we are in problem. My wife in streess…and doesn’t want to live in this house once it is built.
        House will be built by next year June-july 2016. Wating for your quick reply.


  6. sush says:

    Hello Sir,
    I have plot north-south, house entrance is north. I have south downwards slope and east down slope. South slope is at the end of the plot and too steep almost 8 to 10 feet with angle of 60. The slope is not starting from the rest of the 80% of the plot but at the end 20% it suddenly starts downwards toward south. Also it’s covered by trees, I cannot fill the slope since the neighboring house will see 10′ wall and very difficult to cover the slope. Please suggest any remedy.

  7. SAMODINI says:

    SIR my plot having NE, E, AND SE side high than other also plot is south facing with road on south side can i construct house? what is the remedies for the same

  8. Isha says:

    Hello sir,
    The slope of the plot of my house is lower on north east and south west is higher. However the entry of house is via a deck which is on north half of west and it is lower than the rest of the house. And north east corner has some tiles and is higher than rest of the house. Does it matter ? Is there a remedy?

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