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Vaastu Tips for Legal Firms

Law Firm Vastu tips

Legal Firms are the practitioner of law that makes the society logical and disciplined.
Certainly legal profession brings well-being to the society and when these place of functioning covers under the sphere of Vaastu it definitely acquires importance.


Vaastu Shastra treats legal firms from where they are operating as if they are like commercial places.

Though layers can practice from their houses where they have not to pay any taxes, but still Vastu plays a big role

These are some of the Vastu tips for legal firms and judicial establishments

  • Place a senior counsel’s chambers in South or West direction of the office
  • The colors in the office should never be in brown or purple
  • Irrespective of their positioning either they should face East or North.
  • Keep all the old record files or archives in Southeast or Northwest area of the office.

Law office

  • Entrance should be from East or North while exit gates should be in West and South.
  • Toilets must be in Northwest and pantry should be in Southeast only.
  • Use wood and glass material furniture for the law firm
  • The client meeting room must be in Northeast and East direction in the office.
  • Placing photos of God and goddesses in the Northeast area can bring luck.
  • The staircase should be in Southeast area of the office.
  • The legal firms situated in Ground floor or on first floor can perform well
  • Lawyers who sitting in North and face South direction while working can face difficulties in their practice and could spoil relationships with clients and / or their staff.
  • Consistency in flooring, high ceiling, and cleanliness in office are other things which can bring affluence to the Lawyers.


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