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A road which ends at the house plays an important role in Vaastu Shastra. Even if the house is constructed as per Vaastu Shastra principles and if Vidhi-Shula (Approach road) is to the house, then it will generate good or bad results depending upon the direction of that approach road ending at the house. So consider this aspect while searching or selecting the plot

Here are some of the outcomes of different Vidhi-Shula and Defects with their problems on the inhabitants:-



Results / Vidhi Shula Effects 

  1. East-Eshanya
  2. East of  North East
Very good:  high-status and causes richness. Very good for men. Brings growing mobility in life. Best for Media  Professionals
  1. East-Agneya
  2. East of Southeast
Bad: Financial loss, breach of trust, cheating, theft, fire.Increase expenses, Accidents can happen,  Litigation and punishments/actions may be initiated.
  1. North-Eshanya
  2. North of North East
Very Good- Financial improvement. Gains wealth and Happiness for residents
  1. North-Vayavya
  2. North of Northwest
Bad: Enemy, court cases, restlessness, suicidal tendencies, financial loss, interruption in work, bad habits. Unlawful activities.  Instability in Life.
  1. West-Vayavya
  2. West of Northwest
Good: Financial gain, improvement in intellectual faculties. Good for men. Promote owner’s business / profession.  Improve attitude and behavior.
  1. West-Neirutya
  2. West of Southwest
Very Bad: Causes ill effects for house owner, illness, financial loss, Suicidal Thinking’s, affect the happiness Constant quarrels, problems of money
  1. South-Agneya
  2. South of Southeast
Good: Financial gain.Will give peace and happiness.
  1. South-Neirutya
  2. South of Southwest
Very Bad: Financial loss, bad effect for the woman of the house,  Affects wealth / finance; bad habits for inmates, women. Trouble in all spheres

vidhi shula

So while selecting the plot, one should consider carefully, the magnetic direction in which a road, lane or street is focused on the plot to form the Vidhi-Shula. From the table above, best option is to choose plots which have the following street focus:

Option / Vastu Street-focus/ Vidhi Shula


North of Northeast Most preferred
East of Northeast Most preferred
South of Southeast Preferred
West of Northwest Preferred


282 Comments to VIDHI-SHULA

  1. Ram says:

    My present house is north faceing
    We are purchesed beside house which is east side to my house
    But newly buyes house had a veedhi potu
    Road is hiting on N-NE
    road goes through noth to west side(2 side road NORTH ,WEST) hitting point is just 30%, without veedhi potu 70%
    Is this good

  2. sudhir says:

    Hello Sir,

    My name is sudhir, i am leaving in a rent house and the house has W – SW vidhisula.
    My bedroom is at E-SE of the hose.

    Can it effect renters too or only owners.

  3. Baskara Raveendra says:

    Dear Sir,
    My Plot is facing Northwest – Vaayuvya veedhi shoola, in that place we had constructed Independent House which is facing to East Direction. Total plot size 60 x 40, in that 30 feet is NW Veedhi Shoola and balance of 10 Feet is NE – Good area.

    To avoid this NE Veedhi shoola, we had constructed a Small Disti Ganapathi statue just in front of Compound wall exactly on center portion of Veedhi shoola place.

    Now, i am requesting you, please suggest some more remedies to avoid veedhi shoola.
    for your better understanding i just dropped the layout of my house.

  4. Vinay Bakale says:

    Sir what if the road hits the 90% of the east facing plot . The 10%which is not hitting is south east

  5. gangadhar says:

    Sir 40 60 plot north road & north west road

  6. Srinivas Gundla says:

    Sir, I am planning to purchase a plot belongs to East face plot. dimensions are 52 X 45 feet. North side Northwest (North Vayuvya) one road ends, we have a electrical pole also there in between the road and north side people constructed a wall beside the this plot. This north vayavya road not belongs to our colony also. We will not use this North Vayavya road. Because we have road at east side only.

    Sir, please suggest me whether I can purchase it or not?

  7. Sir my plot having north and west road north side 50 ft and west side 30 Ft’s. But northwest(vayuvya) hitting road from north side so plz help to be construction

  8. Mallika says:

    My house is west facing and it has west of south west (west nairuthi) veedisula. sir please give remedies as we are facing many problems.

