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Vaastu Financial Tips

Vaastu Financial tips-Ganesh

Wealth, Financial situation is the major source of living for human being and shortage in financial position causes endless problems to us. As per Vaastu Shastra principles any wrong placement in the financial trends of the Vaastu can lead to losses

Thus Vastu have some basic logical rules that eventually also has mythical relation in placement of money at some proper direction in order to make Prosperity, and bring down the financial loss.

 Here we provide some simple Vaastu Financial tips to attract the Wealth and Prosperity.

Place a Lord Ganesha on main entrance door of the Vaastu.Vaastu Financial tips-Ganesh

Always place the live purple-colored plant in the Southeast direction of living room to attract wealth and Prosperity.

Ensure natural Sunlight is entering in the house because it’s important for financial consistency

If toilet is placed next to the main entrance door, it creates debts. Because toilet represents waste and toilet water represents stagnancy, a toilet next to your home entrance represents flushing of your wealth. This location should be avoided as much you can.

Toilets with bathroom should never in the Northeast and Southeast as this is very severe Vaastu dosh or defect.

Keep a green-leafy plant in the Southeast direction of living room.

Most of us surprise why we don’t get positive results of our hard work. Let us see how Vaastu help us to getting better results to our efforts.

The structure of house can support to increase our financial condition. After minor alterations in the house people may get satisfied with the results to their efforts.

vaastu financial tipsThe North and North-east directions are beneficial for financial prosperity. East is the direction of name and celebrity. The north is the direction of Kuber, the Lord of Wealth. North is the direction of finance, any blockage in North would bring obstacles in wealth and prosperity flow. However, if the block cannot be removed, place an aquarium or a small fountain in the North direction of the house which is a good Vaastu dosh remedy.

Ensure that other directions don’t possess any negative impact on finance and are constructed as per Vaastu principles.

Safes or Almarahs in your house should always open toward north or east i.e. they must face North or East directions. If  not that likely to effects in increased expenses. Positioning the almarah in the Southwest direction of the room and keeping the face towards north to enhance the cash flow.

Stagnant represents the financial loss, thus any form of stagnant water should not be inside the house. Water is supposed to be symbol of personal financial health; it should not be stagnant. Whereas moving water like fountains is considered nice source of helping in financial growth and prosperity.vaastu financial tips

Place fountain, a moving water source in Northeast to generate financial growth. Place an aquarium with nine gold fish with one black fish in the Northeast direction of the house to ensure a good income flow. Fish aquariums play a positive role in attracting wealth. It’s always better to keep aquariums at home for the smooth flowing of finances.

Underground water storage tank; bore-well or swimming pool is to be constructed in the North, North-East or East zones in the plot for good financial growth with consistency.

Colors like yellow, golden, blue, green and even white is thought to be lucky and attract the wealth.

A tabletop fountain in the living room attracts good luck and prosperity.


183 Comments to Vaastu Financial Tips

  1. Nishi Gupta says:


    We have recently shifted in a rented house..where kitchen and bathroom are in north east direction and they share a common wall. Please tell me the remedy for this to improve my financial situation.

  2. admin says:

    Hello Nishi Gupta ji;

    Bath rooms if it is without WC then OK no problem. Else with WC, then place a bowl of SEA Salt which absorbs the negative energy change the Salt weekly.
    Take a copper plate, fill it with water, and keep it under the kitchen platform. Change the Water in it daily. Keep Red color Light Bulb in the Southeast corner, this will reduce the bad effects.

    • Sharmila says:

      Hello sir, for a kitchen in northeast should we place the red bulb in southeast corner of the house or southeast corner of the kitchen that is in Northeast? Also, I read in other places to hang three bronze bowls upside down for a kitchen in northeast. Is this a good remedy? and should all three bowls be places next to each other?

      • admin says:

        Hello Sharmila ji:
        Paint a Lemon yellow color to North-east Kitchen. Light a Red color bulb in South-east corner of the house. You have to place
        “Guru Yantra” in North-east and “Agni Yantra” in South-east. Yes Place three Bronze bowls facing downwards in East, North-east and North direction.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I have a turtle tank currently placed in the drawing room, which is in the East direction of my house. I want to place it in my bedroom which is in North West/West side of the house. Is that okay? What could be the ill effects of it?

    • admin says:

      Strictly avoid placing Turtle Tank in Bedroom. Because that is water element and it must be placed in Northeast only. It will make female member Cool in Bedroom.

