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What is the best direction to sleep?


“South is must, east is the finest direction; Northeast is okay. West is alright, North not at all. Sleeping with head towards any side except North is accepted.

So, the worst sleeping direction would be North but why so?  Our sleep positions play an important role in deciding the energy waves that approaching us. These energy waves are dictated by the position from North to South. According to Vaastu-shastra, the location of bed and bedroom is very important to get a good night sleep and free flow of positive energy.

Sleeping Facing North

Sleeping with head towards North throws away the balance in the earth’s magnetic field. The magnetic field that lies from North to South direction is very strong, and the energy levels of a person go from North to South are also strong; so this increases the chances of sleep disorders and / or even nightmares. This situation can also cause problems of blood pressure, rise in cholesterol, due to the magnetic field that within human and around the bed.

Sleeping in Northeast  

Sleeping in Northeast position is known to give a nightmare, and generally brings out strong negative emotions. So it’s suggested not to sleep in this direction. 

Sleeping Face towards South 


If you are sleeping with head towards North means facing South.  The magnetic fields are pulling opposite in South to North direction while your body is North to South resulting sleep disorders due to opposite energy waves.  These opposite energy flow will also disturb the natural flow of blood circulation and the digestive system in the body due to the magnetic poles that repelling each other.

Sleeping West Facing 

This position is Good, but brings pleasure along with lethargy and low motivation; if you looking to start the day with more motivation to get some work done then, turn or keep your head facing East. If you are anxious or suffering from anxiety then West is the best direction for you because it slows life down and brings contentment. 

Sleep with Facing East

The best direction to sleep is facing the head towards East. This increases in concentration and memory, and it also attracts positivity and keeps you healthy. It will give you a sound sleep; it is believed, this direction is full with the positive forces and positive waves. These positive waves will make you every morning feel refreshed and brings in feelings of ambition and growth.

Sleep Facing Southeast

Do you have troubles in communication? Then try facing head towards Southeast direction as this position promotes good communication and giving enhancement in creative side.

This position is perfect for the individual who lives an active lifestyle.

Sleep Facing Southwest  Vastu and sleeping position

By Sleeping with head towards Southwest position will allows your body to be calm and at peace with itself. Allowing you to feel settled in your life and work relationships.


The direction in which the bed is placed within bedroom will impact on how well you will sleep in the night. Magnetic Fields also can have an effect on humans, and also important how the free flow of positive energy in getting good night sleeps.


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