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Natural Slope of the Plot / House


The slope of land / house fixes relationship with the economic well-being of the inmates. This land slope impacts directly on the income and expenditure of that family. The slope in case in the wrong direction can sweeps away income in the wrong direction also according to Vaastu Shastra.  

The Land slope in the North direction is considered to be superlative. And the slope in the East direction is also considered decent. Whereas the slope in South direction is considered harmful and slope in the West direction should totally avoided.

Any slight slope in the property will always in active and gives the results as Positive or negative.  The prominence is slow, but it is in long edging and the positive or negative effect will be there.  

If you see moderate slope in south or west, use the improving remedies to break the slope.
If the slope of the house or plot is considerable towards South or West, it should be taken seriously.  The best remedy is to build a retentive wall at the edge of the property to eradicate the defect or slope.

slope of the plot house land

You can have more than one Walls depending upon the site situation. Fixing in footsteps remedial measure might also be used to ward off this slope

Herein we are giving the effects of energies surrounding the property. This Slope can have direct influence on overall progress of the family affecting on happiness and success.  

The energies flowing in property without proper orientation cannot gives you preferred success.  Some of these factors are very significant in physical and spiritual health also.

Elevation, Raise

[Slope Up]


[Slope Down]




Name and Fame, Good Offspring, Good Education and Career, Overall Prosperity



Sorrow from offspring, Obstacles in Education, Financial losses, Over all Defame every where



Severe Health problems and Financial problems



Happiness Prosperity and Well-being



If the North-east is higher, totally gutter out health, wealth and Prosperity.  Owner, his wife or elder son will become Financially and physically Weak.



If there is raise in South-east compare to North-west and North-east and less than South-west, there will be financial strength in that house



No good relation with friends and family members, Increase in Enemies and fear of Thefts, have to face unexpected legal allegation



Overall Prosperity with Good health, Success, Happiness, Education, Aptitude, Knowledge, Good Goings-on

For commercial Complex, land having slope in North, East, North-east and south-east, is considered auspicious. South-west should be at higher and North-East should be at Lower.

North-west should be higher than North-east and lower than South-east for commercial Vaastu. 

Land sloping in South-east are suitable for a hotel, restaurant, bakery, furnace and other projects selling in fire elements like electrical appliances, generators and inverters.

The land having slope towards the center part of the plot or depressions in the Brahmasthan is considered very inauspicious for any kind of construction whether commercial or residential.




46 Comments to Natural Slope of the Plot / House

  1. sumit says:

    Dear sir…i am writing this email with lots of hope. I have recently shifted into a rented house. My bedroom was in northeast and have dhifted yhat to southwest. The main door opens in south west and  bathroom is south west and bathroom in north west corner with level 1.5 cm lower than other area. This is rented house so cant get flooring changed. Pls pls suggest alternate remedy. I will be thankful to you

    Regards sumit

    • admin says:

      I replied this

      • shynipraseed says:

        Dear Sir,

        We did our house warming in2011 may . house faces towards east but land is slopping towards west actually our plot we construct compound wall and filled soil and made even and we started contruction Sir please advice any remedies for west slopping plot .What we can do because all work we had done and so much money we spend

        • admin says:

          Hello Praseed ji:
          I think you have made leveling of the ground before construction. Is there any Natural slope in the west, please clarify

  2. Sam says:

    My house and the main door faces North West. The property is higher on the North West side and slopes down on the back side to the South East direction. Please advice of any remedies or corrections that needs to be done. Thanks. Sam

  3. Madhav says:


    My house is north west facing, the plot is gomukhi, the south East side is higher than the north west and sloping towards the house. I am facing lots of problem ,please can you suggesting remedy please.

    Thanks , Nav

  4. Vishal says:

    Dear Sir, I bought a house where the land is sloping towards the south. The only possoble entrance is on the south side. What can I do to correct the south sloping land?

  5. Raj says:

    Dear Sir, I am planning to buy a used home where the land is sloping from NE to SW. Should I buy this? we all like this property. There is also water flowing in SW side from south to West (outside of property compound wall). It is a small creek through mini forest. The home is facing NE. Kitchen in NW and master bed in SW corner. The water from the plot also flow from NE to SW to the creek behind the home. From your article I understand this is not good.
    what can i do to correct this slope or fix this dosha?
    Thank you

    • admin says:

      Slope form North-east to South-west is a defect. Also water flowing from NE to SW is a defect, Not recommended

  6. Rajendra says:

    Dear Sir, I am planning to construction of house, where the land is sloping from NE to SE, the levels are from NE- -3’6”; SE- 0′ 0”; SW- -5’6” & NW- -7’6″ Should I start construction? we all like this property. There is also valley towards west side about 50.00 mtr from plot boundary from south to West that area is planned for undeveloped, and plantation is done by the local body. The home is facing East. what are the remedies to overcome such problems. Plz. guide me in this regard, and give any solution to correct this dosha? …to the earliest.
    Thanking you.


