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South East Vaastu Dosh (Defects) and Remedies


South East direction in any Vaastu is mainly associated with the Earning power, female health and physical energy. Vaastu Defect (dosh) in southeast direction affect the physical power of individual and leads to failed and unhappy life style.We will see how south east vaastu defects can effect us in out day to day life, and what are the easiest remedies of it.

South east is the ideal place to construct the Kitchen according to Vaastu Shastra.  We discuss some common Southeast Vaastu dosh (defects) and Remedies herein. Using these remedies one can remove or reduce the ill effects of that particular defect in that directions and enjoy the happy life.

south east vaastu dosh defects and remediesSoutheast Defects:              

  • South East cut or  Extension
  • Water or Septic Tank in the South East
  • Cut or Extension in the South
  • Slope in south east direction
  • South East Entry Towards East


  • Marriage related problems, difficulties in finding a suitable partner
  • Misunderstanding between husband and wife ( No marital relation)
  • Anger in the house and Female health problems
  • Extra Marital Affairs / Suicidal trend
  • Difficulty in job, Heart diseases, Financial Losses
  • Legal problems and Police inquiries
  • Fear from Fire.
  • Cut in South East give tremendous financial problems to the occupant

Southeast Vaastu dosh (Defects) Remedies:

  • Install a Siddha Shukra Yantra to reduce the negative energy
  • Install Vaastu kalash to improves good energy
  • Using Dark color ( Red or Brown, Fire related) in this direction will give better results
  • Put Copper OM Swastik and Trishul Both Sides of the Main door
  • Use light Red color paint and Curtains in entrance area


480 Comments to South East Vaastu Dosh (Defects) and Remedies

  1. karina says:

    hi! i have bedroom in the south-east direction i know it is not so good but i can’t change it.what can i do to improve this situation?

    • admin says:

      Hello Karina ji:
      Bedroom in South East is not acceptable under any circumstances. Any room in South West, South, West or North West direction is to be used as Bedroom. If that’s not possible, keep the bed away from the Southeast corner. Sleep in Southeast room with your head towards the South and feet towards the North to ward off the ill-effects.

      • Sushma says:

        Hello Sir,
        In my new house we have the master bedroom in SE corner in firstfloor and a balcony in front of the bedroom facing east(SE). Our head will be put in south.Is this ok for a master bedroom. If not what is the remedy. Also our kitchen is in SE corner where the stove is facing south. It is a open kitchen and no door available. What is the remedy for the kitchen. Our house entrance is facing east. Please advise.

        • admin says:

          Hello Sushmaji:
          Kitchen in SE corner is OK, Face East while cooking. Shift the Master Bedroom towards South-west

          • vaishnavi shahu says:

            sir we have washing area in south east with a septik tank and this area is slightly higher for washin utensils and all and SE is also extended i have found results to put vastu kalash or yantra but to install it there.. it is washing area??and on our first floor exactly above this there is a washroom should i deal with this? i m in trouble help me out plzzz sir???

          • admin says:

            Please send me the plan of your house, I will Reply, It’s chargeable
            My mail Id:

      • Sonia says:

        But I have a window in the south wall in the south east bedroom. Can we still sleep with our head in the south in this bedroom?

      • raunak saboo says:

        sir i have extension in south east corner of my house and have made kitchen there is it any vastu dosh

        • admin says:

          I have replied this I think

          • Prerna says:

            Our plot is perfectly shaped but our house is extended both towards south east and north east. North East extension is considered auspicious but south east is considered bad. We have kitchen in the south east portion, with 2-3 feet south east area extended. Is this a vastu dosha?

          • admin says:

            Yes it’s Vaastu dosha

      • Anubhab Dasgupta says:

        If I Put my Bed in the south west then i am facing my bathroom in front. My bathroom in the North West Side.. Ols help me out.

        • Anubhab Dasgupta says:

          I have a room in the south west side … But on that room In the Northwest side of this room i have bathroom and in the north east side of this room i have kitchen… So what will i do for this room.

  2. nkkhandelwal says:

    Kitchen is se corner in grnd floor and master bedroom in se corner in first floor. If dosh give remedy

    • admin says:

      Hello Kishore ji:
      Kitchen in Southeast in ground floor is OK. However master bedroom must have in Southwest only. SE bedroom will make financial instability. And bedroom over kitchen never recommended.

  3. rahul pandit says:

    hi sir, my house has a south east main door entry and as its a ROW house there is no option. Also the housing is East facing. Please suggest as few of my friends have said that all problems are made due to south east entry of the house,. Request you to help with remedy

    • admin says:

      Hello Rahul Ji;
      Southeast entrance is always not bad. What about other positioning of elements in house. If they are perfect no bother about Southeast entrance.

  4. pooja sharma says:

    11 april 2014
    hi sir the main door of my house is in south east corner and slopes of all balconies are towards south please help me with remidies

    • admin says:

      Hello Pooja Ji:
      Construct the para-feet wall in South and west direction higher than North and East. Place a T V antenna and Kesri (Hindu Om flag) color flag in Southwest direction. Strengthen the northeast direction of the house.

  5. Hello sir,

    I have just shifted in a rented house. my bedroom is in SE area and there is small toilet also in NE area. and other room is in NE and one big bathroom is in NW area. and my main entrance in from South direction. I have put two hanumanji pictures with gada in his right hand. and my health is also affected , the day i have entered in this house. please help me & guide me. thanks ! Harvinder kaur

    • admin says:

      Hello Harvinder Ji:
      Close the toilets in SE and NE. Use bathroom , toilet in NW. Change or use the Southwest room as you bedroom.

  6. Sunil Kumar says:

    Please explain the Installation process of Siddh Sukra yantra and Vastu kalash for SE Vastu defect. Can we hang this yantra in the Toilet/bathroom located in SE area.

  7. Manish says:

    I have just purchased a new flat. I got checked the vastu of the house and was recommended to sell the flat. Pls. advise me.
    1. The new flat main door opens at NW( 30degree to West from North)
    2. The terrace opens at SE (30 degree to East from South)
    3. The kitchen is in NE
    4. Kids bedroom has large window facing SE (30 degree to East from South)
    5. Main bedroom has large window facing east

  8. sridhar says:

    Sir, My independent house (100 sqyrds ) (37x 23.6 length x breadth ) is having north entrance. But there is an extension of South east accompanied with toilets. Further the kichen/puja room border wall was mixed with south east extension with toilets. I have no children since more than a decade. However my bed rood is at north-west. Please give solution.

