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Vaastu Tips to Reduce Exam Stress

Is your kids preparing for their ensuing exams.  Do you come across that they are getting stressed up? Did you find that they are lacking in concentration?

Being the exams are getting nearer, you (and probably the teachers too) lean to continuously advising the youngsters to study better and harder, to excel in their studies or class.  You tell your kids to study more and more, else the child may not even pass the exam. This not only over-stresses the child but also causes him or her fear and anxiety of the ensuing exams.Exam-Stress

It is essential that the child should relaxed and does not feel the strain while studying  and at the same time child should be able to incorporate comfortably whatever he studies without getting stress. Remember that too much motivation can stress the young mind and can give more harm rather help.

Using some simple Vastu guidelines, one can contribute in better concentration in studies of their kids, ultimately make them to go the exam hall without fear.

The Golden Rules

  • Never sleep with the head towards West and North.
  • Male child should never use the Northwest area of the house or Northwest part of the room.
  • Female child should never use Southeast area of the house or room for her activities in the house.
  • Avoid mirrors on the South and West walls on the study area.
  • Study facing east or north
  • Keep the study table and area extremely clean without dumping books and papers around it.
  • Use Northeast area of the house or the northeast part of the room for study
  • Take lukewarm shower before going to bed if strained up.
  • Girl should face East and boy should face North while taking a meals.
  • Never allow others to use the kid’s study room and bedroom.
  • Eat one or two leaves of the Basil (Tulsi) plant every morning empty stomach
  • Use some soft lilting music on comfortable volume in the bedroom in the night. It can be the Gayatri Mantra also.

Some hints to Parents 

Exam stress and VaastuEnsure your kid that, you are always there to support them always and make positive comments on the kid’s superior points.

Avoid passing adverse comments on kid’s mistake or on their shortcomings while you all are on the dining table. Make them to feel you love them.

Always give them positive and encouraging suggestions, they should feel your support and love is there under any circumstances.



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