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Vaastu Shastra is the logical study of directions which creates stability by balancing the five elements of nature, using them for the benefit of human life. Any imbalance in these five elements will form a Vaastu dosh.

Everything which exists in the cosmos, including human body also, is made of five elements. Prithvi (geomagnetic energy), Agni (solar energy), Vayu (wind energy) Jal (gravitational energy), and Akash (cosmic radiation). These five elements have a powerful influence on us and the environment as well. Any inequality in these five elements will create a Vaastu dosh or defect in that living house. By using Vaastu dosh remedies we can rearrange our man-made construction according with these five elements of nature and enjoy a peaceful life.

Vastu is the positioning of directions to reduce the gravity of problems faced by human beings due to one or another Vaastu dosh or defects.

Four main directions are: East, South, West and North. Another four corners or sub directions formed at the juncture of these four directions are called: SE, SW, NW and NE. The earth is the place of residence for everyone.


Earth is a big magnet, also in human body the North is Head and feet are South. So if anybody sleeps with head towards North, there would be magnetic lines passing through his head in the same direction, and more blood is pumped into the head, thus creating head- related problems. This means the Earth’s magnetism also influences our lives.

Likewise earth, fire, water, air and space elements also influences human body in his living area, provided that the residential region not according the Vaastu Shastra principles.

Due to lack of information on the subject or non availability of sources, lot of peoples is facing a lot of problems due to Vaastu Dosh, on their health, wealth and profession

This site is for the purpose of promoting Vaastu Shastra. Educating designers, architects, builders and homeowners for more comfortable, happy and successful life to live in with harmony through the principles of  Vastu Shastra.

In this site we focus on discussing the Major Vaastu dosh and their possible remedies and Just explain the causes, effects, and simple remedies to Vaastu Dosha or Vastu defects.

Using the principles of Vastu Shatra, one can remove the Vaastu defects and bring the building into balance, attract beneficial energy, and enhance prosperity. In this way your home or office will become a haven, a place of safety where you feel productive, Healthy and peace.



For the services of betterment of Man-kind we decided to Provide a Free Consultation on Vaastu Guidance on every Sunday at our residence. Please do avail these services and have a happy life

Please get confirm on Phone before coming to Consultation

Bring a Plan of your house with you



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13 Comments to About

  1. Ujjwal says:

    I am leaving in Flat, facing main door to south-south-west direction please suggest the remedies for financial gain and business grwth

    • admin says:

      Hello Ujjwal:
      Generally South-south-west direction is not good, however Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth of registered owner, and Profession. My Mail Id: I will reply in Detail.

  2. shashikant says:

    Sir , i am really i have big problem about my family health , i lives in south facing house in Bangkok thailand , this house is on lease , my date of birth is 7.12.1975, details of my house is it total 5 floor,

    1- 1 floor have empty , and last wall North side have kitchen but i use like store unused item
    2- 2 floor half build one samall room and let bath ( north west ) stair east north all floor
    3-Study or living room west south middel floor have pooja room ( west ) let bath stars same
    4 Bed room west south -store room let bath stairs same
    5-a big room in we use like kitchen ,no stair and south east as a samal garden
    sir please help me , really every day we have health problem me mywife ( meena ) my son kush 11 year old my younger son lucky 8 year old ,


  3. vishal says:

    Sir, recently we have shifted into new house, main entrance of house is at east wall. Which comes to south east but not on south wall.

    Is this entrance ok for wealth and health for my family

    I will send the diagram of my house on

  4. Vinod says:

    Hello sir,

    I’ve shifted to a new home recently and have observed that things have started to turn around for me in a bad way. I’ve financial issues and other health related issues. I’m not sure if it is because of the house. May be you can help me find a solution. Please guide.

  5. Veena says:

    Sir, How to contact you? I tried to send message using “Contact” button on your page, but it is throwing error and cannot send you the message


    My house (government quarter) is west facing. Kitchen is in North West side. Entrance of the kitchen is from South side.
    Please suggest me how I setup the kitchen interiors, like kitchen platform, fridge, sink, gas cylinder, gas stove etc.

    Koraput, odisha, 764020

  7. Anand says:


    I have car garage room that is a extended on south east corner of the house . What are my options?

    Can i use this garage or close it for good .

    • admin says:

      Car garage in Southeast is OK, but extension in Southeast is a defect.
      It requires “Ratndhyaya Therapy” please call me for details on 9494214400

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