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Vaastu Shanti Muhurath


Vastu Shanti is a religious and spiritual Puja procedure of worshiping Vaastu Purush. Vaastu Purush means Energy, Soul, and Shakti; thus Vaastu Purush is the Protector, Soul and Lord of the house.

If  the Vaastu Shanti Muhurath or time of that day is auspicious, then the result of that Graha pravesh will be very fruitful as desired always.

Deciding of Muhurath helps to focus on the Planet energy and other astrological elements to nullify the negative influences and bring a success to that event. It helps to overcome the hurdles shown in the horoscope of that person and the loss predicted as well.

Every   individual spends most of their time in the house. Having positive house, that inmates can pass their life peacefully.  Thus its necessary to consider  auspicious moments for each and every  events that correlated with house construction.


Auspicious Muhurts comprise amazing importance in astrology as well as in human life. Without an auspicious Muhurts, any work can’t give its benefits.  Graha  pravesh or Making first entry is the more important event and that should be done at auspicious Muhurt   into the newly built house.

According to Spiritual Vedas  there are three kinds of Graha Pravesh .

Apporvsangyam Pratham Pravesham Yatra Vasane Che Sa Purvsangyam |
Dvandvahvayachagni Bhayadijatah Tvevam Pravesh Strividhah Pradishta ||

Means,  the Graha Pravesh  or  First entry into the newly constructed house known as Apoorvasangyak.

Graha Pravesh entry made after undertaking a journey is known as Sapurb Pravesh

The entrance made into the house that rebuilt in after any damage due to natural calamities or any other unwanted incidents is called as Dvandvahva

According to Ethics in Hindu some tips while deciding Muhurath

  • As far as possible the auspicious (favorable) moment should not coincide with the extra month (Adhik Mas), the zero month, the lunar month and the sunset.
  • Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday should be avoided for any auspicious work.
  • Monday and Thursday are considered as very auspicious.
  • Avoid any auspicious work or moment, when the women in that house are pregnant.  This care should be taken in the pregnancy state after the seventh month.
  • Auspicious (opportune) instant should not fall during the menses period of any women.
  • The auspicious (opportune) moment should not fall in Shradhpaksha, mourning period. Shraadha ceremony (performing rituals relating to dates) and  Divaskarma (religious rites after the death of a person). If  the auspicious (opportune) moment falls in Jaishth or Aashadh, it brings  Sickness or increases unnecessary  expenditure.
  • Falling auspicious (opportune) moment in Bhadrapad or Ashwin month,  that increases unnecessary expenditure and the circumstances becomes tense without any reason.
  • If the auspicious (opportune) moment falls in the month of Kartik, Paush or Magh the house construction will be delayed. There is also an opportunity of stealing the building material. Some frustrating incidents may take place. Combination of  auspicious stars in the sky at the auspicious (opportune) moment that gives good results. Every person despite of  highly qualified or so called educated people are also following these opportune moments.
  • While starting any work or to utilize the  opportune moment worship in the east or the north-east corner of the plot or house.

Auspicious Months Along with Days and Nakshtras for Maiden Entry

Months (As per Hindu Names) Effects Days Effects Nakshtras For Vaastu Shanti , Graha Pravesh Puja 
Chaitra Sadness     Rohini
Vaishakh Beneficial Monday Auspicious Mrigshirsh
Jyeshtha Harmful Tuesday Excitement Pushya
Ashadh Loss of animal wealth Wednesday Auspicious increase in commerce Chitra
Shravan Gain in wealth Thursday Auspicious, increments Anuradha
Bhadrapad Ruining of the house Friday Increase in wealth Revati
Ashwin Dispute in the family Saturday Fears from the thieves Ashwini
Kartik Pains from the servants Sunday Inauspicious Punarvasu
Margshirsh Gains of wealth     Hasta
Paush Gain of wealth     Swati
Magh Fears from fire     Shravan
Phalgun Increase in wealth      DhanishthaShatabhisha
Suitable Dates  Shukla Paksha2,3,5,6,8,10,11,12,13   Krishan Paksha1,2,3,5,7,8,10,11,12  Uttara (Phalguni, Asadh , Bhadrapada)


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