    • admin says:

      It requires a Gems therapy. Please call me on 9494214400 for details

      • Mallika says:

        Ok sir, Thank you but is it any problem to live in this house or we vacate

        • admin says:

          If it’s rental then vacate whereas if it’s Own, then get the remedies done

          • Mallika says:

            it’s a own house sir. our house is constructed according to vastu sastra 20 years back but unexpectedly this veedi sula came. please suggest any remedies

          • Mallika says:

            it’s a own house sir. our house was constructed 20 years back according to vastu sastra but unexpectedly this veedi sula came. please suggest any remedies

  9. Giri says:

    Hello Sir
    I am planning to buy a house, which is east facing. But it has a East Veedhi shoola. Veedhi shoola is though out the house. Please Advise

  10. Sudha Alvakonda says:

    We are looking for house. We enter the house from east to west. But there is road in front of the main door, though the actual drive way is a bit to the left. That’s how we enter the house. The road comes from East meets the house in a small curve and goes south.

    Please let me know if this is acceptable?

  11. Babu says:

    Dear sir,
    I have planned to purchase a plot facing south like T junction. The entire 30feet wide of south face is hit by 30 feet road. Is it good to purchase?

  12. aj says:

    sir, our the lot is facing northwest, but half of the lot is hit wit the direction of the road then curve to the right.

  13. hello sir,
    Purchased a West street focus plot but there is a road passing from North to South and the entire roads are looks to be T shaped in front of the plot. One running road and one street focus. please advice me should i construct a house or not and what will be the vastu remedy for this. the entire plot facing west on t point.

    I I
    I I
    I I
    I I
    ____________________________I I__________________________________
    ____________________________ I__________________________________
    I I
    I I
    I I
    I I
    I I

  14. Hello Sir,
    I bought a home for which we have north east “T” Junction but it is little bit cross, the plot is north facing and the road will be from north side which intersects the house facing at north east corner and the plot is extended 10 feet towards north side of north east corner and 1 feet towards east side of north east corner, can you please help me understand of that is good or need to do any corrections.
    Thanks in advance

  15. Sir can you respond to my posting above?

  16. chetan says:

    Apartment has 2 flats one with west and east doors on each floor where road side flat is west facing and Plot planning is as below. could you please help in understanding this case. Will this be considered as (E SE_ corner. can i by the West facing flat in this case. Please suggest.

    this plot has a road in front and another road coming from east.

    ______| |
    | R |_____________________ N
    Plot | O |Road from East W E
    ______| A |_____________________ S
    | D |
    | |

  17. Bala says:

    Hi Sir,

    Our house facing is South and having niruthi vedhi potu. Please tell me best solution for this

  18. Anusha says:

    We are planning to buy apartment with main entrance South facing, which is having a T junction with another apartment opposite to this.But the road is only for the entrance to the Apartment is this safe to buy.

  19. p s naidu says:

    sir my house facing north road middle hit east / R \
    —————- ————————————-road
    1 1
    1 1 E this is no gap
    1 1 ————————–
    1 N House S
    1 1 —————————

  20. s nagi reddy says:

    Sir , my DOB is 13 Nov 1976. we are planning for house , could you suggest which facing is suitable for me.

  21. Simmi says:

    Sir, we are planning to buy a north facing build up house. Its gate is in north east direction which is at T point. Will it be beneficial for us to purchase that? My dob is 29-10-84 and my husbands dob is 29-11-83.please suggest best location for us.

  22. Vikram reddy says:

    Remedy for T junction veedhi potu from west side

  23. V.sapthagiri says:

    Sir,Our house is east facing with 400 yards ,200 yards house was ,which we constructed is east aagneyam with vidhi shula.Remaining 200 yards is open plot thst means beside to our constructed house.
    so what my doubt is if we construct on open plot by dividing compound wall that means both of the houses has seperate gates with seperate steps with no attachment vidhi shula dosham will go or not.please reply me.