    • admin says:

      Hello Sridhar:
      Toilet in Southeast is the defect. Strengthen the South-East by lighting red bulb there. Please inform the location of Kitchen, Master bedroom, water source in your house. Use Southwest bedroom if possible.

  9. Sunil Kumar says:

    I have read your Article that “Siddh Sukra yantra” to be used for SE Vastu defect. I do have Toilet in the SE area. Can we hang this yantra in the Toilet/bathroom area or outside the toilet.

  10. srinath says:

    Sir, My independent house is south facing and entrance of main door is also south on the right side and not in the centre. I have a underground water tank on the southeast car parking area and my kitchen is in NW and above is a bedroom and attached toilet. Kindly give me the remedies without alteration. Thanks

    • admin says:

      Hello Srinath ji:
      Underground water tank in Southeast is a defect.Bedroom with toilet above the kitchen is also a defect. So many alteration requires. If so call me on 9494214400

  11. sreelakshmi says:

    There are two wells in our home, one is at south east and another is at south west. We have built a surrounding wall around our home and now these wells are outside the wall. Even though some say there is still vaasthu dosha of these wells. Is there any solution to remove the bad effects of this problem without closing them.

    • admin says:

      Hello Sreelakshmi:
      If that wells are not in your possession area that does’t affect you. You have built a surrounding wall around your home, so forget every thing.

  12. ajay says:

    sir my flat have east entry and i have kitchen in se and my master bed room in ne with attached toilet and another bed room is sw and kids room in south and i hve 2 bolcany onee in west and 2nd one is south is all it ok or there is some problem my both toilet in north

    • admin says:

      Hello Ajay Ji:
      Master bedroom in NE with attached toilet is a Major defect. So use Southwest bedroom as master bedroom and NE bedroom for Kids. if you have a another Toilet other than North use that.

  13. sandeep jagtap says:

    Dear sir
    My building main entry comes in South direction. My main door entry is in North East. Will it affect the financial stability.also on South wall there is an opening for A/C I have kept open for light and fresh air.pls advice whether it will create ill effect and suggest remedy for the same, my financial condition is unstable having debts on me.pls guide me?

  14. admin says:

    Hello Sandeep Ji:
    Please send me plan of your house on
    In-from me your date of birth

  15. Lipsa Dash says:

    Hello sir, i have a rental house.there are some baastu problems.kindly suggest me remedies
    1.main entrance at south-east corner.
    2.toilet at north-east . at north-west.when i cooking,my face is west.
    Sink is in rightside. son’s studyroom is middle-west.North-west is blank,means open space.
    study room is combined son and daughter’s bed room.
    5.Master bed room is in south-west.I think it is OK.
    6.There is no puja room.So I bring a Mandir and this mandir at north-east corner of dining space.
    7.My daughter’s age 21.In west ,her bedroom.perhaps that is not OK.
    Please,suggest me.what can I do…??
    rental owner’s(not house owner) DOB.18-12-1962.
    With Thanks..

  16. mee says:

    Dear sir, my bedroom is in the SE corner on the second floor of my parents south facing house. I also have the room space in the NE (outside my bedroom) and an attached bathroom in the north of the house. So the area I occupy is almost L shaped with the SW room-portion missing (occupied by stairs for the house). The house is rectangular, south facing with no rooms on the east or the west sides (North to South house width is narrow). On my recommendation, we moved our kitchen from the SW corner of second floor to the SE corner of the first floor (above ground floor), and now I also have a small kitchenette to the left of the toilet on the north side. My bedroom is now directly above the kitchen and on the SE corner. The door to the room is on the NW corner, so there is no way to put the bed toward the SW corner of the room, as it will be directly in front of the door, feet toward the door. I heard somewhere that only dead people are placed this way. Previously i had the bed with head toward west but i slept with my head to the east. At the moment, my bed is almost to the SE corner, head toward South. There is also a full wall-size wardrobe attached to the north wall of the bedroom. Since the room is not very big, this seems to be the only configuration that works. There is also a full window on south side, narrow balcony on the east and south sides outside the bedroom. South and SW rooms on 1st floor occupied by brother and his family, those on 2nd floor by my parents. I do feel a lot of anger and frustrations. I recently placed 5 small glass bowls filled with water on the window sill (SE corner facing east), and a larger glass bowl filled with water under the SE corner of my bed. I am 34 years old (woman) and unmarried (my DOB: 1980 april 29 around 5:30 pm). I get into conflicts with my family members in need of independence, but remain financially dependent on them. The house is registered under my mother’s name (mother’s DOB: 1952 march 2). Any remedies and recommendations is greatly appreciated. Thank you! Meenakshi

    • admin says:

      Hello Meenakshi Ji:
      Where from you.
      Little confusion will you please call me on 9494214400.

  17. Nalin says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am an engineer, working in a company. My desk is at SE corner and facing SE.
    Please tell me is that good or bad.


  18. Reema says:

    Dear Sir,

    My 7 yrs old son’s room is in South East. Please advice how to decrease this dosh. and our Study room is in North west. Can i interchange the rooms or there is a remedy. PLease advice.

  19. Dear sir,
    My house main door is in south-east with 20 degree tint, my kitchen is in south-east but its some portion cut due to ladder, (house in on 4th floor) facing some financial problem & in son’s education.
    please guide me how to solve south-east corner dosh ? and what to do ? sir, it will be very very helpful to me, please advice me. Thanks a lot sir,

  20. Manoj Sharma says:

    Floor plan of our flat on 3rd floor have cut in Sout East and in North West. Please suggest something.

  21. Mona Sahni says:

    Dear Sir,

    I live in a joint family – my kitchen in in North East, my bedroom in South east – in my own bedroom in the south east corner I have children’s bed, 2 other wash rooms in the east between the kitchen and the bedroom, please provide a remedy.

    • admin says:

      Hello Mona ji:
      Kitchen in in North-East, and bedroom in South-east are the defects. If you interchange them it will be fine

  22. Leela rai says:

    Dear Sir,

    How to make home plan for south-west ( विदिशा भूखंड), If the plot is South-west ( विदिशा भूखंड), can you make underground water tank at North? and Kitchen in west?

    • admin says:

      Hello Leela ji:
      Yes underground water tank at North and Kitchen in North-west. And for help please call me on +91 9494214400

  23. swati says:

    What happens if my SE is cut and my kitchen is in NE but hob is east facing.