  4. irmhart says:

    Hi! I have one question-I have financial problems,my flat is little and has cut SW,and little piece of NW there is a mine for elevator(lift),kitchen on the NW, main door-W,near the main door toilet after bath, study room-N-NE.bedroom-S-SE,and middle of study and bedrooms are living can i improve my financial problems? can you give me any tips.thank you in advance.

    • admin says:

      Hello IrmhartJi:
      Bedroom in S-SE is the major defect for financial problem in your house. There should not be Toilet adjacent to Main door. As you have a West direction main entrance, so you should behave in Ethical manner and not get involved in illegal matters, that could otherwise defeat you every where.

  5. santhosh kumar says:

    sir in my house bore well is in south west direction , sir what is the remedies to do for that bore well.
    and in north east direction is my office and in eat side toilet is this correct

    • admin says:

      Hello Santhosh Ji;
      Bore well in Southwest is a sever defect. Place a “Panchmukhi” hanuman photo on Southwest direction facing that Bore-well.
      Office in Northeast is OK. Toilet in East is again defect. Remedy is to shift this Toilet in South or Northwest direction.
      However are you from construction company.

  6. sreelakshmi says:

    in my home bore well is in south west and south east direction,what are the remedies for this? There is a boundary wall around my home ,not too high,just to give a separation between the plots ,can i make a water tap at the north east corner instead of other water sources to avoid this problem?

    • admin says:

      Hello Sreelakshmi Ji:
      Bore-well in Southwest and Southeast are not acceptable, however use the bore-well in Southeast and close that in SW. You can make water tap in NE.

  7. irmhart says:

    Thank you for answer. What remedy use for bedroom on SSE?
    Is it possible to stretch a copper wire in a hall to the main door, will it improve shortage of the southwest, thank you.

  8. milan says:

    the south-west of my shop is pointed on outside, that means my shop is not rectangle or square
    in shape. what should I do now?

    • admin says:

      Hello Milan ji:
      Shop extended or the plot shape is extended in SW. If plot extended you can make it rectangle by leaving that extended part. if shop is constructed shop is extended the place a “Panchmukhi Hanuman” pic facing SW direction. Place a Pendulum watch on south wall.

  9. thapa says:

    in my plot Toilets is in the Southeast and bathroom is in the northeast but apart from house
    inside my house the kitchen is in east and in southeast there is a room for sleeping.
    what are the remedies for all this.

    • admin says:

      Hello Thapa Ji:
      Bathroom (without W C) in Northeast is OK – No problem.
      Make sleeping room of Southeast as a Kitchen or extend the present kitchen up to Southeast.
      Shift the Toilet to South or Northeast. Use southwest direction for as master bedroom.
      Because any remedy will reduce the impact not eradicate the defect.

  10. roshanregmi says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have borewell in south east and pulls water our and filtered to water tank (underground) in North west.
    Please advise the solution to this defect.


    • admin says:

      Hello Roshan
      Any remedial measure will reduce the impact of that defect not eradicate the defect. The only remedy for your problem is to dug another bore-well in NE deeper to SE bore-well. And where is main entrance door.

      • roshanregmi says:

        Sir the borewell is only used once a week. The water is stored in the underground tank which is in NE direction. The tank is filled with 11,00 liters of water.
        Will the storage take at NE would compensate the defects for borewell.

        • admin says:

          Hello Roshan;
          Defect is having Bore-well in SE and that could not rectify how you use it. Storage of underground water in NE will improve the NE. If other elements in house are Vaastu complying, then this defect will not influence to that extent, like kitchen in SE, Bedroom in SW. So you strengthen the NE more and more.

      • roshanregmi says:

        The entrance is in EAST direction

  11. keshab says:


    Please advise me my house is north facing and my bed room is in southern part and have attached toilet in southeast, below toilet i have kitchen so what will be the remedy for this please advise

    please send mail for suggestion in

    Thank you for your support
    sincerely regards

  12. Piyush says:

    I wish to Construct a shop on Triangular Plot. where Plot is Facing East with 49 sqft breadth and length 52 sqft at South. what are the remedies for triangle plot.

  13. syedmastan says:

    sir, i have a bore well in south east direction, and water flows through northeast, and the borewell is in the kitchen, please advice the solution for this defect.

  14. syedmastan says:

    sir, i have a borewell in south east direction and water flows through northeast, and the borewell is in the kitchen, please advice the solution for this defect

    • admin says:

      Hello Sayedmastan Ji:
      This defect gives adverse effect on Financial Stability. Paint a Red color to kitchen. If possible make a another bore-well in Northeast deeper to present Southeast Bore-well. Keep a money plant in NE direction. Always keep a flower pot with Red / Orange color flowers in Southeast direction.

