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Don’ts and Do’s for East facing Flats / Houses

East Facing House Vastu – 10 Don’ts

More than just the directions ensure that Northeast zone should be Clutter free, No Cut, and Not Closed or covered.   This is because the Northeast direction receives more Ultraviolet rays in the early morning due to tilted Earth [23 Degrees]

  1. Strict No to Toilets in Northeast area
  1. Couple should never use Northeast bedroom
  1. There should not be Septic tank in Northeast area
  1. A staircase in Northeast is a big defect
  1. Avoid Kitchen in Northeast zone
  1. Don’t purchase a plot having Slopes from North to South or East to West.
  1. Never plant big trees in North and East of a house.House
  1. Never keep clutter, dirt, dustbins etc. in North and Northeast
  1. There should not be any cut in Northeast corner.
  1. Never put a Overhead water tank in Northeast

East Facing House Vastu – 10 do’s

  1. Placing the main door in 5thpada can give you name and fame.
  1. You can place entrance in 4th Pada if 5th Pada 5 is small or not viable.
  1. Construct North and East walls slight shorter and thinner than South and West walls.
  1. Kitchen should be in Southeast or Northwest.
  1. Cook must face East in Southeast kitchen and West in Northwest kitchen while cooking.
  1. Pooja room in Northeast is auspicious.
  1. A living room in Northeast is also recommended.
  1. Construct the guest bedroom in Northwest
  1. Plot having slopes from South to North is considered good and West to East are considered Good.
  1. Master bedroom in Southwest is the best one.



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