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Know about Southeast Vaastu Dosh Remedies

Know about Southeast Vaastu Dosh Remedies

The Southeast direction in the house lies between South and East which brings energy from both these directions in the house. “Fire” is the attribute of this Southeast direction

The Fire element is “radiant” in nature. “Fire” element, since this is the place of fire it controls or rules the fire or  appetite of human beings for good earninghealth (especially for women), physical power and relationships (love and marriage)

Also, being the direction of fire, this corner of a house or apartment is best suited to make a kitchen.

Southeast direction is linked to Venus which represents the females.

So any Vaastu defect in Southeast will cause to suffer the women’s in that house.


Defects in Southeast: Know about Southeast Vaastu Dosh Remedies


  1. Toilet in Southeast
  2. Bedroom in Southeast
  3. Cut or extension in Southeast
  4. Main Entrance Door in Southeast
  5. Water element in Southeast

Problems due to these defects  


  • A door in Southeast direction can bring Fire (Anger), which creates tension and stressful atmosphere in such house.
  • Any of these defects can bring in illness, mostly to elderly women in that house.
  • Many times such sickness might enough to make the lady confined to bed, particularly when a door located in the Southeast direction facing towards South.
  • The Fire element in Southeast is also related to married life.
  • Thus a toilet/bathroom or underground water tank if situated in Southeast, it creates hurdles in timely marriage [especially for Girl child] and / or in married life.
  • Water element in Southeast also creates hurdles in conceiving a child.
  • In case a water body or a Bath room if situated in Southeast, one of the daughters from that house may remain unhappy in her married life.
  • Misunderstanding between husband and wife (extramarital affairs, leading even to divorce)
  • Defected Southeast can adversely affects on Second son of that house [He may indulge in Bad habits or face profession problems]
  • Major fire accidents, Loss in business and loss of money by various means
  • Difficulties in finding a job


  • Put Oam, Swastika and Trishul [Trinity] Yantra on the South facing Main entrance door
  • Sometimes “Gems therapy” OR “Ratndhyaya Therapy” can also be used to safeguard the negativity of Southeast defects. [Toilet/bath, Underground water tank in Southeast]


It is noticed that many times having entrance from Northwest and water element in Southeast


Entry from Southeast and water element in Northwest, can brings in loneliness, in other words, a Man or a Woman may not get married or has to live without a spouse.

This Northwest and Southeast axis is very important axis for physical pleasure/sex life with stability in life.

Using appropriate “Gems therapy” or “Ratndhyaya Therapy” means laying proper Gemstones with copper plate under the floor, with proper mantras will reduce the severity of Southeast defects. It is advised to take guidance of a Vaastu Consultant if those defects are severe one and affecting one’s life in concerned area adversely.



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    • Mallesh Gangaiwar says:

      Place a Bed in extreme Southwest corner of this bedroom. Place 100 Grams Moti in a Glass bowl in this bedroom. Please call me on 9494214400 for any clarifications

  2. Ganesh says:

    Hi sir an old house of shermukhi shspe facing east in ne is having little extra area is left jst near to that water sump is arrange the main entrance east facing with small sitout area then a door to kithen facing south from an entance to hall which is of narrow in shape there is antrance from north to south from out side with a wash basin on nw side a toilet is consructed and astaircase facing west n again moving to enter 1sf floor with a small plateform then entrance to east with on bed room with attached toilet in north side with south n north direction then sgain hall of similar size with balcony with some open place and again sraires in similar to 1st floor to a pent houde of large size and open place with iron stare to the terrace with wster tank on sw pl suggest can we live here. Thsnks

  3. Mahendra says:

    Thanks for great Article. You are amazing source of knowledge for me in past few month. Thank you very much!

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