      • syedmastan says:

        sir, thank u for your kind advice onceagain thanks for ur support

        • syedmastan says:

          hello sir,the main door of my house is north east,and there is another door towards east, my date of birth is 15-02-1974, and my wife’s date of birth is 28-03-1977 and i have only son. north east direction of the door will suit for me and my family, please give suggestion

  15. sghousia says:

    sir,i have a borewell in southeast direction,and it is located in kitchen, there is a sump in north east and the water stores there,more than 10,000 liters of water stores there, please advice the solution for this defect

    • admin says:

      Hello Sghousia Ji;
      Southeast defect will affects on financial inflows. Paint a red color bulb near bore-well, Strengthen the Northeast and Southwest more and more for better results. Make another bore-well in Northeast deeper to present Southeast Bore-well. Always keep a flower pot with Red / Orange color flowers in Southeast direction.

  16. M Bhoopal Reddy says:


    Our is rented the main door is at East corner of North, but at north we didn’t have door, as (where Laxmi is enter say’s) as it’s blocked but having windows at north side. What is the remedy to over come it.. awaiting for reply……………….

  17. sghousia says:

    hello sir, there is no water source in northeast to dug another borewell, and the borewell which is in south east located in kitchen is not visible it is fixed inside the ground level,then how to paint a red colour bulb near borewell, please advice me what to do for this. sir, my house plan is the main gate of the house is north west, the maindoor enterance of the house is north/ north east, prayer room NE, kitchen SE,masterbedroom SW, children’s bedroom NW in between the two bedrooms there is a toilet, the staircase is in SW,and we have left 9 feet of space towards noth and abt 3 feet towards east, please advice if there is any defect, thank u

    • admin says:

      Hello Sghousia:
      It seems every thing is according to Vaastu Principles. Except Bore-well in SE. So paint a reddish color to kitchen. Keep a red color bulb in Kitchen. Place a copper Swastik on south side door.

  18. Bhoopalan Reddy says:

    Am having crystal (top broken) kept at shrine, is it having defects do let us know. And one bathroom (common) south end & other attached bathroom (north facing) to bedroom (south -west). Main door North-East corner (East entrance).

  19. syedmastan says:

    hello sir, plz reply to my mail, i am eagerly waiting for ur reply, my house plan is, it is west facing plot of 4 cents, the main gate of the house is north west and the simhadwaram is north east, towards north we have 9.5 feet of space and toward east 3feets and also there is a door towars east,towards south we have 2 feet, prayer room N/E, kitchen S/E, master bedroom S/W kids bedroom N/W bath room is between bed rooms, i want to know that being a west facing plot simhadwaram is towards north, is it any problem,towards east there is another compound wall which to hight than my compound wall, i have sent my date of birth in earlier mail, plz inform me if this house suits for me and my family, or any changes r needed, waiting for ur reply, thank u

  20. admin says:

    Hello Sayedmastan ji:
    What you have said from that every thing is OK. There is no problem to you or your family.Your house is totally according to Vaastu Principles. For any doubt you can call me on 09494214400. [ Sorry for delay]

  21. Ravi says:

    Hello sir,
    My flat has a toilet in SW for servant maids, the plot is extended to the SW. Having a lower slope in SW than N or NE. No financial gain or happiness in house. People are often getting hurt or falling sick. It is the case for my flat only, remaining 7 seem to be fine. please help with suggestions.

    • admin says:

      Hello Ravi Ji:
      Plot extension to the SW, Slope in SW than N or NE, these are major defects call me on 9494214400.

  22. Arun says:


    I m planning to keep a fish tank to enhance my financial postion and prosperity. Majority of sites recommend north or east direction for the tank .
    I have notth entrance to the house hall and if i keep the tank to the north it will be right next to the left side of the main door while entering the house below a window not visible from the main door
    If i keep it to the east it will again to the left of the door but visible to outsiders if the door is kept open which we rarely do
    So my question is would u recomment me to keep a fish tank and if yes which of the above 2 directions should i use , as i have heard that the tank should not be to the left of the entrance and visible from outside
    Kindly suggest

    • admin says:

      Hello Arun Ji:
      Keep the fish aquarium in Northeast direction of living room. And should not be visible from outside.

  23. santosh kumar says:

    sir, I have just shifted in rental housing facing big park,i am staying in ground floor,this is 2BHK house,main entrance is east towards south ,living area on north east lifted 3 ft above from surface level due to car garage below,kitchen is north west direction,master bedroom is south west direction attached toilet north west in bedroom,can you tell me it’s right according to vastu.

