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What is Ratnadhayaya

Ratnadhayaya will bring Positive energy in your house, but at a little higher cost.

Vaastu have it’s own specialty and doesn’t requires anything to make it powerful or effective, because it is effective and powerful by it’s own.

But, in a defected house or having Vaastu Dosh structures, adding some Gems, Grains, Flowers and Metal with some simple things [which are used in “Ratnadhayaya therapy”] can make the Vaastu effective and fill up with positive energy which in turn became result Oriented.

While constructing a House or flat, or at any stage placing of a metal and Gem-stone or Ratnadhyaya therapy is recommended. This involves putting a metal “Copper Swastika[Swastika is the most energetic symbol in the world. Swastika is used to energize the defected direction or to protect the house from negative energies] and “Gemstones” Ratnadhayaya-Therapy

Placement of these Gem-stones differ slightly from the stones that traditionally used to represent the nine planets. These stones that are used in Rantnadhayaya therapy for Vaastu do not refer to the planets and to that particular direction. They are “Seeds of the Earth” and are to be placed as a remedies to remove the defects from the Vaastu / House structure.

These gems are a gift to the house and also bring in the seed influence of the gems which are related to certain heavenly bodies.

Ratnadhyaya therapy also Known as placement of “9 Ratnas [Nav-Ratnas]” which involves embedding Gem-stones under the floor of the house. It is recommended that only original and certified Gem-stones are to be buy in from a jeweler should be used for this purpose. A 3 to 4 carat gem-stone will cost around Rs 2,000 – 4,000 depending on its clarity. Since it requires 9 of these Gem-stones, it will cost around cost of Rs 18,000 to 20,000 plus Copper swastika as a base for these Gem-stones.

Some of consultants may suggest for buying semi-precious stones, but they may not effective as that of original Gem-stone. Because their outcome / impact is usually may be delayed by an 18 to 24 months.

Hence, taking this therapy into consideration, one will have to expense around Rs 30,000.

Certainly you are thinking about the Checking of your Own House / Vaastu in terms of it may have any of defects, Vaastu Dosh, so please Contact Us. We Analyze your House Vaastu and perform the Ratnadhyaya therapy if that requires


16 Comments to What is Ratnadhayaya

  1. Malar says:

    Hi! Pls advice how should I place gems stone for the house already built.

    • admin says:

      Hello Malar ji:
      This process should be done under guidance of Vaastu Expert. Please call me for details on 09494214400

  2. narasimha says:

    my house is facing south & no tenants are accepting the house.please guide /help if possible.

  3. Jeetendra. says:

    In my current house, toilet is located at east side of house. Is there any way to remove negative energy of this.

    • admin says:

      Hello Jeetendra ji:
      You have to Use “Gems Therapy” to block the Negative energy of this East side toilet

      • Jeetendra says:

        Where do i get that i need to put that both in downstair and upstair toilet? Can you please elaborate what will be nagative effect of that – i read somewhere it will have negative effect but don’t know what is that.

  4. Dharmendra Vaish says:

    Namaste Sir,

    I m living in my own house have facing of North West. Stair case constructed at North East direction and it is anticlockwise have 18 nos. Of step. Main gate is inclined to North direction. Kitchen is constructed at North East direction and cooking plateform is faving to South East wall, sink is facing North East wall. How can remove vastu dosh of staircase and kitchen?

    Please advice.

  5. Raji Iyer says:

    What’s remedy of sher Mukhi plot house
    What are the negatives of buying sher mukhi house. ? House facing north east..

  6. ruby says:

    i buy one house with swimming pool in southwest corner of the house ..plz tell me any remedies
    to remove this negativity efect

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