  24. shashikanth says:

    Hello sir we found a property which is the in south east corner with four roads. Can we go ahead and buy?

  25. venkat b says:

    Hello Sir,
    My house is in south-east corner plot,with two gates east and south(both roads are equal width), but we use east gate more often then south. septik tank and toilet are in south east corner as u said it is not good, what are preferable places to change them.
    some of vastu known people is saying that s-e corner plot is not good for second child(boy) of that house, is it true?. why i am asking this is, from last one year my brothers health is not good he met with an accident, he has not recovered there any remedies for his fast recovery.

  26. Malay says:

    Hello sir,
    . I have office which have North Opening with a gate in North East, But there is a little cut due to pillar in South East Conner. Any remedy which would help sir.


  27. Vivek says:

    Hello Sir,

    The South East of the flat is cut with north east is the drawing room entrance from east,south west is master bedroom with balcony on south west there is another room on the south with south balcony and another room in North West kitchen and toilets are in the north.Please advice me a remedy for the above.


  28. Vmk says:

    I am planning to buy an apartment which has kitchen in extended SEE. Is it a problem

  29. Sai Kumar says:

    Hi Sir ,
    Thanks for reply all users with passion . I am having plot where SE is more than NE . I have kitchen in SE and have vacant space in SE . But my building is almost square. Lanlord is advising to buy another 100sqft in SE as its not useful for him. Shall I give my vacant space to him or buy that extra SE space and attach . I can make a building outside of my compound with that space . My main door is in NE , Master bedroom is in SW , Toilets are in NW,SW.Please advice how I should approach SE growing problem.

  30. Krishna Jha says:

    Dear Sir,

    Kindly advise whether I can extend the Stair case room in the South – East Corner of House ? Is there any vastu dosh for such extension. What will be the remedies.

    • admin says:

      Hello Krishna:
      Extended Stair case room in the South – East Corner of the House is a defect. Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth. My Mail Id: I will reply in Detail.

  31. shanti says:

    Dear Sir, On the south-east side of our home, there is a garage and on top of the garage there is a bathroom. There is access to the garage from the kitchen and to the bathroom from an upper level spare room. I don’t know if this makes it a southeast extension. If it is, is it less problem as we don’t have living spaces, but only garage and bathroom?

  32. shanti says:

    Sir, I also want to add that the main building itself is rectangular and this is where all living spaces are located; the garage with bathroom above it, are completely outside this main building on the southeast of the south side; but since they are attached I the main house, it looks overall like L- shaped structure. Thank you.

  33. Ravi says:

    Dear Sir,

    My flat has washing machine in SE balcony, water purifier in South wall, opposite to gas stove, Wash basin in SW side of kitchen. I live on the 1st floor and i recently discovered that my flat alone is extended to the SW. The plot is extended to SW. Since this is a rented flat , i am hesitant to do any major changes. Request your suggestion on how to overcome these with a remedy.

    Thank you.

  34. Surabhi says:

    Hello Sir,
    My new home has bedroom in south east which cannot be moved.
    The kitchen is on the west wall with stove facing north. Th home is north facing, and its built in the north side a NS plot.
    The bathroom and other study room andguest bedroom are all on the east wall, north of the master bedroom.
    The back yard opens up from the living room in southwest.
    I’m concerned abt the master bedroom location. Please advice any corrections.

    Greatly appreciate any help!! Thank you!!

  35. Neha says:

    We are planning of buying new office space. We have liked one office space but it has the south east corner cut and also the west area is cut (a lift passes through that area)
    Should we buy this office space?

  36. Bhanuprakash says:

    We are planning to buy a site, which is a road hit site from the east. Site width is 35′ in which road hit will on the South-east corner. Whether I should buy the site and do the vastu remedy if any or go for some other plot.


  37. anu says:

    my bedroom is at south side of my home(in flat) where south east and south west corner have … is it good or any dosh …

  38. Sathyanarayanan says:

    We had extended our kitchen room in se Face East while cooking. please help me with remidies

  39. saravanie says:

    my house main entrance in SE and kitchen in SE corner bed room is south west corner and other room is NW i have balcony in NE corner. one toilet in north west corner and other is middle of the south..i have more stress and health problems..please tell me the salvation for this.

  40. karuna says:

    for a school generator is located in north east.
    we cannot shift the generator.
    can you suggest vastu remedy

  41. Vikas sahoo says:

    Sir, I have a toilet on South East corner of my house. What will be the affect and kindly suggest any remedy. Also does renovating bathroom prohibited as per vastu.

  42. kiran says:

    Hi, your vastu analysis and advices are really good. In my apartment that I’m planning to buy, I have kitchen in the South East but there is a utility room in the south-east corner with south door from kitchen into the utility. The entire house is in rectangle shape but only utility is extending in the south-east. Please tell me if it is good or bad or any remedy.

    Here is my Plan. It is West Entrance:

  43. Gauranga says:

    Dear Pandit,
    i own a flat at chennai ,in which typical south east is cut up to 2 feets and next to that is kitchen,between south east and south. my entrance on before middlle south .bedroom south west and bedroom2 in north west and bedroom3 in north east.i request your observation and correction if any.Namasthey.

    • admin says:

      Hello Gauranga ji:
      Yours is South-east entrance house. Bedrooms are OK. Use SW bedroom for yourself. Never use the NE bedroom for couples

  44. Manjula says:

    I bought a south east plot. There is small vacant area (approx. 5 to 10 sq.ft) left by the builders in south east side of my plot. Is that OK? or any other

  45. Manjula says:

    I bought a south east plot. There is small vacant area (approx. 5 to 10 sq.ft) left by the builders in south east side of my plot. Is that OK? or any other remedy should be done?

  46. Neelesh Burji says:

    I have a new flat, who entrance is more like East by South east (in between east and south east). Do all the defects of the South east still hold good. Can you please advice on certain remedies to the same.

  47. Swati says:

    I have signed up for a plot which is a north east lot.( not the house- house is square)
    lot is extended as it goes down to south from east side( although it is a north east lot).Again after some distance it reduces toward east. Other vaastu of house is good – like height, waterflow, directions of rooms etc.
    Can you please tell me if it is a Vaastu dosh, if yes what is the remedy?