  24. sandeep says:

    Sir, Please guide me remedy for toilet at center place of the flat. My flats Entrance is at East Direction

    • admin says:

      Hello Sandeep:
      Removing that toilet from center place of the flat is the only remedy and please do it immedietly

  25. Manish lal shrestha says:

    Sir, I would like to know the remedy of overhead tank which is in middle of the house in brahmasthan. What would be the remedy for this defect? Please let me know.

    • admin says:

      Hello Manish ji:
      Shifting of overhead tank which is in Brahmasthan to West or South-west is the only remedy.

  26. Gurunath Agnur says:

    Sir, can wooden cot be made up of used teak wood I.e wood from old buildings.

  27. krishna says:

    Dear Sir compund wall on south east is extended , south facing site and door is towards east .

  28. ramesh says:

    sir our house compound wall is extended towards south east does it have any effect and remedies . the site is south facing and door towards east .

  29. tanya says:

    hi, i m planning to buy a fish aquarium for money and growth, that comes with the storage box below. what colour should it be. can it be black also .. or any specific colour

  30. rathan says:

    i have a plot of triangle shape on my fathers name. from that time my family ladies health is not ok. pls let me know the remedies

  31. Gaurav says:

    Hello Sir,

    My Father is running real estate business for past 5 months but not getting customers. Business is not getting cash inflow. Shop entrance is south. On the south wall, we place Lord Hanuman photo on wall and yellow light on that photo. Mandir is placed on East wall.
    Please provide some tips to attract wealth so that business will go smooth & we will get cash inflow. Please help

  32. Avinash Kumar Agrawal says:

    Hello Sir, I have a few questions to ask you. Hope I am not troubling you.

    My Flat is on 3rd floor and we enter from west towards east. As soon as we open the main door, there is a straight small Passage of about 20FT and we have a toilet in front with 6″ raised platform. But we use it for Shower and washing clothes. But it do have a WC which is not used.
    So shall we put a curtain or any other remedy you suggest.

    Also i want to put an aquarium in my living room. On the North after entering from the main gate have a small way from the passage to enter the living room. EAST of the living room have closed full length wall, South have windows, WEST have windows with Sofa Seating. SO the aquarium should be placed in NE (Diagonally) facing SE or we can place it horizontally on EAST WALL facing WEST windows, or place on small NORTH wall facing SOUTH Windows. Please suggest, i am so confused.

    Please also suggest if I can place a MONEY PLANT at SE Corner with Wooden stand? Can u suggest any other TYPE OF PLANT with Direction to place for my Living Room.

    Thank you. Avinash

  33. Avinash Kumar Agrawal says:

    Also I forgot to mention that if we place an Aquarium at NE, East or North direction then any one can see the aquarium while entering from the main door. So it is a problem as well?

  34. garg says:

    hello sir,
    we have a bedroom with attached bathroom(toilet plus baithing combined ) in north-east it ok?if not wats the remedy?..plz ans..thankx

    • admin says:

      Hello Garg:
      Bedroom with attached bathroom(toilet plus baithing combined ) in North-east direction is a Defect

  35. gaurav says:

    hello sir,
    i want to know which color bulb should i use on the NE (ishaan) wall…? another I’ve studied somewhere that putting a mirror on ishaan wall also proves to be beneficial…,?please suggest me… thanks

  36. Gauri says:

    Our main entrance door is in East direction in SE corner towards south. Can you please provide remedy for it.

  37. Anjaneyya shetty says:

    Sir my DOB is 15-12-1986. Sir pls advise me which period (year) is good and bad

  38. Anu says:

    our bedroom is very small and is in SE direction, south side is covered with french windows, entrance of bedroom is on west wall, east wall has beam in the middle, north wall we have our wardrobe, please suggest some remedies as I ve heard all these things are considered negative in vastu shastra.

  39. we have a 2Bhk flat,
    1 Main entrance door is on N wall . Living room occupies NE
    2 Master bedroom is occupied by the senior member of our family which lies in SW of which bathroom is in W
    3 common bathroom lies in NW
    4 second bedroom is occupied by me and my husband (newly married) Lies in SE
    there is a pillar on east wall, we sleep keeping our head in east direction, on west wall thers a door for bedroom, and wardrobe is on north wall, please suggest remedies for this bedroom specially. Bcz no changes can be done as all the interiors have been done a month ago.

    • admin says:

      Hello Anusha ji:
      What you have said from that it seems defect in South-east. And try to Keep head towards South while sleeping.

