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Vaastu and Planets

planets and vaastu


All the planets in Universe play their role to design the life of Human being, that’s might be good or else, depending on one’s deeds or Acts ( Karma ). When these planets are in superior position they gives good results on the contrary bad planet situation results in Bad.


Coming to Vaastu Shastra, the directions and the construction of a house according Vastu Shastra is also related with Human Luck.planets and vaastu


Though  Vaastu depends upon directions, combination of five elements of nature. But, a person due to lack of knowledge on the subject matter thinks, all that depends on Luck and happens what is designated. They suppose like Luck and Vaastu don’t have any co-relation on their peace and prosperity.

All the eight directions of a house are ruled by different planets. The direction or sub-direction of the main door in the house has more attitudes. The planet which rules over that direction influences on the human being, and on the life of house inmates. The positioning of the main door tells about the nature and fate of that house owner along with inmates.

Let us look how these planets influences on human being

planets and vaastu

1. Sun:

If the main door designed in centre of east direction, Sun is the ruling planet, the character of that owner will be spiritual and ambitious. He will have a sharp substance.

2. Shani (Satrun):

Main door in the center of West direction, the ruling planet is Saturn (Shani). Owner of this house is serious in nature, thoughtful and patient. Owner likes Cold drinks and oily items. He behaves in with rules and ethics

3. Mercury:

If the Main entrance door of house is in the center of North, Mercury is the ruling planet. The family head will be intelligent. He does the things in right time. He is a normal person with no special choices

4. Mars:

If the main entrance door in the middle of South, the ruling planet is Mars. The owner of that house will be straight forward and bold. Oily and hot food stuff is preferred choice of that house owner.

5. Jupiter:

Having design of main door in Northeast side of the East or North direction, the Jupiter is the ruling planet. The family head will be charitable and frank in Nature. He likes sweets more.

6. Venus:

The ruling planet is Venus, if main door is designed in Southeast side of East or South direction. The family head will be happy always. He is expensive and liberal in spending on entertainments. He loves milk products more.

7. Rahu:

If the main door is in Southwest direction of West or South side, the ruling planet is Rahu. The house owner possesses skillful use of underhanded tactics to achieve goals. He likes non-vegetarian foods in more.

8. Moon:

Having main entrance door in Northwest direction of West or North direction, the ruling planet is Moon. The family head is frequently changing minded, emotional and interested in travel. He likes saltiest foods. 


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  1. Vasant says:

    My son in law has north east entry and he doesn’t like sweets atall.vasant

  2. Gobin aris roy says:

    I have a cellar in the southeast corner of my house.can it be used as secondary kitchen

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