  48. amit says:

    I am having entrance ladder in east direction, entrance door in south east. Kitchen stove is in North west (it’s a open kitchen and living room).Bathroom door is facing east. Master bedroom door also facing south east. Kids bedroom facing south west. Please suggest the defects and remedies

  49. Simachal Panda says:

    Hi Sir,can you give your n can you please visit our plot and offer bastu dosha .and how much money you want.

  50. Simachal Panda says:

    Hi Sir,can you give your n can you please visit our plot and offer bastu dosha .and how much money you want. My is 9437721948,9937632272.

  51. sindhu satheesh says:

    Sir we have a toilet in the south east direction which is attached to the master bedroom,we have 2doors facing south one of which is the main door,our kitchen is situated in the north east direction.Sir my husband passed away 2years back due to a cardiac arrest and now i am in a very big financial crisis since i have to clear some loans taken by my husband I can clear the loans only by disposing one of my property .i am trying to sell my property from the last two years. please advice me a solution to get out of this problem Was the death of my husband due to any vastu dosham

  52. Rohan says:

    Hi Sir, we have a kitchen on south east direction at ground floor, But we do not have any kitchen at first floor in our duplex.Instead of kitchen there is a bedroom. So is there any vastu dosh ? And if there is a vastu dosh what could be the solution of it.

    • admin says:

      See that Bed should not be exact above the Gas Stove

    • Jaya says:

      Hello Sir,

      Our House has the same problem as Rohan’s. we have a kitchen on south east direction at ground floor, But we do not have any kitchen at first floor in our duplex.Instead of kitchen there is a bedroom. So is there any vastu dosh ? And if there is a vastu dosh what could be the solution of it.
      And also suggest, is it used as Children bedroom or guest bedroom?

  53. S.K.Srivastava says:

    Dear Sir, Just now I have purchased a Flat which have two bedroom one is in SE and another is NE . Kitchen is NW direction but while cooking face is in west direction . Kindly advice for Master Bedroom and Kitchen facing position.

  54. kailash says:


    We have an office where the toilet is situated in southeast side. Would like to know if this is correct according to vaastu and if not any remedy?

  55. pallavi says:

    Hello sir,
    I am going to a rented house , the main door is on the west of the house, the kitchen is on the north east direction with utility balcony on the east, master bedroom in southeast with balcony on east, living room in south with balcony opening towards south .can u suggest if the vastu of that particular flat is ok , or any vastu dosha remedy can be done…

  56. nikhil says:

    Hi i have cuts on southeast & northeast corner please advice

  57. kailash says:

    Any update on my query posted on March 30, 2015.

  58. admin says:

    Hello Kailash ji:
    Toilet in South-east is defect. And is this a single office or a Office Complex. Please call me on 9494214400

  59. kailash says:

    Thank you for the reply

  60. ravi kumar says:

    sir I have north east stairs in my house what is the remedy without demolish.

    • admin says:

      Using “Gems Therapy” and “Ratnadhaya” is the remedy. Please call me on 9494214400 for details

  61. kandhan says:

    Dear Sir,

    Below is the dimension of the plot i am planning to purchase. There seems to be a few inch extension in south east .. If it is not good , can you please guide me what could be possible remedy to avoid ill effects… please give me options to correct this. This a north facing plot.. since i am unable to attach the image of plot dimension , giving direction wise dimensions below:

    Thanks much in advance.

    North – 28′
    South – 28′
    East – 38′.6″
    West- 37′.9″

    Please advice.

  62. Prashanth says:

    Dear Sir, We have a two portioned house and there is a toilet (combined) in the SouthEast and one in the SouthWest. Is it a defect? If so, please suggest a solution to avoid any problems and nullify any dosha.

  63. rajkumar says:

    i am little confused can i buy a plot with double side road. say east facing and south facing. east side 30 ft and south is 40 ft road. can i buy this plot.and which side i have kep main door. please advice

  64. baldeep says:

    dear sir our main gate is in south toilet is in south east corner and three rooms in other three corners kitchen is in west guide us what is correct or wrong and tell remedies.

  65. RS says:

    I have a kitchen in the south east corner, however, when you look at the flat layout the south east corner is cut, is that OK ? the cooking is done east facing..

    • admin says:

      Hello RS ji:
      Cut in South-east corner is defect. Please call me for details on 09494214400

  66. sagar says:

    Hi! I have brought a new apartment.. It has a cutting in the southeast corner. The balcony in the main hall is smaller than the lenght of the hall.. So it cuts that direction. Can you please help me out?

  67. Rohan says:

    Hi Admin, In earlier post as you told me that bed should not be placed above the stove, but situation is same that we cannot move bed in either direction. So please advise me any solution for it.

  68. Vipin says:

    Hi Admin ,
    My entrance is In South East corner of the apartment facing east . Master bedroom is in South west , kitchen is towards South East , near entrance . The other two rooms are in North East and north west . Kindly suggest the entrance position of my apartment.

  69. Saikumar says:

    Hi Sir,
    Our house is west facing and the water tank is placed extreme SouthEast. We have read stating that its a very bad sign to have the water tank in this direction. Please suggest a remedy for the same as we will not be able to make any changes as this is a rented house.
    We are already facing a lot of problems personally and professionally from the time we have moved into this house. We have recently came to know about this, please suggest some solution for us.

    • admin says:

      Hello Saikumar ji:
      You have to Use “Gems Therapy” to block the Negative energy of this South-east water tank. please call me for details on 9494214400

  70. swati says:

    we have shifted to new house having, 1) West facing entrance 2) kitchen in North west 3) master bedroom at east with attached bathroom in North-east 4) children bedroom in south-east and balcony in south direction. this flat is having all the windows in south direction
    Kindly guide how to keep the positive energy within the house and Please suggest a remedy for any vastu dosh as we will not be able to make any changes in this house.

    • admin says:

      Hello Swati ji:
      Master bedroom in east with attached bathroom in North-east is severe defect. Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession.
      My Mail Id:

  71. baburao damodar farakte says:

    dear sir,

    My home is row house. ground floor we gave on rent basis. first and second flr we use. main enterance from ground is from west south. and first flr enterance is from south side. our toilet is east south. kindly sugget me solution for remove vastudosh.

  72. Suresh says:

    My house is East facing. Kitchen in south East open kitchen. We have bedroom on first floor with toilet in south east above kitchen. Please suggest a remedy

  73. SENTHILKUMAR says:

    Hello Sir,

    I my house(Flat), we have Kitchen in South East, the builder is proposing to extent the south east kicten towards south and to have another room. Can i accept the proposal. Or Can i move the Kictch to that room?. it looks like, in rectangle one room is projected out that is kitchen. Please suggest. Thanks!

