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Vaastu Dosh Remedies for T – Point Houses


Road hits [Vidhi Shula] plays a significant role in Vaastu Shastra, Either in positive or negative way on the Life of Individuals who are residing in Road hit Properties. So, while buying any new properties or at the time of doing Vaastu assessment of existing properties, we have to consider the Road hits also.

Properties having Road hits from North, North-East or East Direction are proved to be highly gainful to the inmates. [If Road hits in North-East direction will give political powers to the inmates]

Vaastu shastra says all t-point [Vidhi Shula] plots / houses are not terrible or inauspicious; they can be vaastu-road-t-point housesmeasured according to their positioning of directions. T-point road on one side of plot / house can be considered by deciding the directions. On other hand, plot having T-point on the two sides is never prescribed in Vastu and is said to be extremely bad for the occupants.

T-point plot in the North-east direction is very – good for all kinds of prosperity.

The T-point plot is in North will gives money related advantages.  

A T-point plot even in East is good, but no other direction is good.

T-point in North-west of the plots is the worst to live-in or run a business.

T-point plots in West direction bring tediousness and in-activeness.

T- Point in South-east bearings additionally terrible as it results in break-in, spinal pains to females, fire, headache, etc.

T-point in south direction of the Plot/house, the guys of that house can become Alcohol addictive, and so on.

T-point in South west direction of the plot / house is extremely bad as it may result in the death or incurable disease like cancer or kidney failure to head of the family

Vaastu Remedies for T point houses

To identify this issue, take help a Vaastu expert to get rid from this defect.

If possible, re-position the front door or entrance gate in such a way that it does not directly face the hitting road.

Using “Gems Therapy” Or Ratndhyaya remedy we can remove this defect and can ward off the negativity


21 Comments to Vaastu Dosh Remedies for T – Point Houses

  1. poobathi says:

    Now i am learning vashtu with my friend, it is good for me

  2. priyansh says:

    hello sir I need your consultancy, I am living in a house it has t-point road. front of house is in north east direction. I heard from people that its not good for vastu. need your help sir.

  3. vikas says:

    Sir, I have a house at T Point. Map of the house is enclosed for reference and guidance.

  4. K B PRASAD says:

    we have west facing house, having Y junction hit of the plot and house at SW corner and also SW wxtension of the plot.. One road comes opposite to SW direction and at SW corner the road branches out into two, one towards west and another towards South. the plot has roads on three sides, west, south and east , being west facing house. pl advise what needs to be done. we stay here for the last 7. the house. Pl inform the charges also

  5. Vasudev says:

    Dear Sir, My factory has 2roads one at North and other south road. Thers a Veedhi shoola at SOUTH SOUTH WEST . Kindly suggest a remedy and oblige. Thnx & Rgrds. Vasudev

    • admin says:

      South of Southwest Veedhi Shoola is a Severe defect, “Gems therapy” is the remedy. Please call me on 9494214400 for details

  6. kunal kochar says:

    my house is exactly on T point north facing but it is the house not cuts by the road,it is with in the road of t point. is it ok?

  7. santhosh says:

    hello sir,
    good day
    my house main door is in north east corner, and door facing “T” road.
    Is it good or bad?
    what are the side effects of that and solution.
    i dont want to change the door.
    plz let me know.
    thank n regards

  8. Guruprasad says:

    My house (40X40 plot) is North Facing and has 5-6 feet road running from east to West. There is another road (8-10 feet) coming from North and T intersects at North West corner of the house. The intersection of the road coming from north to my house is around 4 feet. Is there any problem with this and what is the remedy

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  10. Rajat Gupta says:

    Sir, My house is at T junction facing South Direction. But the road infront of me is closed as their is a gate. IS it bad???

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