  40. Suhas says:


    We have independent house, the plot has two owners me and our neighour. We have common wall in centre of plot, our house has space at north,south,west area (East side is constructed).
    The plot/main gate facing is south. I stay at 2nd floor, my brother at 1st floor and ground is given rented. My leaving room centre ( main door facing west), south east is masterbed,
    north east is 2nd bed, kitchen is north west.

    Attached toilet bath at north east (not exact corner of north east, has 3 foot space from east north ) and south west corner.

    I am facing financial loses ,stress. Please advice.

  41. MGN says:

    Hello Sir,
    Our swimming pool is in southeast direction. What’s the remedi for that. Thanks.

  42. MGN says:

    Hello sir,
    our main entrance is in the North,our kitchen is in the East, master bedroom is in the northeast,one kid’s bedroom in the West and elder kid’s room is in the southwest corner, garage in the northwest corner facing north and swimming pool in the southeast corner and electric pool pump at the edge corner of southeast and house is not exact rectangular, one corner is extra out stretched at southeast corner. Rest of three corners of the plots are at 90* angle but southeast corner is approx 110* angle stretched outward.
    So wherever you find the defects, can you please tell me what are the remedies for those vaastu defects.
    Thanks in advance.

  43. Binayak Chakraborty Manik says:

    I live in a rented flat in 1st floor. Although this is a square plot, but the flat is L pattern. That means the southeast corner is cut off. our main entrance is in that corner. The other problem is, the toilet and bathroom is situated at southwest corner and in the ground floor there is a tubewell in southwest.

    Please advice me for the defect of the flat

    Thanks a lot
    Manik .

  44. Neha says:

    Our house is a rented with entrance at west, south west is drawing room, kitchen in south east – cook facing north. Dry balcany in east. Room 1 at northeast ( we have made it pooja room). Stairs to 1st floor from north (inside)
    On first floor 1Room in south west (master bedroom) and other in east
    Kindly advice anything in specific that can be done to improve financial status

  45. Neha says:

    There r two bath room cum toilets one in north ( ground flr) and other in north-west (1st flr) and one washroom in north east

  46. Prasadbd says:

    Hello Namaste, Could you please suggest me mental Peace and financial improvements as My home’s main door is faced towards east. And I have put Panchmukhi hanuman on my door. is it ok..? And the bathroom faced towards North. Latrine faced towards west. And in bedroom towards north side there is a big window open. Any suggestions please.

    • admin says:

      Hello Prasad ji:
      If main door is facing East, then no necessary to keep Panchmukhi hanuman ji photo. What is the location of Bathroom and Toilet. Bedroom in North is also defect. Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession. My Mail Id:

  47. shubh says:

    Hello sir
    Our house architecture is something like this
    We are having a washroom in south west direction and a kitchen is joined in the same direction
    We are quite confused that whether its bad for us would it be stumbling block in our prosperity and wealth of our family
    If yes then please tell us the remedy without changing the structure of home

    • admin says:

      Hello Shubh ji:
      How long you are there. Washroom and Kitchen in South-west direction are defects. Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession. My Mail Id: I will reply.

  48. simerpreet says:

    helo this is simerpreet..i think nothing is according to vastu in my home…pls suggest me some alternatvies.can i keep any crystal at home to compensate all of it,..i am facing too much problems even my mom got kidney damage after we have constructed new condition is getting poorer day by day..plssss help meeee

  49. Moneca says:

    I am opening a fashion studio…at my house in North east side. Entrance is from west of studio..but main entranc e is from north.. one electric pole is on right side of main entrance.. any vastu tips for mandir, idol, mirror, and how to invite clients .. t hanks

  50. Vijaya says:

    Hello Sir,

    Namaskar. Can you please clarify, if having the following in a North facing house, are doshas? If it is, then please let me know the remedies OR is it better to avoid buying that house.
    — Master bedroom in north east.
    — Kitchen is not exactly in the south west corner, but it towards the south west. An empty space for table is in the south west corner.
    — Stove is in the south.

    Thanks for your help,

    • admin says:

      Hello Vijay ji:
      Master bedroom in North-east, Kitchen towards the South-west and you will face South while cooking. Are the defects. Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession. My Mail Id: I will reply.

  51. Neha says:

    Dear Sir.
    North side of our house is totally closed. their is no entrance or window in this side. due to this we are facing financial problems
    kindly suggest a remedy for this.

  52. Sibabrata says:

    I have a 2 BHK flat with main entrance opening in South direction (from inside the house). Kitchen is in SE direction. 1 bed room in SW & another in NW with attached toilet in west direction. 1 common toilet in SW. No water source in NE direction in any of the rooms/kitchen. L shaped living+dining room running from main entrance & dining hall running towards west. Please suggest some remedies for improving my financial condition & professional growth.