  74. renu says:

    Hello sir I have bathroom in south east direction in our commercial building basement area. And septic tank in below stairs. Please tell me the remedies or any suggestion. Thanks

  75. Rahul says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am renting a apartment the directions of the apartment are:

    1. Entry door is in South East.
    2. Bedroom is in West direction.
    3. Washroom is int South direction.
    4. Kitchen is in South East direction.
    5. There is a cut at North East direction.
    Please advice is it good to take the house or if remedy required for vastu correction.

    Thanks in advance

  76. Deepak Bhargava says:

    I in my flat has a bedroom in SE direction with window in east and south wall of the room,
    it is attached with a toilet/bath is North side, also the entry to the room is in NW of the room. please advise me remedy , I can not make any change. who can live in this room , my married son?

  77. Vivek says:

    Sir i have a boring of water in south in direction.. Bt i have place my electricity meter & staircase too in south east direction.. Is there is still the defect.. If yes please suggest me the solution..

  78. Vivek says:

    Boring means well in south east direction sir.. My boring is in south east direction of the house bt electricity meter & staircase is also in the samw direction to make it heavy.. Kindly suggest me..

  79. murali says:

    In my flat main door is in east direction. Their is an entrance for utility (clothes & utensils washing area)in south east direction. Is this problematic. Kindly advice.

  80. kalpana says:

    what does cut in the north direction mean how does it look

  81. Amit says:

    i have a east south room with attach let-bath . should we continue with that setting or we swith over any other room.
    1. one room we have in north west.
    2. one room we have in north east.
    which one you suggest for bedroom, children room and office purpose room.

  82. nausheel patel says:

    sir i have a plot facing south in which i run business of iron. the problem is that the main entry is from the south that is between southsouthwest and south west, and a T road junction between southsoutheast and south direction. m facing lots of problem like business loss, family and other loss kindly suggest your opinion

  83. Nemichand says:

    Dear Sir
    i am living in rented house 2nd floor, there is staircase is in North east, entrance of house is in northeast kitchen in south east, master bedroom in south west and bed room in north west.
    what is remeady for staircase in north east please advice

  84. Akinet says:

    Dear Panditji,

    I am booking an apartment. Sent you via email the project plan and the floor plan of two buildings/towers. There are 4 units in each tower, can you please suggest which one is the best as per Vaastu.

    Many thanks,


  85. MOHAN S.REDDY says:

    Respected Sir,

  86. Nirmala says:

    Sir, i have bought a house where the plot area extends in the south east direction (provision for garden) and the building has a cut on the south west direction.Is it ok if not what are the remedies?

  87. Minal patil says:

    hello sir,
    I have question my kitchen side is south side and at the cooking time my face is in south side.
    all water connection or water supply or bath rooms is also south side then can you please suggest me remedies?

  88. heena says:

    Hello Sir, my bed room is south east direction n i can’t change dis room because t is attached with a toilet/bath is North west direction .. n doing delay in marriage… sir pls kindly suggest me remedies??

  89. Swarna says:

    Hi We purchased a house in US i just noticed that the main door is facing south east direction, it is like i have a walk way facing north, i walk through the walk way take a turn climb 3steps to step into my home do you have any suggestions to eliminate negative energy please suggest

  90. Newbuyer says:

    Hi Sir,
    we are planning to buy a flat that is North facing. The flat is in first floor.The flat has kitchen in NW , Master bed room in SW attached toiled is in west and other bed room in SE and the common toilet is in E. The balcony is in the SE bedroom in the SE corner along with the window in the south wall. could you please suggest the wrong things in this flat. so that if anything is wrong we will not buy. If you need to analyse then the DOB is 6-3-1987.

  91. Mageswaran says:

    Sir, I have recently Purchased a flat Facing east direction and the south east corner is facing the road. But it is not a T shape Model. it is block type of apartments and in front of our block there are two blocks before that. but those blocks are not facing the road because of the common passage. with 12 feet.My Flat entrance is at Northeast corner and it in not facing road because, one of the block is protecting the main door with out road facing.we also have compound space of 3 feet in the south east corner.I have 2 sons and wife. Please give me your suggestion to enter the flat.

  92. rakhi says:

    Hi Sir,

    I have bought a new villa where the staircase is on the north side. It start from the middle north -clockwise. Is that a problem? Its already constructed and I cannot change it now.

    Also i have a bathroom on South- east corner in the first floor. In ground floor it is kitchen. Is that a problem?

    • admin says:

      Hello Rakhi ji:
      Staircase in North, Toilet in South-east and above the Kitchen are defects. Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession.
      My Mail Id: I will reply. It’s chargeable

  93. Nitika says:

    Hello sir,

    We have our boring in the south east..the problem is that we cannot get the boring redone and without a boring there is no option in our society..what can be the best measures taken..

  94. Mugdha says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am staying in Malaysia. Here, the main entrance is on south east side and door opens anticlockwise. In front of main entrance door, there is balcony door. I can’t change anything as it is a rented house. Could you please suggest me any remedy to avoid or reduce negativity?

  95. Natasha says:

    Hi! My bedroom is in southeastern direction and an attached balcony in the same direction. We sleep with our head in east and leg towards west. Please suggest some remedies so that the ill effects are reduced

    • admin says:

      Hello Natasha ji:
      Bedroom in South-east is defect. How ever place bed in Extreme South-west corner with head towards South while sleeping

      • arva bohra says:

        Hello sir.. my bedroom is in south east corner and kitchen is in north east corner… my hisband and i r arguing with each othr and i m getting negative vibes..we cnt chnge our bedroom direction and kitchen direction as well.. wat should i do plzz tell me…

        • admin says:

          Kitchen in North-east and Bedroom in South-east is a defect
          South-east bedroom will create arguments in couples
          Paint a Lemon yellow color in North-east kitchen
          Create a mini kitchen in South-east area just boiling a milk every morning
          Have to use some energized Yantras in the house

  96. raju malali says:

    Raju Malali date of birth 4th march 1975, hello sir .I am residing at rented house , it is in south east direction and also main road . main door is in south east direction . and south east direction some part 30% of plot portion made garden is good and kitchen is made on south east direction .bed room on south west and north west portion .toilet is at south west kindly give me is it good or bad result

  97. Srinivas P says:

    Sir, Mine is a west facing house. I stay in 1st floor(Asbestos roof) We have overhead tank on toilet in south east corner and stair case in south west corner to enter 1st floor.I am having financial problems and no mental peace. Please suggest some remedies

  98. Sai says:

    Hello Admin

    This is the plan of house we are moving into , main door at N and least there’s a balcony .The south east has master bedroom with a walk-in closet at the south east corner and attached bathroom at the southwest corner, it has a bedroom in south east , we do not have any other choice , could you please suggest .. i am married for an year and we are looking to better our relation

  99. Durga says:

    We are going to purchase an apartment in which wash area is located in south east corner which is an extention from kitchen..pls suggest is it ok. If not kindly give us remedies also….

