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How To Use Power Of Vaastu At Workplace

Vaastu At Workplace


While we make every attempt to increase our work efficiency, simple Vaastu Remedies can turn our workplace into one of the most productive places. 

A workplace is just a workplace for us. For example: in software organization we might configure the software and add additional drives depending on requirements or our usage, we certainly ignore the fact that each profession should require certain positioning according to Vaastu Shastra.



These are some simple Vaastu remedies one can use to make their Profile high and Productive, and also their Workplace productive

1. Architects and Interior Designers

An architect’s or an interior designer requires high skills. These professionals should place their workplace in Southwest or West of Southwest Vaastu directions. Avoid using Green and Red color pen stand, table mat and mouse pads. Seat should be of sandy yellowish-brown color or cream color. 

For decorative purposes, use a small stone of smooth and round by the action of water or sand color for strengthening their gains in their work.

They should face East while working to receive creative design ideas and the table should be set along the Western wall. A picture in black frame representing a village scene can be placed on the East wall above their table to improve gains and profits.

2. Marketing Professionals   Vaastu At Workplace

Marketing professionals should avoid using blue and black accessories. Their workplace should be in South region. Use maroon or brown color for Seats and other office accessories

They can try out with green color to get benefits from their contacts. Ideally they should face North direction to attract more money and new opportunities. 

3. Sales Persons

Sales professionals should use East direction for their workplaces and should avoid using yellow and grey colored accessories. Use seats of blue or white in color.

Green color will help them to develop contacts with new customers. They should sit facing West to attract more sales order.

4. Senior Management

Senior Management professionals are required planing to run that organization. They should preferably sit in Northeast direction of the Vaastu, facing West. This will promote better planning thoughts. Avoid using of Red and dark Yellow colors for Seats, Seat covers and accessories.

5. Management Professionals

In order to execution and implementing the plans more powerfully and effectively, these professionals are required to have their work place or sit in the West Vaastu direction, facing East. Avoid Red and green colors completely for their seat covers and accessories for better results.

interior-designer- students

6. Student

West-Southwest direction of the house should be best preferred for students. They should sit facing East. Books should also be kept West-Southwest.

It gives amazing effects on their grade improvement and also improves retention power; which ultimately impacts positively on their performance in exams.

In case non availability of this direction East, North and Northeast are considered to be the second best option for students study room. It is also auspicious and improves the absorption power of your kids.

Students can display their Merit certificates on their workplace or on the wall above in WSW. It helps them in getting best career opportunities in their field of interest.


  • Keep a Swastika symbol in workplace for better results. Pyramids can also used to have an improved output in Workplace. These promotes financial flow and for cheerful atmosphere at Workplace.
  • Use of High back chairs are preferred to ensure growth in career. Avoid sharp edge and irregular shaped furniture for your office or workplace. 
  • There should not be any “Roshandaans” or Ventilators at your workplace or house which otherwise can leads to struggle full life and hard work.  

Vaastu Tips for using House as a workplace.

  • Place your desk or working table in such a way that you face East or North while working.
  • Office in the Northeast brings more tasks and poor yield.
  • The North direction of your house office is a region of career or business. Place an image of your ambition or dream that you wish to achieve in nearby future.

House-Work Place




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  1. Sapna says:

    I have southeast facing work desk, I m a sales professional. Is this direction beneficial for my career growth . If not, pls advise remedy

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