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Personality Development and Vaastu Shastra

Personality Developement and Vaastu

Vaastu shastra is co-efficiently related with the development of various qualities which enhance the personality of an individual and the impact of Vaastu Shastra in molding the human personality.

Vaastu Shastra is originated from Sthapatya Veda and is the science of balancing nature’s five elements along with gravitational and electro-magnetic forces of the earth and effects of cosmic waves emanating from planets as well as the universal waves and their influence on every aspect of human life. And considering these aspects, using Vaastu Shastra principles one can opt personal development.


From Soul to Universe

Human body is the combination of five basic elements in the Universe and Soul resides in the human body. Our house or Vaastu is the residence of the body. This house is in nature and is an integral part of the nature. Nature is occupied by the five basic elements of the Universe. Our body is made up of the five basic elements of the Universe. It means that the dwelling place (Vastu) comes between the human body and nature. The exchange of energy between human body and nature is an integral part of the natural phenomena.

Thus Vaastu has a strong influence on every aspect of human life.  The practical events and experiences in an individual’s life put up with sufficient testimony to this fact.

You can develop Your Personality through Vaastu Shastra:


Let us try to understand how the Vaastu Directions influence on the personality aspect of human being.

Northeast is the place of Water element means due to flowing (moving) characteristics of water there is always growth and progress. Northeast is the extreme abodes of God, Eswar that provides softness in the work, peace of mind and pleasant atmosphere to improve the performance and helps in improve the knowledge. Having living room and bathroom in the Northeast  direction gives strong support for success in everywhere.

In short, Northeast gives overall success and development.

Southeast is fire element area,  so balancing Southeast with proper placement of fire element , Kitchen will helps to accelerate the speed of success and progress. Because fire  is the energy which boosts the achievement. This eventually helps to achieve the purpose or helps to reach our target.

Thus Southeast gives fullness to success and progress.

Southwest is a direction of the earth element. Simply it works on the principal of moment of inertia; higher is the weight, higher is force required to move the object from one place to another. In other words, it develops the aspect of stability. (Not to move remain firm and unaffected). Stability increases the confidence, and develops decision-making capacity with  making  you to implement the decision, which further helps to develop leadership and supremacy quality. 

Simply Southwest gives confidence, leadership decision making and dominating attribute.

Northwest is air element and it leads to discord and quarrels, which disturbs co-ordination and affiliation. Similarly, waves of jealousy from near and dear that affect the easiness level and rivals the efficiency and productivity. Personality Developement and Vaastu

Northwest improves harmony co-ordination.

In nutshell utilization of these four directions can be like:

  • NorthEast: is responsible for success
  • SouthEast: gives acceleration to the progress
  • SouthWest: develops confidence, leadership and ability to fight on the other hand
  • NorthWest: improves harmony co-ordination and communication skills 

In short the exchange of energy between human body, the building and the nature is extremely necessary to enhance personal development. 


2 Comments to Personality Development and Vaastu Shastra

  1. Sanjay Dhanawade says:

    what is meaning of five stones picture as shown in picture ?

    • admin says:

      Hello Sanjay:
      Its just a image,which representing a five elements of Nature and Balancing human body with meditation.

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