Kitchen Vaastu and Health

The old Thought is

What-ever We Take Food So Become Our Thoughts”

Kitchen is the place from where we get moral and physical energy, which depends on the purity of the food we take. Kitchen is totally in command and control of women of the family.

According to Vaastu Shashtra, the left part of the body is cooling and the right part of the body is hot, this applies to our Vastu / House also.


According to this principle, drinking water [Cool] should be placed in North-east direction means in left side.

Fire element, Gas stove [Hot] should be placed in the right hand side, means in South-east of corner the kitchen. Assuming the women is facing East while cooking.

As if the Sink [Water] of the Kitchen in South east direction and Gas stove [Fire] placed in the North or North-east direction then, the inmates have to face the situation of Non repayment of Loans in their life.

Kitchen and Health

# Kitchen in South direction:

Kitchen in South direction and the cooking women facing South then, the heat related health problems can be develop in the family, like high BP, Arthritis, Diabetes, Joint pains etc., If there is no alternative then the interior arrangements should be made as mentioned above.

# Kitchen in South-west direction:

Kitchen in South-west direction and the cooking women facing South then hot arguments between the couples could happen in the family. As if the cooking women face in West, that leads to Struggle full life. The consequences will depends on the patience in the family, but the effect of the wrong placement should always be there.

# Kitchen in the West direction:

Kitchen in the west direction and the women facing West while cooking, can add the hardship [financial distress] in the life of inmates.

# North-west Kitchen:     Vastu-Shastra Kitchen and health

If the kitchen is in North-west direction then, the expenses could be more than Income [earning].

# North Kitchen:

Kitchen in North direction and Cooking women facing North, then there are chances of sudden loosing the money, though your earning is very good. This situation is like Burning a Money.

# North East direction Kitchen:

This is the direction of God [Eswar] and the place of prayer. Kitchen in this direction can makes the life over loaded with many obstructions in life and career.

# East direction Kitchen:

Kitchen in East will gives satisfactory gains but there will be lack of happiness in such houses.

These illustrations are just to check the expected impacts of the Kitchen. It is not essential that everyone should face listed effects.

The impact could be varies person to person depending up-on Sanchit and Prarabdha Karma.