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Vaastu -Tips for Career or Job

Vaastu -Tips for Career or Job

Everyone wants to achieve success in their career vocations. Parents strive to give best education to their children and other facilities so that they can achieve their most excellent in-demand career streams.

However, these measures always may not work out; many of us have seen a delay or stagnation when it comes to jobs. Either one is stuck in or unsuccessful in passing job interviews, resulting in being without a job.

This is may not because of your child is not capable or lacks qualifications. This is because they may be surrounded by negative energies those causing obstructions in their success path. Simple Vastu remedies can help to remove these obstructions.

These Vaastu remedies are simple, feasible though very effective!

To solve the issue of unemployment, analyze the north wall in your home.

  • The north wall should be clean.
  • Extra elements like decorative pieces which are old or not necessary, stationery, books or office files etc. should be removed and keep the North wall free of these things.
  • Do not place steel almirah on the north wall. Because it absorbs all the positive energies from the Northern region and nothing will reach you or your child. It will cause an obstacle in your child’s success.
  • Color the North wall with shades of yellow; especially lemon yellow.
  • The Lemon yellow is a favored color of Lord Brihaspati and Lord Kuber. Painting this wall in lemon yellow will appease both these lords. Brihaspati and Kuber are associated with knowledge and money, and once appeased; they will bless with richness and employment
  • While going for an interview, step out the house with right leg first.
  • Offer salutations to Lord Ganesha before you leave.
  • Sleep with head towards the east which will help you in improving your career.
  • Toilet in North direction of your house will restrict the opportunities. Get it corrected with vastu remedies and get success.


If you are already in job and looking for the promotion, check the direction you are facing while working.

  • Face East or North while working. It will give recognition to your hard work.
  • Main door of your house should be in positive place to have a career growth.
  • Inauspicious entrance may restrict your career growth.
  • Don’t seat below the beam while working may be at your work or at home. They may create unnecessary pressure in the work and no positive result will come out.

However, even after much hard work and good strategies, you are not getting success or a dream job or business venture may become unsuccessful. This is because there can be many unseen or hidden hindrances acting as obstacles.

Vastu Shastra offers simple yet effective remedies to resolve such issues. So Contact us for Vaastu analysis of your house as well as business complex


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