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Southeast Toilet Vatsu Defect and Remedies

Southeast Toilet

According to Vaastu Shastra all directions are good, provided all the internal elements in the house are according to Vastu principles. (Positioning of the kitchen, toilets, bath rooms, bed rooms, Puja place, Main door etc)

The Southeast direction lies between South and East and brings in energy from these directions. Fire is the related element which is “radiant” in nature.Southeast Toilet

The ruling planet of Southeast is Venus which represents female. So, women in that house have to face health problems most of the times if there is any Vaastu defect in Southeast direction.

It is seen many times that having entrance from Northwest and underground water element in Southeast or Vise-a- Versa can bring in loneliness or in other words, a man or a woman may not get married or has to live without a spouse.

In Vastu-shastra Northwest and Southeast axis treated very important axis for substantial pleasure or Sex life whereas Northeast and Southwest axis is important in-terms of stability in life.

Toilet in Southeast will adversely affects on Second Son in the house

Toilet in the Southeast is major defect and measured as very inauspicious, which may leads to financial losses, anxiety and depression.

Here are some Problems that arises due to Toilet in Southeast 

Financial Troubles: No smooth financial in-flow, increase in unwanted expenses.  Difficulties in finding a good job no reorganization though good efforts

Health Related Issues: Heart diseases, mental depression, and tendencies of suicidal thoughts, major fire accidents.

Southeast defect

Social Issues: Misunderstanding between wife and husband, constant irritation and quarrels in family, extramarital affair, court cases, Legal issues and police cases. Difficulties in finding a suitable match and other unexpected marriage related issues.

Using appropriate Gems like Red Corals with Copper Swastika Yantra under the floor with a Vedic Vidhi in Southeast Toilet will reduce the severity of this defect.

It is better to take a guidance of a Vastu Consultant if the defects are severe and are affecting one’s life in concerned area adversely.


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