    • admin says:

      This requires site Visit or send me the lay-out of this house or plot. It’s a chargeable service

  24. vinod says:

    Sir my dob is 25..12..1979…at night 12.05…aap 26 b man sakte he……sir mujhe t point plot mil raha he..mere plot ko ek gali 10 foot chori hit kar rahi he from North northwest…please advice me

  25. vinod says:

    Sir ji meradob 25 december 1979 raat ko 12 bankar 5 minute par he…aap 26 b keh sakte he…mene north northwest t point plot liya he.. please bataiye acha he ya nhi

  26. feroz says:

    I’m planning to buy a plot with south side road it has also road hitting to property face at east corner can I buy this or not

  27. Shiva says:

    Hi sir
    I purchased a open plot 23 x 46 north west plot. It has veedhi shoola on north side. The street starting at eeshnya parallel to the plot. The street not touching vayuvya. So I want start construct house in that plot. Is it good or bad

  28. Manjeet Singh Yadav says:

    Sir my plot is east facing and road is hitting straight towards the plot is it good or bad if I do construction please advise me and west side also there is a road but not hitting the plot

    • admin says:

      Road hitting in East is a defect, it requires “Gems Therapy” please call me for details

  29. Kavitha says:

    Sir I have a plot facing south and it has veedhi shoola at south east end of south as below .25Feet of my plot is having veedhi shoola as below which is greater than 50% of the plot’s road facing . So this is like south south east veedhi shoola but veedhishoola is coming in south west portion also as 25Ft > 20Ft. Is this a good plot to take . Any issues with such kind of plot
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    —————————– ——————————————–

    ROAD ROAD ROAD on south of my plot

    | |
    | |
    E | W|
    | |
    | |
    |—————– |

    • admin says:

      It’s a defect and Requires “Gems therapy” please call me on 9494214400 for details

  30. sunil siddamsetty says:

    Sir I thank you very much for providing so much info in your website…I have a query i and my father stay ide by side plots his plot has roads on north and east my plot is towards his south side and east facing road .we do not have a compound wall in between. there is one
    north west north veedhi potu hitting directly to my fathers plot.he does not believe in vastu .we together for last decade.some one now pointed out that north noth west veedhi potu is bad as i have agrand son now iwant to have this corrected.As there is no compoun in between our plots,does the nort north west veedi potu effect my plot also and if there is any correction please refer. Thank you kindly suggest.

  31. A.SYAMALA says:

    Sir, Our house is North facing and road is hitting on west side. So we are having North West vidhi shula. Please guide us. Is there any remedy? If we keep Ashoka tree (bonsai), can it rectify to some extent?

  32. Bindu says:

    Dear sir,
    My house is north facing. I dont have vidhi shula when i bulit the house but now it appeared. Road is not hitting house but the turning bent starts adjacent to our house that too 3 feet away(in between small canal is also there) from my house. Shoud i consider this as vidhi shula or can i neglect as the road is not hitting my home. pl suggest me. thank u

  33. Badari Narayana says:

    Sir I am going to buy a North Facing House, fully road facing. But house has perpendicular road facing northwest of the house. the house is at the t-junction, with full road on north side and another road (direction of road is north to south), faces on north-west corner of the house. Please suggest whether is it good as per vaastu.

  34. Chary says:

    I have bought one South facing Plot. While I bought I had a diff. layout wherein Street focus is not there. Now local people shared diff. layout wherein street focus is there for my south facing plot. This street is not directly hitting my plot as there is a 33 ft. road in front of my plot. This street focus is like a ‘T’ Junction for my plot on South west side. Since I have already bought this what is the remedy I have now. Pls. suggest.

  35. prasad says:

    Dear Sir,

    1) We are looking to buy a plot with East facing ( 40 ft X 60 ft) Road side 40 ft and it has Vidhi Shula (veedi potu) to entire plot. is it ok to buy the plot? please suggest me.
    2) My DOB is 10/02/1982, which facing flat is good for me?

  36. Don says:

    We have purchased one west facing plot. The plot has one road( only for this plot) hitting from west to south west corner.We are planning to buy that small road too. Is that ok to rectify the veedhi shoola problem. Or please suggest any remedies to rectify the problem.

  37. BairavaRajender says:

    Hi Sir,
    I am Looking to Purchase a Plot, Which Having East and North facing(corner Plot), Dimenson of Plot is 35/45 Having Both sides East Side(22f Road), North Side (25F Road).
    One Road is Hitting from North to West till end of the Plot, Size of the Road is 25F(Plot width is 45f)
    I am sharing Plot Dimension to your Maild Id Please suggest

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