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South East Vaastu Dosh (Defects) and Remedies


South East direction in any Vaastu is mainly associated with the Earning power, female health and physical energy. Vaastu Defect (dosh) in southeast direction affect the physical power of individual and leads to failed and unhappy life style.We will see how south east vaastu defects can effect us in out day to day life, and what are the easiest remedies of it.

South east is the ideal place to construct the Kitchen according to Vaastu Shastra.  We discuss some common Southeast Vaastu dosh (defects) and Remedies herein. Using these remedies one can remove or reduce the ill effects of that particular defect in that directions and enjoy the happy life.

south east vaastu dosh defects and remediesSoutheast Defects:              

  • South East cut or  Extension
  • Water or Septic Tank in the South East
  • Cut or Extension in the South
  • Slope in south east direction
  • South East Entry Towards East


  • Marriage related problems, difficulties in finding a suitable partner
  • Misunderstanding between husband and wife ( No marital relation)
  • Anger in the house and Female health problems
  • Extra Marital Affairs / Suicidal trend
  • Difficulty in job, Heart diseases, Financial Losses
  • Legal problems and Police inquiries
  • Fear from Fire.
  • Cut in South East give tremendous financial problems to the occupant

Southeast Vaastu dosh (Defects) Remedies:

  • Install a Siddha Shukra Yantra to reduce the negative energy
  • Install Vaastu kalash to improves good energy
  • Using Dark color ( Red or Brown, Fire related) in this direction will give better results
  • Put Copper OM Swastik and Trishul Both Sides of the Main door
  • Use light Red color paint and Curtains in entrance area


462 Comments to South East Vaastu Dosh (Defects) and Remedies

  1. Suchitra Birya Das says:

    I have a attached bathroom( toilet n bathroom) in the south- east direction. It is not possible to change it. What are the remedies for this vastu defect.

  2. VIKASH says:

    sir my kitchen is in north east and water tank is in south east , facing soo much problems, kindly assist. pls let me know the solutions as we are unable to reconstruct it. kindly reply

  3. Divya mehta says:

    I want to know for shop. South east is extended n we are planning to have office fr the owner in the extended area what solution we can have for it. Its an hardware aluminiume shop in which xtended south east will b used for office purpose

  4. S.Anand Kumar says:

    Sir my house Plot and main door entrance is north Facing and my plot in three corner junction (Road turns opposite to my plot at north east corner) In South East corner i have Under Ground Water tank. I am suffering financial losses. Sir pls give me Solution

  5. rahul kumar hela says:

    there is a well in the south east corner of my house kindly give a remedy

  6. pinky says:

    we are planning to buy a house which has 2 roads i.e., on south and east directions and has entrance in East direction. Is such house recommended.can we buy it.

  7. Pratibha says:

    Hi my house is North facing but one of its bed room in South East extension with its door facing west.The bed is placed towards East with feet towards West .South wall almirah is attached to the wall ,bed can’t be placed towards South West direction. I wanna use this room for my single child .plz suggest to nullify negative effects.

  8. kishore says:

    we have under ground water tank in southeast of society what is the remedy for same

  9. Dherendhar says:

    Hello respected Admin

    I have a kitchen in South East however to the extreme south east corner there is a washing sink which is like an extension to the house.

    And my entry is from the north west corner of the flat.

    I am concerned that this sink is causing issues, is my assumption right?

  10. Main lavanya says:

    Dear Sir, our main door entrance is on south east. kitchen is in North east. but I kept the stove is on south east direction and cooking by facing east. kids bedroom and master bedroom is in North west side with balconies. south direction was closed .south west there are bathrooms. please suggest me to do any remidies for that.

    • admin says:

      Bathroom in Southwest is a defect.
      It requires “Gems remedy”
      Please call me on 9494214400 for details

  11. Bhavani says:

    My car parking in SE corner.septic tank also in that it ok are any remedies for this.and my master bedroom in half of the house and bed will face in South side is it ok.

    • admin says:

      Septic tank in Southeast is defect. It requires “Gems Therapy”
      Please call me on 9494214400 for details

  12. Dear Sir,
    We have started the construction of our house which is east facing (25ft X 50 ft)recently.Unfortunately ,we have digged the bore well in south east direction at point 3 ft from south wall and 3 ft from east wall.Our entrance gate planned is North east side.
    Kindly Advice is it ok.if not how to proceed.

    • admin says:

      Bore-well in Southeast is a Defect
      Please send me the plan of this house on my mail id:, I will reply
      It’s a chargeable service

      • ST says:


        I have swimming pool in the south side backyard, can not change, and Swimming pool pump in the SouthEast corner of the plot. what remedies to do, rest of the house is according to Vastu.

        Pl. suggest

  13. vijeet ved says:

    I have overhead water tank in south east corner..please suggest me the remedy without demolition of water tank.

  14. Hello sir, I’m a law student and my bedroom is in northeast corner of the house. I’ve only two options available in the house that’s northeast bedroom or southeast bedroom. Which one should I prefer?
    Please guide me with remedies.

  15. Renu pathak says:

    I have master bedroom in south east in house which was a government flat on second floor, my neighbor living in my right side flat which is in east . what should i do ..i can’t exchange my bedroom
    my flat is in south east of building but not in last corner so please guide me what can i do.

  16. Archana Vethekar says:

    For southeast bedroom are we suppose to place the copper OM Swastik and Trishul outside the entrance of bedroom door or outside the main entrance of the house door.

    • admin says:

      If main door is in Southeast, the we have to place Oam, Swastika Trishul on entrance door. for Bedroom it not requires, instead you have to Keep 200 Grams of Moti in a Glass bowl in the bedroom

  17. Gurpreet Bawa says:

    Hi dear
    My house is L shape house. Southeast corner is not in house. There is a cut from south to east. Even the bramhasthan is not in house. Can u plz help me to cure these defects. I will be thankful till life.

  18. Sai says:

    Hello Sir,
    The house is east facing with main door in east. There is a garage in south east and there is a door from the garage to enter the home from the south. Is this okay?

  19. Sai says:

    Dear Sir,
    Can you please advise if the following is okay or if any dosha is there. My house is east facing with main door in the east. The garage is in South east and the wall of the garage is touching wall of the home. The north wall of the garage touches the south wall of the home and door is there in the north wall of the garage and this is to enter the home from south.
    Is this a vaastu dosha to have minor enterance to home attached to garage?

  20. Lyle Luna says:

    Dear admin,
    Is having garage attached to south of east facing home with door from garage into home a defect?
    Sai Lyle

  21. Neeraj says:

    Dear sir
    I have a submersible connection in South East corner of my house.pls tell.
    Other positions are:
    My kitchen is in SE
    My mater bedroom is in SW
    Toilet is in West
    Puja roomin NE
    Stairs are in SW.
    House is south facing, with main door in SE direction.Main entrance is from East direction in house.

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