    • Rajendra says:

      Sir, there is correction, the slopes of the plot is from East to west and SE corner to NW corner the levels are from NE- -3’6”; SE- 0′ 0”(if considered); SW- -5’6” & NW- -7’6″ Should I start construction? we all like this property. There is also valley towards west side about 50.00 mtr from west side plot boundary from south to West that area is planned for undeveloped activity, and plantation is done by the local body. The home is facing East. what are the remedies to overcome such problems. Plz. guide me in this regard, and give any solution to correct this dosha? …to the earliest.

    • admin says:

      It’s defected plot. It requires a Site visit for remedy. You belongs to which city, please call me for details on 9494214400

  7. Ajay says:

    Hi Sir,

    I have recently purchased a flat, there is slop towards the South-East (in Balcony) and inside the house the slop is towards the South (Hall). Please advice how to rectify this defect. Thank you!

  8. Sofi says:

    Sir we bought a property at a hilly area where the plot is high on west and slopes on all directions south north and east with significant will be south facing with plots at different heights..mine is an east facing plot..will it be a problem as it slopes to south..

  9. Rajesh says:

    Three brothers…three partitions…Elder brother is staying behind (due to unavoidable reasons). What should be height of the plot for elder son’s partition?

  10. dr jibesh patra says:

    Sir our old structured 3 storeyed house has a ground level sloping down from North to South. After a govt drain construction in front of the house we had to incline the veranda more..since the construction of my Dental Clinic which is in the West wall facing north is affected.. The inflow of patients has reduced drastically..please suggest a remedy..

  11. shikha says:

    Hello Sir,

    We have recently purchased a house which has a garden. The garden is in the south and east direction which has a slope towards the south. I read your article and am not sure what would be best way to eliminate the side effects as we already have a boundary wall . Please advice.

  12. Suneetha says:

    Hello Sir, I wanted to purchase house in apartment. The flat facing east direction, large window available in north side, kitchen would be in south east, utility and balcony in entire south side, master bedroom in South west and other bedroom in north west. As per the vaastu tutorials we are thinking this flat is good. But we are unable to decide because the apartment facing north but it is lower than road and there is other road adjacent to apartment which towards east. That road slope also higher than apartment. Please provide me how it effect as per vaastu. We are unable to decide because of road levels . Please give me reply

  13. Dr swapna says:

    We have bought a land in which there is a slight downward slope towards both west and south. Witg retension walls, we made the slopes opposite and now it is almost flat with slight downward slope towards east. The downward slope towards south is corrected like this. Plot is sub divided into 3. Plot is flattened in each sections to remove the downward slope towards south. With retension walls, the three plots are made flat, with slight downward slope towards east.
    As the plot costed a lot, now cannot change it. We are making a house there. Please suggest some more vaasthu corrections if the done corrections are not complete.

  14. Kunal Mazumdar says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am planning to purchase a plot and it has a upward slope on the East and Downward on the west, its a natural slope.

  15. Nisha says:

    Sir our house level in north east is higher than south west…..should we raise the level or south west

  16. Madhu Bhalan says:

    Sir, what i understood for example slope of the land, south to be higher than North for “Happiness Prosperity and Well-being”. Is the slope variation can be in inches or to be more. If i am wrong please guide me.

  17. Our land is east facing corner site, roads on east and north, so plenty of light on these sides, but the slope is from north-east to south-west. Any remedies for this?

  18. Prakadh says:

    Hi Sir,

    I bought a HOUSE in USA facing NORTH. its a Basement home so there will be slope towards South direction. But the LAWN is Flat towards 90% of the land but there is small slope at the end of South.

    is there any impact of having SLOPE towards the SOUTH? if yes, what can be done as REMEDY? please respond

  19. RAMA KRISHNA says:

    Sir, I am planning to buy a vacant plot,( in Mulky, – Mangalore taluk, karnataka ) in which, NW corner is sloping towards NE, NE corner is sloping towards SE, SW corner is sloping towards SE, & NW corner is sloping towards SW.

    However i will make this plot level because the neighbouring plot in West & North direction is down by almost 1.0m to 1.5m.

    After levelling, my plot will become level to the neighboring plot in West & North ,But in the east & South the ground is naturally slope towards East & South Direction respectively, since this is a hill type of plot & mine plot is almost at top level of the hill.

    There is a natural Rain water drain which flows from West to East & we can say sloping towards NE direction & the drain is on North of my plot.

    Also there is a there is a natural Rain water drain which flows from South to East & we can say sloping towards NE direction & the drain is far away from my plot but on East of my plot & not close to my plot.

    Requesting you to Kindly suggest regarding this plot.

    My contact No. is 6360690382.

    thanking you,


    Rama Krishna.

  20. Arun says:

    I just got house and my house entrance is WEST and in 5’0 degree it is north west

    I am having slope on east direction , but again with 5 degree it is southeast

    Let me know what I can do

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