    • admin says:

      Hello Saibrata ji:
      Toilet in SW and main entrance opening in South direction are defects. You have to Block the negative energy of SW toilet using “Gems Therapy”

  53. Sibabrata says:

    Could you please guide me more on the ‘Gem Therapy’ & what should I do for this? What documents I need to show you for a proper gem therapy & how much it would cost(approx.)? Can placing an aquarium at NE direction help in bringing in positive energy into the house?

  54. Saritha says:

    Dear sir
    In my house over head water tank is on SE above the kitchen. Which we can not change now. Because it is a gated community. Kindly advice me some remedies for this dosha
    Thank you,

  55. bharat says:

    can i cut land by copper wire in garden for south west boarwell

    • admin says:

      Hello Bharat ji:
      South-west is the sensitive issue
      Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession.
      My Mail Id: I will reply. It’s chargeable

  56. kalpana says:

    sir kindly reply to the above query.

  57. VJ says:

    Hello Sir,

    We have a East facing house. On its South (which includes both SE and SW) we have swimming pool. We are having tight budget constraint right now and cannot move our pool towards NE side of the house. I was wondering is there any remedy for it? Can I place a statue of Sun in the South boundary wall? Please advice. Thanks in advance.

  58. Nitin Jain says:

    Our master bedroom is in north west. .We have many disturbances in our life.. What should we do?

  59. ketan says:

    I have a cut in south east. Now its 2 floor house and terrace cabin is also on south west side resulting in 3 floor sout east cut.will it be ok if I can cover till first floor with weather shade ? If not please suggest remedies.

  60. Sarask says:

    A south-east room, being the agni corner can we used it as a bedroom, does it helps in the accumulation of wealth?

  61. atul gupta says:

    hi admin ji mera drawing room NE me hai jo ki mere bete jiski age 15 year hai usme study and sleep karta hai usme aquarium maine NE me placed kiya hai kya yeh sahi hai pleas reply me thankyousir

  62. karthik says:

    Hello sir, I just want to know which is the best place to keep aquarium and small fountain in living room?

    • karthik says:

      Sorry forgot to mention other details, our house entrance is on eastside and for living room it is on northeast side. If I had to keep my aquarium in northeast side it will clearly visible from out side of entrance but you have mentioned above that it should be visible from outside. Please help me with this. Thank-you very much in advance sir.

    • admin says:

      North-east is the best direction for placing a Fish aquarium

  63. Suraj kovoor says:

    I have a North West facing flat, I want to place an aquarium in East corner of hall, which is supposed to be my balcony. Can I place my fish tank in balcony in East-northeast direction…???

  64. sneha says:

    sir i live in rented house, the entrance is west kitchen is in the north and i face north while cooking and one bedroom is in the south, one in the north and one in the west direction. we have three bathrooms two in the north and one in the east. i have converted one bedroom to a prayer room and i have kept money plant in north east direction in this room. in the hall in the south east corner i have kept a small table top fountain. i had read that if we keep fountain in the right side of our living room then the husband has an affair. so i kept the fountain in the south east corner is it ok and what changes should i make to get better health, education and wealth and growth.

  65. Yash says:

    Sir, There are 3 trees planted by my neighbors in front of my bungalow’s main entrance gate. the nearest one also has a money plant with big leaves crawling up on the tree. Due to these trees the early morning sunlight is obstructed. Can this lead to decrease in financial gains ( which we are currently facing). Also what remedies would you suggest for this case?


  66. Ravi says:

    Mine is a North-east Corner flat and can’t keep the Fish Aquarium there. Which is the best place to keep it? Keeping in South east corner will help and increase financial status? or just to keep it on East? Please suggest

  67. Jatin Singal says:

    Hello Sir,
    We are facing some serious problems in life from all perspectives i.e. family problems, legal problems due to financial disturbance and professionally affected. Our house is east facing duplex. and main entrance gate from street is on corner of north east. then we have car porch. kitchen is located in the south east corner. cook top is also placed on south east corner. than we have lobby with dining table and sofa set. Drawing room is on north side having green interiors with a fish aquarium at north east corner of the drawing room. One bedroom is also adjoining to drawing room on north with cherry colored north wall and south wall and attached toilet bathroom on north west corner. and second room bedroom is on south wall with off-white interiors having attached toilet bathroom on south west corner. on the first floor the same lay-out is there but in place of kitchen the first floor is vacant and above the drawing room we have partitioned the drawing room size into study room and pooja room on north east corner of the room. water tanks are place on top floor at south west corner to keep that direction heavy.
    In light of the above, please suggest if any changes are required to get out of all the troubles.

