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Secrets of Vastu Shastra to Achieve Success in the Spa

Did you ever notice the experience of walking into a Spa and feeling uneasy?

You may think, “Why I am feeling uncomfortable? What’s going on here?” though a spa looks great visually, what people experience goes beyond what is seen actually.

For example, the spa may or may not be associated to the cardinal directions, have windows in the North and East, or have the reception desk in the proper place actively to get the best results. Moreover, there could be Geopathic stress creating discomfort in the environment. Through the ancient science Vaastu-Shastra which is used for stress-free living, spas can use these principles in building and designing in harmony with nature.


Vastu-Shastra Basics

Vastu means building and Shastra means science. This science of construction came from a knowledge known as the Vedas, which was written around 7,000 to 10,000 years back in India.  Vastu Shastra and Spa

These ancient texts offer specific information that can improve the quality of life.

Vastu shastra is a sister concern of Yoga; Meditation; and Ayurveda, the first science of medicine.

Each these practices guide the people on how to improve the quality of life. Vastu Shastra reveals how an individuals can improve and support the “body of your body,” or here, the spa.

Around 2,500 years ago, Buddhist monks carried this knowledge of Vastu-shastra from India into China, where it was adapted to the conditions of the time and modified which became to known as Feng Shui. The objective of Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui is one and the same: to maintain the Energy Level, also known as Chi or Prana in Feng Shui, in an environment so that people can experience improvement in their lives. The difference between Feng Shui and Vaastu shastra is only the methodology.

How it Works

Secrets of Vastu Shastra to Achieve Success in the SpaAs a scientific fact human body consist 70 % of water and the nervous system is electric. Vastu shastra advises people how to align their physical bodies to experience most favorable support from nature: the positive magnetic energy from the North and the solar energy from the East.

When the human body is aligned to these two forces, people experience a different level of sustain from nature ever before.

This support influences their productivity, health, and well-being, and adds in the success of their relationships and activities.

At a subtle level, everything in the world, including human body is made up of the five elements – Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Space. The balance in these five elements influences people’s daily life.

When all these five elements are in harmony, people feel wonderful.

Beautiful Spa

While building a physical structure, the balance of these elements may if get disrupt, then people might feel that disruption in every walk of their life.

This imbalance can make people feel uneasy or defensive and affect their health and thinking also.

This will also affect the experience that clients have within the spa and the professional’s work there. Whenever energy gets stuck, it creates environmental anxiety that affects clients along with the business.

When a client feels stiffness and pain in their body, they often use to go a massage center (Spa), acupuncturist, or chiropractor to relieve this stress. After healing, they usually feel better. In Vastu-Shastra, the physical environment is seen as alive and responsive to eliminate the blocked energy and stress in a similar way to the physical body.

In vastu shastra, the spa is considered the “body of your body.” This is not a Western concept, but when professionals realize how the environment impacts their lives and productivity, then it’s treated or deemed worthy.  

Wherever energy gets stuck in any work environment, it will impact on same aspect of the business.

In any rectangular space, if the flow of energy is free and efficient it will not get stuck, but in a space where there is a Cut in corners or extensions, some energy will get blocked and will create stress.

In the spa, wherever energy stagnates, there will be a specific influence on the success of the business.

Vastu and Spa

According to Vastu-shastra the Northwest is relates to Air element and the success of relationships and the mind. Suppose there is a Cut in this corner or extension, or clutter here, the movement of products will suffer and there will be discord in between the staff and customers.

Spa and Vaastu

The Northeast is associated with materialistic achievement and growth. Think if there is a fire element (hot water tank, electrical panel, or boiler), Cut in Northeast corner, extension, or clutter in this direction, the growth of the business will get affected.

Fountains if placed in the Northeast corner can cheer up the positive energy in the Spa because this direction is for flowing together of the abundant, health-giving, positive energy which comes from these North and East directions. According to Vaastu, this placement will inspire the water element and bring the success to the business.

The Southeast is relates to the fire element; the energy, enthusiasm, and the passion that professional requires for their business. Having extension, missing corner, clutter, or water element (fountain, underground water tank, toilet, or washing machine) in Southeast direction will spoil the completion of dealings or affect the efficiency and enthusiasm of the staff.

The Southwest represents Earth element and the stability of the professional’s career, business, and life. Having water or fire element, Cut in Southwest corner, extension or clutter in this Corner, the stable income will get affected.

All these issues can create stress to the professional and their customers. If any existing business has blocked energy in the mentioned areas, Vaastu-Shastra will definitely provides energetic solutions to correct these imbalances without any structural changes. Please Contact us for Vaastu help.


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