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North East Kitchen Remedies

North east kitchen remedies

The Northeast is the direction for the Natural Energy to enter inside the house. Always keep this direction clean and cool to attract the good vibrations in the house.

As Northeast is the direction of water element and having a kitchen in this direction will creates most sever Vaastu defect.

Fire energy that created by having kitchen in Northeast blocks the natural energy to flow in the house and instead of that, fire energy flows throughout the house. The food cooked in this Northeast direction may affect the health of inmates and may leads to sickness.


A kitchen in Northeast direction will spoils the good vibrations of Vaastu and creates lot of problems to the family some of them are enlisted below.

North east kitchen remedies

1. The Income so earned will get expend on needless expenses.

2. Always one or other useless things will get occupied in the house and look dirty.

3. The offspring may weak in study. Even having hard work they could not get the desired results.

4. To be married girls and boys might not get married at proper time and the efforts for getting marriages can get difficulty without unknown reasons.


5. The health of earning members and the elderly persons may unstable, can increases expenses to the maximum.

6. Female members in the family have to face Unexpected fears all the times.

7. Social relations will ends in many ways.

North East Kitchen Remedies:

These are few remedies to rectify the Northeast Kitchen Vaastu Dosh [defect]

1. The Out-most remedy is to shift the kitchen to the Southeast or Northwest direction of the house.

2. If the total shifting is not possible due to reasons beyond the control, then at least try to shift the cooking Gas stove in the Southeast corner of the present kitchen and keep Northeast corner neat and clean.

3. Keep a table or any furniture in the Southeast direction room, as it may be Bedroom or Hall, with electric cooker or Gas stove and boil milk or start cooking rice every day. This will create an alternate mini kitchen and strengthen the Southeast direction.North East Kitchen Remedy Red Bulb

4. Light a red color bulb in the Southeast throughout the night; this will generate Mars energy in the wrongly placed kitchen

5. Put Mangal Yantra (Mars Yantra) on the Southeast wall of the kitchen.

6. Painting the walls of Northeast kitchen with blue color can be good remedy, which creates the water energy.





61 Comments to North East Kitchen Remedies

  1. rohit agrawal says:

    it is sugested to light a red bulb as a remedy for north east kitchen.. should we light red buld in south east direction of the house, it may be any room… or in the south east direction (wall) of the kitchen premise..??

    • admin says:

      Hello Rohit:
      Light a red bulb south east direction of the house, it may be any room.

      • sumit says:

        hi admin ,
        my kitchen is in north east direction , which can’t be change now , i put sink in north direction and gas stove in east direction and fridge is south direction , i will paint my kitchen with yellow or blue colour , there is a big window also availaible in north side of kitchen , is this enough remedy or should i change something more .
        pls help

        • Mallesh Gangaiwar says:

          Paint a Lemon Yellow color in this Kitchen. Put 3 Bronze Bowls one in East, Northeast and North on the roof facing downwards

  2. Deepak says:

    I was sugested to place Hanuman Idol in south west direction with a lightening a Diya every day which is better.

  3. Deepak says:

    for N-E kitchen, sorry it is to be placed in South east direction. so the red bulb or the Hanuman idol which is better

  4. Jitendra says:

    Hello Sir,

    My Kitchen is very small and it is in North-East towards north direction. I saw your suggestion that to reduce vastu defect by “Placing three Bronze bowls in East, North-east and North direction on the roof of the kitchen facing downwards”. we have shelf in this direction, so is it ok if we place bronze bowls inside the shelf? which are cover by wooden door. Please advise.

  5. Anu says:

    my kitchen is northeast of my bunglow – i have wash area and big window there and I have kept water pot in northeast side i tried to put my stove as far as possible from corner. let me know what else I can do . I have another room on first floor can I shift my mandir on first floor of my bunglow above kitchen …..

  6. gaurav says:

    Sir I purchased flat 6 month before, now I found that balcony and kitchen in North East of flat, balcony in North East corner which we using for washing cloth purpose,
    Please advise is there any defect in vaastu. Also share remedies too

  7. Divyashree says:

    I have a kitchen in the north east side of my home. I have health problems and so does my mother. Financial condition is not great either. I am having difficulty receiving salary from places i work even though I’ve been working really hard with full efforts. I am not reaping any benefits. The colour of the kitchen is blue. The half side of the kitchen is the pray area. Also the bathroom and kitchen share a wall. Please help me out in this. Dob 02.05.1990 tob 14:32 pob Mumbai i am an MBA in media and communications. Digital marketing at present.