    • admin says:

      Hello Durga ji:
      South-east extension means is it extended by increasing the Slab or else.
      Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession.
      My Mail Id: I will reply. It’s chargeable

  100. Parbhat Rana says:

    Can I construct stair in South East facing up 2 steps toward east & rest toward north anti clock wise

  101. Pravinya gupta says:

    Hello Guruji
    We have East facing home where we leave in 1st floor and we have two shops in ground floor 1 shop is rented other shop we took for our own food business which is in L shape where South East the shop we gave for rent so please suggest me is this auspicious

  102. Satish Nagar says:

    Sir at our residence plot underground water tank is situated in south east corner of plot. House is towards north side and other three side open (south, east and west). Main front door is facing west side. Our kitchen is in south east corner of house along with puja room in kitchen located exactly south east corner of kitchnen. I want to brief u that underground tank and another water tank is in south east corner of plot and puja room is in south east corner of house. I want to know wheter then can be vastu problem due to puja room and underground tank in south east corner of house/plot? What can be ther problems and what are remdedies to overcome this vastu defects. Please help me.

    • admin says:

      Hello Satish ji:
      Underground water tank in South-east is a defect. It will adversely affects on female health and financial inflow. Ratnadhyaya is the remedy

  103. Amitkumar says:

    I have brought new flat but the issue is my main doer is at South-East Corner, please suggest me some remedy to avoid dosh of this issue,

  104. kiran says:

    sir we are planing to buy a 1 bhk , options are east facing and west facing – if we go for east facing – kitchen is in nw , bedrum ne, toilet facing west . if we go for west facing – 2 options 1. kitchen is se, bedrum in ne, toilet facing south , other one kitchen se , bedrum is sw , toilet facing east –
    also please let us know if its a studio appartment and at entrace itself kitchen is coming is that ok ?

  105. Jenny says:


    We have got flat with diagonal directions. Main apartment entrance facing North east (more towards east), our flat entrance is south east , bathroom in North east (almost close to north), 2 bedroom in north east – first one (kids) is almost towards east (door facing west ) and another towards north (master with door facing northwest), kitchen in north west (almost towards north) and cooking facing north wall with door facing south west, Living room in south west extending all the way till north west (mostly west) with patio area in northwest and large glass door on northwest wall for access (kind of second entry). Since it is apartment there are no changes that could be done in terms of external walls as well as main internal walls holding structure. Are there any major vastu defects which we need to address ? if yes what could be main problems and possible remedies?


  106. Whether south road sula is good or not

  107. Vijay Kumar says:

    Dear Sir, I have a east facing house where the kitchen is in SE and Bed room in SW. On first floor, master bed room is in SW but guest bed room is in SE (above kitchen in ground floor). I have a question. I am aware that we should avoid Bed room over kitchen. So, having guest bed room here has any impact? Thank you for your reply.

  108. Hello sir,

    I am getting married on oct 25,2015. My husband house has bedroom in south east corner, with door opening towards south , bed placed in south direction(head towards south). I am worried that it may lead to trouble in our married life.
    It is his own house and unfortunately bedroom cannot be moved. What could be a possible solution for this.

    • admin says:

      Hello Alisha ji:
      South-east bedroom is a Defect. Place Bed in Extreme South-west corner of this room. Where is the Kitchen, if you comfort please call me on 9494214400

  109. minu says:

    I have main door in the southeast corner, please help me with the remedy for this dosha. I have kitchen in east.

  110. surbhivaanya says:

    My bedroom is big where its covering southeast corner of home, south and south west corner where bed is at south east corner and head at south side and attached bathroom/toilet at southwest corner of bedroom (which is the south west corner of house also)…please tell me what is the vastu defect and its remedy.. as per me bed should not be at south east side (kitchen should have been there) and bathroom should not be at south west side….shall i move my bed from south east and shift to shouth direction????? also can i put microwave in bedroom at south east corner to give the feel of kitchen (as south east corner of house is for kitchen only….Please help me.

  111. surbhivaanya says:

    My bedroom is big where its covering southeast corner of home, south and south west corner where bed is at south east corner and head at south side and attached bathroom/toilet at southwest corner of bedroom (which is the south west corner of house also)…please tell me what is the vastu defect and its remedy.. as per me bed should not be at south east side (kitchen should have been there) and bathroom should not be at south west side….shall i move my bed from south east and shift to shouth direction????? also can i put microwave in bedroom at south east corner to give the feel of kitchen (as south east corner of house is for kitchen only….Please advise me

  112. Mrs. Murthy says:

    We have purchased a house in US with main door facing North (a little NW but mainly north); Se have master bedroom on ground floor in South east direction; Kitchen in south east. Bedrooms upstairs too small for master bedroom. And we can not change anything. Please advice as to reduce effect of having master bedroom in South east direction. Our marriage has had lots of problems before. There are no bedrooms in Southwest corner at all. Please help. Concerned very much.

  113. Deepak sisodia says:

    Hi i am having a safty tank and a toilet on first floor and second floor in south east corner on my house so what should i do for vastu dosh pls give me suggestion and a solution for this problem because of that i m facing too much problems

  114. prakash says:

    Dear sir

    My house is north facing but there was more open space in south side is there any major affect.
    if major means kindly provide vastu remedies.

  115. Devidas Krishnamurthy says:

    In a north facing flat utility is provided after the kitchen which is in south east.pls let me know is there any issue pertaining to this

  116. S says:

    Hello Sir,

    I have been told that if unmarried person sleep in the south east corner bedroom of the house, she very soon find good boy and get married. Is it true.


    • admin says:

      If Girl sleeps in South-east corner of the house, she will become aggressive and short tampered.
      She has to sleep in North-west corner for better opportunities

  117. Jyothi says:

    Sir our northwest bedroom has south east entrance facing east. I’m having lot of health problems from the time I moved to this house. Need remedies please.

