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Vaastu Tips for Conceiving

Conception or having a baby is a very amazing thing in the life of women. Moreover life without having a child could be hell on earth. Using some of the following Vaastu tips for conceive baby or enhance the fertility.

Vaastu and Conceiving

  • While conceiving the baby please stop all type construction or renovation in your house 
  • Having fresh flowers in the bedroom will improve constructive energy in the bedroom
  • According to Vaastu Shastra, a staircase in the exact center of the house may create health problems to pregnant Women, so take care while constructing the house
  • Pregnant Woman should avoid lavatory under stairs to avoid negative vibes.
  • Increase the fertility coincidence by placing a portrait or symbol of pomegranate in the bedroom
  • A pregnant woman should never have her room in the South- east direction. The heat energy of this direction may leads to premature baby.  [Repercussions in pregnancy]
  • Use extreme Southeast corner of the house for conceive. After conceiving the baby shifts the bed in South In this corner or South of South-West direction in the house
  • Even though for newly married couples North-Western room is also considered most favourable
  • Avoid placing any water elements and indoor plants in the bedroom 
  • Always sleep in left side of Husband 
  • The door of the attached toilet in the bed room should keep closed when not in use 
  • Don’t have mirrors in your bedroom 
  • Keeping head towards North while sleeping could disturb the pregnancy because, the North Pole is full of magnetic energy.  vaastu tips for conceiving
  • Being North-east is the supremacy of Magnetic energy so the couples who are planning to conceive the baby should never use NE bedroom. And also this direction should be never used as bedroom for couple 
  • Never have a Store in North direction. That will create quarrels in between family members in that house. Moreover sleeping under beam should leads to Miscarriages and child problems
  • North-east Toilets can also create Miscarriages and Child problems 
  • Always use light shade colors instead of using dark Blue, Red colors or curtains in the room of pregnant women. 

Follow these vaastu tips for conceiving for riskfree pregnancy. 



24 Comments to Vaastu Tips for Conceiving

  1. raj says:

    I am doing pvt job, but after shifting to my new house I am facing lots of financial difficulties, bad relation with my wife, my wife and relatives etc.
    I have somewhere around southwest facing main door.
    kitchen on around north. toilets at round east (not exactly east but nearly), puja ghar on south east.
    master bed at southeast etc.

    Please suggest the solution.

    Thanking you

    Raj Kumar Halder – Kolkata

  2. Abhishek says:

    I a living in a rented house since last one year.The north side of the house is higher than the south side.Although me and my wife earn good but the outflow and spending of money are too much.Money is spent on unplanned things and lots of spending on diseases also.

    • admin says:

      Hello Abhishek:
      The North side of the house is higher than the South-side is the defect always leads to financial losses

  3. Nivedita says:

    Hello, I bought an apartment East facing. and kitchen is in SE and Master Bedroom in SW… and guest bedroom in NW… the problem is
    1. the WC is west facing in both the bathrooms… Is it ok ?? whats the consequence.
    2. The windows and balconies of the bedrooms are in west.. is this Ok ?

    Please advise ..

  4. Kanti Rana says:

    Hello there I’m pregnant now running in 4 weeks didn’t knew we should not sleep in NE room so now we are going to change soon is there a chance of miscarriage still??

  5. Manoj Kumar Bhowmick says:


    This is Manoj Kumar Bhowmick DOB 07th June 1980 Married to Kakali Bhowmick (Lahiri) DOB 11th Jan. 1982 on 10th May 2009. We are basically from Naihati, West Bengal. We are living At Pune as I am working with one Pvt. company here. Till date we do not birth any child. We are living in a rented house. Main door of the house is in South direction, Kitchen at North direction, Toilet attach to Kitchen and the Bed Room in West direction facing door in East. So please give us idea to conceive a baby at earliest. My mail id

  6. Kasturi Roy says:

    hello,me and my husband both are medically fit,but i am not conceiving,trying for last too years.our bedroom is in north west direction .could you help me?

  7. Sonia kakkar says:

    I am having health problems financial problems .l having one baby boy but due to health problems i am not conciving second issue.In my house ladies health is not good.pls suggest me something …

  8. Parveen says:

    We are trying to conceive. We have two bedrooms, one in south west and the other one also in that direction one after the other, however the beds are placed in opposite directions. Bedroom in extreme south west has head in north/north east direction and the other bedroom has head in south west. Which room should we use?

  9. flower says:

    My house facing northwest.
    where should be my hse entrance and which room to slepp for getting pregnant.

  10. French says:

    We sleep in a SW bedroom from 1 year after changing the house, but before this it was a mess, married for 8 years but no child, please help

  11. sanai says:

    We sleep in north east room,married for 3 years but no child.There is a beam towards east side of room.Please help.

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