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Vastu Remedies for a Northeast Toilet

Gems therapy for NE toilet

Northeast is the direction of Iswar (God) hence it is considered the most auspicious direction according to Vaastu shastra. Northeast is the direction from where the most powerful, positive and progressive energies are generated. Once these positive energies enter in the house, they improve with healthwealthprosperity and overall abundance.


When the toilets and washrooms are not in Vaastu-friendly, they certainly attract negative energies in and around the house.

The inmates have to face major issues in their which may arise due to improper location of toilets.

These are some the major problems that may arise due to having Toilet in Northeast  

Family Issues: Misunderstandings and frequent clashes between husband and wife may be legal separation or divorce will happen.

Financial Issues: unbearable financial difficulties, loss and wastage of money, unable to pay loans, rising debts and finally insolvency.

Health Issues: health problems related to head, extreme pain like migraine, mental problems like wrong decision, confusion and depression. Accidents relating head injury, brain hemorrhage, mental disorders, etc.

Toilet in Northeast

Northeast Toilet Remedies

First we need to identify whether the Toilet in our house is falls in Northeast or else.

This can be done by preparing directional zones on the plan of the house.

Also, this can be checked by frequency analysis and spotting of affected field Energies in that particular area.

After fixing Toilet in Northeast, treatment to follow, this is to be done in the four corners of the wash room (Toilet) using Metallic alloy based customized and energized elements. Also, strengthening of adjacent Energy fields (Devtas) is to be done.

Toilet in Northeast as said earlier is a big defect and this can be treated; and its negative effects can be reduced using “Gems Therapy”.

Gems Therapy


“Gems Therapy” is the process of placing following items with Vedic Vidhi

  1. Copper Swastika Yantra
  2. Pearls (Moti)
  3. Crystals
  4. Silver Coins

As head of Vastu Purush falls in this area, and major Marm Sthan falls here, any small mistake will lead to surgery in head, so be careful.

There are so many evidences having toilet in Northeast brings Neurological problems.

So, it is advised to avail Vastu experts consultation is such cases


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