  118. poornima says:

    Dear sir, i am poornima
    we have a bore well dug in the SE corner of our house and now that we are planning to renovate our house in the first floor there is going to be stairs put in the SE , and going to be in anticlock wise direction but as our house is already a duplex house aur stairs begin from north to south in clock wise ,the anti clock wise stairs which we are going to construct is starting form our south west room. please suggest me with your value able remedy,

  119. amit says:

    my plot is north facing my problem is there is extition in south east and southwest like box in south side from inside it is kabard (almera )

  120. anju says:

    there is an extension in se zone of our house and is a dining room there
    pl suggest some remedy

    • admin says:

      Hello Anju ji:
      Means South-east is extended in your house. It requires a “Gems Therapy”
      Please call me on 9494214400 for details

  121. Sonali says:

    Dear Sir,

    We are making new house. We have kitchen in south east on ground floor. On first floor we have a toilet in south. The drainage pipe comes down into the kitchen on the south side and goes out of the house from the east side of the kitchen. the drainage pipe does not go from below the gas stove which is placed in the south east side of kitchen. My question is, is this arrangement of toilet drainage pipe acceptable (we have a common wall on north and south with neighbours so drainage pipe has to be taken down from inside the house)
    Kindly advice and guide.
    Many thanks

  122. Seema Gupta says:

    Dear Sir

    Ours is a rented accommodation, South-east facing main door, kitchen in NE, since the last 4-5 years, I’m experiencing gastric problems which don’t seem to improve, my mother-in-law has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer and recently got operated. We are constantly visiting doctors and all money seems to get exhausted in medicines. My elder daughter too complains of frequent stomach aches. Pls suggest a remedy so that the ill-effects reduce till the time we look for a new apartment.

  123. Harshta says:

    Hello sir,
    I hv bedroom in SE 20th balcony East facing & attached bathroom ,I can’t able to change the room plz suggest some remedy for a happy married life

  124. Sudhir says:

    Dear Sir,
    In My house south east corner is missing. my entry is face to North- east direction . Bed room is in SW direction, kitchen is in west and toilet is in NW direction .
    Kindly advise me for SOUTH east remedies

  125. NarayanaMurthy says:

    Dear sir,

    I am building a house at small plot of 20X30 ft ,south road. Can tou please clarify is the south -East side extension of 3ft over outter staircase can be used as Kitchen Utility. I was told that this corner should not be extended as Utility part from main wall.

  126. Arv says:

    hi sir,

    my door is half in East and half in south east as my north, east, south and west are in diagonal. Is it that ok? please help me

  127. Rajkumar says:

    Hai guruji
    We r living southeast corner
    my mother health was not good
    What can I do sir
    I cant change house
    And give me message sir
    Thank u

  128. BSN Swamy says:

    Hellow Sir,

    I am constructing a house and on south East, we have Kitchen next to that is Utility. We are planning to construct an Indian Toilet (separately for the one who are not comfortable with Western) at the corner of Utility which is towards South. Is there any problem with this? This is only a single outside toilet.

  129. lifeisrose says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am staying in apartment which is having South open and also bathroom in SE direction.OPur Bedroom is in SE direction.The main entrance is NW and Kitchen Near entrance.
    After reading your article it seems the problem we are facing all due to Vastu Dosh.We are doing everything but not getting Success.


  130. Manish Desai says:

    After remedies how many times takes for results

  131. Vijay Kumar says:

    Dear Sir, I have a east facing duplex house with kitchen in SE and staircase in SE corner (infront of kitchen) with steps starting from north towards south. So far, no issues but few say having staircase in SE will have some impact. Please suggest.

  132. sathish says:

    Hello sir, In my south facing home, septic tank is in south east & which is in front of main gate. And kitchen is also in south east behind the main door. In this kitchen is as per vastu, but septic tank is a problem as per vastu. Please suggest for remedy…

  133. Pankaj Agrawal says:

    I m planning to shift a 3bhk rented house. On Sout East corner kids bederoom with attach Toliet is there . Also on South West Corner is kitchen sink is there . What are the remedies for it .

    • admin says:

      Kitchen should be in South-east, Toilet in South-east is defect and Kids room should be in North or North-east

  134. Jhansi Rani says:

    Dear sir, my name is Jhansi and am from chennai. Me and my husband have problem in marital relation and job. Our bed room is in south east and we cannot change from there for some days. Please let me know whether I can keep this siddha sukhra yantra and vaasthu kalash in our bed room or hall. And let me know how many days I have to keep and how to pray it.

  135. Harshita says:

    Air, I am planding to buy a flat which is in the south east corner of the apartments. How is it as per vastu? Can I move ahead?

  136. Shruti K says:

    Dear admin, Please help me urgently.

    Master bedroom in our flat is in South East, Bedroom1 is in North, bedroom2 is in NorthEast. These cannot be changed.
    Flat owners are sequentially my husband, me and my father in law.
    Earners in home are me and my husband. We stay with me husbands parents.
    Cooking is east facing and home entrance is also east facing.

    Please suggest which bedroom should me and my husband occupy, i have 2 year old son.

  137. bharanidharan says:

    Dear sir,
    I live in individual house which has a well in South east corner, in earlier post you have mentioned remeidies like placing Siddha Shukra Yantra, kindly explain us the procedure and the place were it has to be installed and place to buy, I am from chennai,

  138. Harshita says:

    Sir I am planNing to buy a flat which is in the se corner of the apartments. How is it as per vastu? Can I move ahead?

  139. Venu says:

    Hello Sir,
    I have recently moved to flat the main door entrance is Southeast facing, opposite to us there is other flat main entrance facing us, Kitchen is in NE followed it is bathroom, Could you please check & advise some remedies I can follow to inline with Vaastu complaint, Appreciate your help!!!

  140. Krishna says:

    Sir, I live in a flat with south east projected having a toilet and a bedrrom. South west there’s Loving room, north east there’s a cut and a bedroom and other bedrrom in north west side. Kitchen is in west side. I am facing for financial and work instability and often feel confused and low on energy . Kinldy suggest remedy

  141. Tahir says:

    Hello Sir,
    In our home,there is Overhead water Tank above the toilet- Bathrooms in NE corner, Main entrance gate is south facing above the septic tank in SE corner,there is also a water submersible pump beside the septic tank and near the main entrance gate.
    we are facing health related problems of family members and financial issues as well.
    Would request you to please suggest.