    • admin says:

      Hello Divyashree:
      Kitchen in North-east is a defect which causes hurdles in Opportunities, that you are facing now.
      Please send me the plan of your house, I will Reply, It’s chargeable
      My mail Id:

  8. Mani says:

    I belong to a nair family from north Kerala and the typical architecture of our tharavads or ancestorial homes have kitchen closer to the northeast side (stove on the west wall such that cooking is done facing east). Next to the kitchen is bathroom . In the rectangular plan,if kitchen is in the northeast corner, it is extended slightly towards east direction to place the bathroom . Hence, this extended northeast corner always has a well next to it. As per vastu, kitchen has to be never placed on northeast side and a bathroom next to it. I wonder why the construction is such and how much vastu compliant is such an architecture. Please provide your thoughts. Thanks.

  9. J D says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have a similar probelm. My kitchen is in the North & North east area with a guest toilet ithe Nroth East. I have sent you the plan of my house. Would appreciate very much your assistance in the matter. My husband (DOB18/07/1965) is in office furniture sales and I (DOB 06/06/1967) am a secretary
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you

  10. Manasa says:

    Hi,I have stove in northeast direction which can’t be changed.can u prefer any advice.

    • admin says:

      Paint Lemon yellow color in this Kitchen
      Place 3 bronze bowls in North, North-east and East on the roofs facing downwards

  11. rohini says:

    Hello Sir,
    From January 2016, We have shifted to the rented flat. From day 1, My husband is having some health issues. I am getting nervous feeling while cooking. I wanted to know, Is there any Wastudosh in this flat. If yes, Please suggest us the remedies.
    We need you help in this.

  12. Rupali says:

    My kitchen is at the east side of the flat .but having parallel platforms ,and dry balconey entrance at east side ,so now my facing while cooking is towards the south so how i change my kitchen as per vastu pl help me out….

  13. Prashant Jayavant says:

    Dear Sir.
    I am looking forth to purchase a flat. The entrance of the flat is facing south with the entire house to the North East. The kitchen is located in the north east with the electric cooking gas on the North West with eye sink in the North east side. All toilets are between S and SE. I would highly appreciate it if these directions are okay. If not, are there any remedies to it. Appreciate your advice.

  14. Anupam Kumar Srivastava says:

    Hello Admin,

    My kitchen is in south east direction.
    But the person is facing towards south while cooking , there is no space for a person to face towards east (which is advised).
    What remedies I should do in this case.

  15. Rajivv Khurana says:

    how to keep bronze bowl in north east kitchen mouth facing towards floor or roof, please suggest

  16. kiran says:

    My gas stove is facing north I know this is vast dosh can u suggest me good soLuton to over come this

  17. Dipali jain says:

    My kitchen stove is in east the sink is in north and distance between drinking water and stove is small so suggest the remedies for this

  18. Eashan says:

    – I have kitchen is in North East direction
    – Sink is in northeast corner,
    – Gas Stove is in North Direction & Wife face north side while cooking.
    – South East side is master bed room adjoining the Kitchen wall.
    – South West side is hall/ Dring room.
    – Main door is west facing at near west -north corner.
    – Washing Machin in the kitchen at south east corner.

    Kindly suggest
    1- Remedy for North East Kitchen Vastu dosh.
    2- Where to keep pooja room/ temple & wooden hanging temple is ok or not ?
    3- what vastu should be done to bring more porsperity & growth and health.
    4- any dosh which you feel from kitchen arrangment.

  19. helen says:

    hello my kitchen is north with my sink north, my stove east, my master bedroom is north and north east, any solution..

  20. helen says:

    forgot ODB 26/06/66

  21. Mrs.vani kashinath says:

    My kitchen is in northwest of my house ,with the entrance in southeast direction can I keep food storage rack on northeast of kitchen.

  22. Rana Das says:

    My kitchen is in north east side. I want to make a cabinet upper on north wall of the kitchen. U pls suggest me is it wright or wrong?

    • admin says:

      Kitchen in North-east is a wrong or defect, so making a upper cabinet is not a matter of concern

  23. Mansi says:

    We are residing in company flat and my stove is facing north..which cannot be please guide me what to do..what should be kept nearby to reduce the defect

  24. helen says:

    i ask many months ago that my kitchen is between NE AND NW cannot move what is solution? also my MB IS NE what can I do? no answers,,,

  25. Shruti says:

    Hi.kitchnen direction is North east.gas stove is on north platform,while I cook my face towards north.sink is on opposite side of cooking it ok as per vastu??

  26. Nidhi Binani says:

    Water pot best placed in north east direction.what can be other possible direction?

  27. Milind Jadhav says:

    Dear sir,

    My house is South facing house and my Kitchen is in NE direction. I can not move to any other place. Bcz in SE is my house entrannce. My temple placed in NE side as in kitchen. In north west is sink and besides a sink wall on west wall is a toilet. I am working as in marketing and my biz is running slow and whatever income i am getting its spending soon. Facing some health issues too. Even my son is not studying well as previous. I renewed my house 2 years back as am staying in Row house. Also my under ground water sump is on SE wall next to my main entrance door of house. Pl suggest simple solutions so that it will helps me.

    Thnks / Milind Jadhav

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