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Vastu Tips for Puja Room in the House

The Puja room is one, where all the Deities, Idols, Religious Books are kept and this place is used for prayer, worship and meditation. Puja room is a sanctified place from where all the positive energy radiates in-to the house.

According to Vastu Shastra, it is preferable to make a Puja room in the Northeast are of the house.

However this cannot be possible everywhere so it can be located in certain auspicious directions as mentioned below

Puja / prayer room must not be surrounded by “Negative Energy”.

The room once completed in the house, it will starts to emit positive energy. Whereas, if the pooja room is not according to Vastu, this positive energy may  weaken due to influence of negative energies that present in the house.

First option for Pooja mandir location is: Northeast Direction of the house.

If this done properly everything starts happening correctly

The Second option for Pooja Room or Mandir is East or West Directions in the house.  Puja room Vastu Tips

If these options are not available, the Puja Mandir can be located in the Northeast corner of any room except bedroom, toilets and store rooms.

Things to Avoid in Puja Room

  1. Don’t keep a dustbin in a Puja room.
  2. Avoid making a Puja Room under a staircase or in store room.
  3. Never make a Puja room or Puja Place near a toilet or below / above a toilet.
  4. Avoid placing deities or God’s idol on South wall of the Puja Room
  5. Avoid Puja place in Bedroom.
  6. Never hide valuables or money in the Puja Place or Mandir.
  7. Avoid placing broken idols in Mandir
  8. Never keep the idols brought from old temples in the prayer room.
  9. Never bring any Idols from old temple to keep in Mandir / Puja place of the House.
  10. The puja place should not be South direction
  11. Never keep photos of deceased persons in the Puja room


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