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Relationship between Vaastu Shastra and Astrology

Vaastu and Astrology

Vastu provides the knowledge and the principles to be adopted while in building temples, houses, corporate offices, industrial sheds, factories etc., so as to make the residents happy, healthy and wealthy.

If unfavorable Dasha is going on, though living house is constructed according to Vaastu principles the native has to undergo difficulties and disturbances during this Dasha period.

For a person’s misery there could be Graha Dosham or Griha dosham or both.

An unlucky individual stays in a Vastu-defected, while a lucky individual lives in a house built according to Vaastu, with or without in their knowledge.

“Karma’’ the Basic principle of life indicates the effect of our actions upon the world, the position we want to achieve in life, apart from whether it is a Service or Business.

The Occupation becomes more benefice when it is motivational, and gives you space to grow in financial and other aspects of the life; in such situation sky is the only limit.

However, this will not happen always and this is where Vedic Astrology and Vaastu can help.

Every profession has its own governing and supporting planets along with planets which create hurdles.

Even in Hindu temples, Navagrahas (9 planets) idols are placed facing the direction(s) which they rule in Vaastu.

  1. Sun in center and face East   NavaGrahas
  2. Venus faces East
  3. Moon faces Southeast
  4. Mars faces South
  5. Rahu faces Southwest
  6. Saturn faces West,
  7. Mercury faces Northeast
  8. Jupiter faces Northt
  9. Ketu faces Northwest,

Based on these 9 planets properties, application of directions and sub directions are decided in Vaastu.

For example, Mercury controls business, money flow, mathematics etc.
So keeping North direction with full of water, green plants etc will strengthen the North direction.

The North is ruled by Kubera, the God of wealth. Any imbalance in this North direction can disturb the wisdom and intelligence of the inmates living in that house.

Rahu the head of Serpent rules Southwest, so making it heavy with overhead tanks; storage rooms etc.  Can restrain its harmful impacts

Vaastu and Astrology If a person is affected by a malefic planet in his horoscope, then usually the problem comes from the defected directions related to concern planet and the house will cause frequent disturbances or repairs.

Obliviously an individual experiences good or bad results in a house according to his destiny, depending upon the planetary positioning in his horoscope.

Following are the professions governed by different planets.

If Sun is placed in Shubha Sthan in the Horoscope, it indicates that person will be confident, kind hearted, honest, protective, inspiring and motivating, encouraging people to meet their goals and will have leadership skills.

Having favorable Mercury in birth chart indicates person will have systematic approach, good in mathematical skills like accounting, finance, measuring, surveying, and writing. Professions related to Mercury are Consultant, Journalism, Financial Controller, and Speech Therapist.

Jupiter or the Dev Guru, if placed in favorable Bhav in birth chart makes you positive, truthful and spiritual, gives ability to handle the stress in a balanced way, honors the trust people put on them, and adheres to values in spite of difficult circumstances.

Venus is the planet of beauty, art and joy in life. A favorable Venus in birth chart makes a person charming, good sense of art and culture, building relationship and networking, focus on harmony, highly diplomatic, he can read the people and situations, knows to enjoy pleasure and comfort of life.

The positive Saturn in the birth chart indicates good stamina and staying power, making the person hard working, follows traditions, to live in Ethical way.

Whereas if Saturn is weak in the Birth chart the person becomes unresponsive, miserable, low on intelligence, depressing, poorly groomed, lethargic, follows orders to one’s weakness, his life is filled with delays and losses, addicted to drugs or alcohol

‘Rahu’ and ‘Ketu’ are shadow planets; they don’t have their own identity. They influences according to their associations with other planets or significance of house where they are positioned. In general Rahu acts like Saturn.

Rahu gives a person the vision of coming up with inventive solutions in a difficult situations.  The positive Rahu makes the person be clever and will have scientific brain, creates aboard chances.

Human society is associated with birth, environment and residence. Astrologer makes introduction and incorporation in between human birth chart and his life style.

On the other hand Vastu Shastra makes the life Healthy and Wealthy, by implementing Vaastu principles in a human residence.Nature-five-Elements

According to Puranas, Vaastu is the part of Astrology. Astrology works with time and Vastu Shastra works with space, size and architecture. Influences of these two are very important in human life.

Barahamihir in his book has given two beautiful instances relating to space and time.  In the dry place a Lion kills a crocodile. But it may be quite different when the Lion goes in-to water. Then the crocodile kills the Lion in the water. From these it is cleared that, to what extent the time and place influence the lives.

Vastu Shastra is based on the theory of Panchmahabhutas, the five Elements of Nature This Panchmahabhutas is the separate part of the astrology.

Different group of stars in the sky are divided in to 12 zodiacs and these zodiacs are associated with Panchmahabhutas.

All the zodiac signs are associated with different group of stars and there is significant importance of direction between astrology and Vaastu Shastra.Horoscope

In astrology the center of horoscope [Kendra] is very important. First,(Pratham), Fourth (Chaturtha), Seventh (Saptam) and Tenth (Dasham) are Kendrasthan.

The ruling planet of Chaturtha is Moon and Mercury.  Planet Mars represents the Land and the Chaturtha Sthan is land, building, car and happiness.

For this happiness Chatuthesh should be in Kendra or Trikon and this is essential. Besides, it is most expected to be joined by auspicious looks [Drishti] of auspicious planets

According to location of the planets in the Chaturtha Bhav (4th house) we can analyze how much efforts the person has to take to acquire his own house.

From the quality of Chaturtha bhav of the person’s birth chart, and where the Chatuthadhipati (4th house lord) is locating from the Lagna, and by judging the place of the Chaturthesh an Astrologer can say when, the person will enter in his new house


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