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Vaastu Tips for Living Room


The drawing / living room are an important constituent of the house, which makes the house comfortable for residence. In living room family members spend a lot of time and which is also used to entertain the guests also. According to Vastu Shastra ideal place for living room or drawing room is east or north direction. The ideal location of a living room depends on facing of the house. The living room might be in Northeast direction for east and northRead More

Vaastu Tips for Room Colors


According to Vaastu Shastra Colors plays very important role to bring balance in our minds and bodies as well in stimulating energy. Consequently every room colors, in Home, Office, Factory and Shop should be matched with the colors of respective planets and elements related with those particular Vaastu directions. In this article we will see vaastu tips for room colors and how they can effect us in good and bad way. White color (or Light)Read More

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