    • admin says:

      Hello Jatin ji:
      It seems stairs may be in Center of the house, and some defect in South-east, from the problems you are facing
      Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession.
      My Mail Id: I will reply. It’s chargeable

  68. ARCHANA says:

    Hello Sir,

    I stay in a one BHK flat and it is in first floor, the main door is facing East direction and right when we enter through main door on the right side is the toilet and left is an open kitchen and then proceeding to the main living room and I think kitchen comes in the south east direction. What remedies can I do to improve the wealth luck and also the career luck for me and my husband.


    • admin says:

      Hello Archna ji:
      Toilet seems in North-east, which is severe defect. it’s your Own or rental please clarify. And if Own, please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession.
      My Mail Id: I will reply. It’s chargeable

  69. Priti Mehta says:

    Hello, I am living in ahmedabad having 2bhk and facing finacial problems and want to know that if having any vastu dosh effect, Main door entry is from East . In ishan we have mandir , but in the middle of the house we have toilets and bathroom. Since eight years back done this construction and facing finacial problem , so please give the solution for the same.

    • admin says:

      Hello Priti ji:
      Toilet and Bathroom in Center of the house is a severe defect. “Ratnadhyaya Therapy” is the remedy. Please call me on 9494214400 for details

  70. Rohit Mishra says:

    sir, i have toilet in SE and kitchen in East,and a bore well inside my house and one in the north, iam facing a lot of financial problem, cant shift the toilet at present to any other place, please suggest any remedy for the toilet and for any other defect.

  71. Jeevan says:

    Our Plot is South Facing ,and our Entrance door faces east. Everything s done as per vastu,But since we entered this house,we don’t have business happening or income coming. Can u suggest any reasons.

  72. Sushmita says:

    Hi Sir,

    I live in rented house and have recently bought a crystal turtle for my business. where can I place m turtle ? as I am experiencing lot of financial issues already. So I want my business to grow to help me and my kids out. Also I would like to know what can increase the money flow for me and have less expenses.

  73. Sanjay Patel says:

    Sir, My family and I are living in a employee’s house owned by the company we work for. After reading vastu shastra books i have noticed many defects which i cant remodel. I can sketch the plan of my house and show you. Need your advise.

  74. Pratik says:

    Dear sir, in my house almari is located on south-west direction of my parents master bedroom in same direction, but there is attached wc in front of almari in north direction of master bedroom. Dose it has any problems, then pls suggest any remedies, thank you.

  75. suresh says:

    What is the remedy for guest\second bathroom with toilet (with WC) in SE part of the apartment home. Also my apartment is east facing and after entering on the left we have this bathroom. We also have another bathroom with toliet (with WC) in the SW corner of the home which is attached with bedroom. Please advice

  76. My home west facing, kitchen north,bedroom northeast.very money loss. illness.please tell me the remedy for improve

  77. Sanoj says:

    hello sir, i have a south road and my house is west facing, my name is sanoj kumar nair and date of birth is 02 aug 1981. kitchen is in the northeast but i have placed a tap in northeast corner of the kitchen which is outside the house, but my parents insisted on placing of tap in southeast corner for watering of plants in south direction, i am aware of vastu dosh and it seems all went wrong, what is the remedy. i am trying to relocate the tap to east or northeast corner. i have two sons, 6 & 2 yrs. i want them to become successful in all spheres of life, master bedroom is northwest and toilets also in northwest direction. east bedroom is for parents. pls suggest some remedy., south east tap is creating depression and fight between me and wife has increased.

  78. shilpa says:

    sir , we have plot , which is facing east, municipality has put a borewell on the southeast direction of my plot which is nearer to my plot.Does it affect us , we are planning to construct a house in future.pls advice any remedy for this.

  79. raj says:

    Iam in a Apartment.
    Master bedroom is in south west . 2nd bedroom is in south east.
    kitchen is in north west side.
    behind puja room comes toilet and shower.
    its a north facing flat.
    Is it OK or what remedies i have to do.
    kindly advice.

  80. bhagesh says:

    im facing financial problem,health,family problems since arrived in new house 12 yrs ago i tried so much to solve but no result.
    my main door in south direction,toilet and bathroom in east south direction bedroom in east with balcony attached in north.

  81. Hari sanku says:

    Hi sir, vasthu shastra considers three sides of threshold as entrance door or four sides..? Some of the entrance in my flat are covered with wood on three sides and some with four sides….when I say three sides, I mean, top and two sides of the entrance.please clarify this..what is the effect if there are odd number of doors…..

