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Vastu Tips for Bright Career

Vastu for Career

Off course Career is probably one of the most important things in every individual’s life. Career, ultimately everyone try to build all the time while attending school, college and or any higher studies.


Luck! Yes, it’s somewhat correct; luck is the factors, but, luck not at all enough itself, there is something more than luck; and that “something more” is the support and help which we get in the form of energies from the environment around us, yes; now we’re talking about the Vastu the architecture of construction! Vastu Tips for Bright Career





Like if someone searching for a good job then always keep your precious assets in the Southwest direction of house. Ensure that the door of this safe or Almirah should open in East or North.

Vastu Tips for Career – What Not to Do

  1. Avoid sitting under the beam
  2. Never sit with your back towards an entrance door.
  3. Never hang up posters or landscape of water bodies on a wall behind you; it Vastu and Careerdenotes lack of support.
  4. Never sit cross legged (Important).
  5. Keep every windows and doors clean and neat.
  6. Never put negative or violent pictures, like war, crying baby or lady etc on the walls of office or house.
  7. For office in house, ensure that the master bedroom and office room aren’t adjacent. 







What must to do

  1. The students study table should be regular in shape and medium in size. The table should not be too large.
  2. Provide some space around the table to regulate energy flow.
  3. Moreover, place the study table facing either East or North. This will help the student to concentrate more.
  4. According to Vaastu, a well-lit lamp should be placed in the Southeast corner of the study table, and keep the windows in the East or the North direction of the room.
  5. Never construct the toilets in the study room; however bathrooms are can be preferable.
  6. It is better to keep a water bodies like, water pot or fountain in Northeast direction of living room. This helps in getting new job.
  7. On the wall behind you, hang up a poster of mountains. This will strengthen the support system.
  8. Remove mirrors from the South area f your house / office to get the due reorganization of your efforts.
  9. Always check the North direction in the house to attract new opportunities.


2 Comments to Vastu Tips for Bright Career

  1. SUDESH SHARMA says:

    Sir, Madam, Good Evening,
    In MY office there is one beam on the top of my head. My face is towards south east & the entrance door is also south east, windows on the left & back. The computer is placed on my left side & i some times sit somewhat facing south. please guide & advice.

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