  82. anand says:

    there no sunlight or any source from which we can get sunlight or proper ventilation at night as no window in the room.door cant be kept open whole night coz of privacy. please let us know suitable measures to be taken.

  83. Anuradha says:

    Dear Guruji,

    We have baught a apartment where the toilet of Master bedroom is in the NE side of the apartment layout. However the exact NE corner is a beam forming a zone area means it’s a cut area. Beside that is the bathroom. Also since the room is rectangular the architect has suggested to place the wardrobe on the north wall since bed will be on the south wall. How do we rectify this ? On the west wall is the window and East wall the bathroom door.

    Looking forward for your reply.


  84. Sudharma says:

    Sir, mine is an own house and its north facing. coming to the entrance the gate is in the north which is a long one and exactly in that line is the main door and opposite to that another door going towards south. we made our drawing room as pooja room which is in the north east corner adjacent to kitchen in the east and adjacent to the kitchen two bathrooms one toilet and another one attached. totally we have 10 doors in our home. master bedroom is in the southwest and children bedroom is in the northwest but in the master bedroom we placed almariah in the southwest which is facing east. Northwest children bedroom, northeast pooja room and in between both the rooms we have a long room which we are using as living room. complete north side is open so we planted mango trees on both sides of the pavement, we have bhel tree towards the northwest water tank on northeast. The problem is we are facing lot of problems financially can u please suggest wat to do. Money is going out but its not coming in. please suggest me wat to do.

    Thank u

  85. Ambareesh De says:


    Can I place my locker in a small almirah and place it in South Wall so that it opens in north direction as my main almirah is in north direction and opens in south direction. Is it okay.


  86. Hi,

    Thank you for the article and it helped me a lot. I dont have a problem of cashflow, in fact its good as per my expectations but I face heavy money loss after every few months which is totally not expected and leaves me wondering what went wrong to face this loss. My house (rented) is slightly rotated from our noremal north-south-east-west axis but otherwise meets 80% of the things you have mentioned and like i said, there is eough flow of light and ood energy getting in ample cash flow and opportunities.

    Can you please advise what must be the reason for these heavy losses every now and then (I run my own business).

    Best regards.

  87. Jyoti Sharma says:

    1. My entrance door is on west side and there is big peepal tree in front of door (only society road is there in between). Pl advise how is West entrance door? And any remedy for tree dosh.

    2. In my kitchen gas stove option is on North (while cooking face is on North ) and sink is on South, East has backyard door and west opens in the living room. Living room’s entrance door is on South.

    Kindly advise.

  88. Sumita saluja says:

    My kitchen is in South east direction, is it good

  89. ak khatri says:

    hello sir, there is a big boulder(stone) on north side of my house. so what can be done for the bad effects?
    thanking you.

  90. Vishwa says:

    Sir, we have a west entrance house. we have placed the aquarium in the NE corner to improve the financial condition as it is worst.

  91. Mr. Khandesha Ambaji Kothale says:

    Hello Sir,

    There is an Electric pole in front of main door facing to west direction.

    Kitchen is in SE direction, master bedroom in SW corner of the house
    Pooja Room is in East direction of house
    Bathroom is outside of the house in NW corner of the house which is exact beside and attached with main door and main door is facing West direction of the house.

    There is tri angle wall in centre of the house.

    please suggest the remedy for this obstacle this pole can not be removed.

    there are lots of money flow problems .

    khandesha Kothale

  92. Nagaraj says:

    Hi sir,
    I am Nagaraj living in apartment (1st floor) with my wife and my sons….As per directions in my flat, entrance door is facing east, toilet and bathroom in northeast, bedroom is in northwest, living room is facing southeast and the kitchen is between the bedroom and living room…Now, I have very bad situation in my growth financially, so what can I do for my growth…..Now we are suffering in both health and wealth….Please reply me….

  93. Nagaraj says:

    One more think, the apartment is for rental….

  94. Ritu ray says:

    Dear sir,

    M facing heavy financial issue from long time. We purchased this flat 3 yrs back. This is ishaan corner flat.. Entrance from S thn drawing room. From my entrance gate common bathroom is visible in NE( with WC). Kitchen in ENS Cooking facing towards ES. Master bedroom in NE with attached bathroom in NE ( with WC) mirror on NE wall. Thn other room SW .. Two days back temple was in ES direction nw changed to NE. One wall fixed Almirah open facing NW. Other Almirah with locker today changed direction opening facing NE.


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