  142. Arpit says:

    Hi Sir ,

    I have finalized a 2 bedroom apartment , the kitchen is in North-West Direction , Master Bedroom is in South West Direction where I will stay and the 2nd bedroom is in South East direction . Is it advisable ?


  143. Shilpa says:

    Hi Sir, I have purchased a East facing flat recently, 4 months back. I did not check the bathroom directions that time while buying. Now we have shifted and staying new house. But now I am observing one attached bathroom is in the SE. The master bedroom is in SW and this room has attached bathroom in SE. Also, we have 3 balconies in the west direction. NW as Kitchen utility. SW balcony attached to master bedroom. Kitchen is in NW.

    We are having strained married life. I had health problems initially. Also want to get going good in career and finance wise also.

    Please advise.


    • Shilpa says:

      Hi Sir, I have purchased a East facing flat recently, 4 months back. I did not check the bathroom directions that time while buying. Now we have shifted and staying new house. But now I am observing one attached bathroom is in the SE. The master bedroom is in SW and this room has attached bathroom in SE. Also, we have 3 balconies in the west direction. NW as Kitchen utility. SW balcony attached to master bedroom. Kitchen is in NW.

      We are having strained married life. I had health problems initially. Also want to get going good in career and finance wise also.

      Please advise.


    • admin says:

      Please send me the plan of your house, I will Reply, It’s chargeable
      My mail Id:

  144. obang says:

    I have a plot with extension in the south east, how do I correct the plot… ?

  145. Swathi says:

    Hello sir,
    My Date of birth is 12th Jan 1986 and my husband’s date of birth is 12th Jan 1984. We are planning to rent an apartment in US whose front entrance is facing south or south east. I heard that south entrances are good for some people depending on birth. can you please let me know if South or South east or south west entrance is good for us based on our date of birth?

    –Thanks you very much in advance

  146. Vinay says:

    Because of rocky land we could not get place for well in other corner than SE even sceptic tank is in SE corner but we have coverd well with RCC slab . Kitchen is in SE corner but NE part of SE corner and SE part bedroom is there.Is it ok.

  147. Rohit says:

    My plot south-east corner is extended towards east side.
    What is the solution of kind of plots?

  148. Ramachandra Rao says:

    Sir, Namaste. We are planning to take an independent house. In front side of the main door of east facing house there is a portico constructed. Is this good as per vastu as the South east kitchen wall is extending than the Main door wall.

  149. madhava dasa says:

    My apartment in west facing, master bedroom in north east and another north west bedroom is fully dark, kitchen is in south direction, where south west is cut by big duct, and south east portion also cut and this south east is kitchen of next apartment, after coming this apartment, my debt increased, carrier spoiled, financially un stability, wife health is always bad, land litigation started since government occupied our land, is their any remedies available

  150. Harish says:

    Dear Sir,

    In our office, we are having a toilet in south-east corner and toilet floor is 1 feet above all other floor. I know that toilets should not be placed in south-east side of building and there is no other way as per present condition. Toiler door is on west side. WC and sitting direction is facing North. We are facing lot of financial problems and lost lot of money in business. Kindly give us a simple remedy to come out of this problem.

  151. sowmya says:

    Our house is facing North direction, Kitchen is towards South-East with a sitting area at south-east, but the corner is cut.
    Please let me know, what can I do.

  152. Neha says:

    Hello sir in my house one bed room is north east and one southt east .I chose south east bz north east for god room
    I keep bed south west side .any other changes
    Or cut virtual south east using of pyramid
    Bz I already suffer lot’s of problems
    My husband and me

  153. anish says:

    Is compound gate at South- east east vastu defect??

  154. Hi,
    I have a drawing room in south East direction and the entrance is northwest. Which type of painting can be used on the southeast wall as it’s completely empty?

  155. Vikas says:

    Sir my plot is of rectangular shape (N to S is longer than E to W), in which my bedroom (master bedroom) is in south side of the plot covering east and west corner. In the said bedroom I am planing to place wardrobe in south west corner and my bed in south east corner, will there be any vastu dosh

  156. Puja Bholla says:

    Hello sir,
    Its a rented property and the toilet is in south east.. there no other option.. suggest me some effective remedies

  157. hemant says:

    Sir I am planning to buy a plot which is 136 degree SE and being a 3 side corner plot it’s SW is pack and rest sides are open like NE, SE & NW
    , it’s front is 44 feet and back is 22.5 feet , so it’s SE is extended, Though I am ready to leave extra space in SE corner , kindly advice regarding this

  158. Vinita says:

    Hello sir,
    In our house there is a Bathroom in the south east direction. Can you suggest some remedies?

  159. Abhi says:

    Hi, We are gonna buy a house , the house is cut in SE direction, The plot is rectangle . built house is cut. what are the impacts? and how to fix it? Thank you.

  160. Sonia Sharma says:

    My bedroom is in South east direction. What should I do?

  161. Devika says:

    We sleep with head in south but the toilet door will be facing the bed. There is no other way to change the bed. Wat is the remedy.

  162. sheetal says:

    in my home southeast corner 16*8 windows which types of designe give in glass on windows which give positive effect

  163. Shruti says:

    I live in a rental apartment with the main entrance, water heating system and a small toilet in the south east direction/corner of the house, master bedroom with attached bathroom and toilet in the north east direction, living room with balcony in the south west direction of the apartment. Please suggest remedies to remove vastu dosh, if any.

  164. Jyoti mati says:


    I am considering to buy a house. The plot is five faced and it looks like below.
    Entry door is in West and have a door in east towards to backyard.
    Kitchen is already in south east corner of the house

    Please suggest if I should proceed and anything can be done to correct it.

    | |
    \ |

  165. kapil kumar says:

    Dear sir, kindly remove my confusion..I want to construct the toilet on the first floor cornice in south corner….is there any problem according to vastu?? if yes, how to remove it..plz answer

  166. Ashish says:

    Hi Sir, My house is North facing. I have combined bath and toilet in west side of house. The door of Toilet is North-East corner of toilet. Hence the slope of water (drainage) is south-east corner of Toilet. Read in a post that the slope should be such that the water is drained from the north east corner of Toilet. could you please suggest some remedy for this dosh.


  167. Ashish Bhardwaj says:

    Hi Sir, The slope of my bathroom (toilet combined) is such that the water is drained from the south east corner of bathroom. Is this a Vastu dosh, if so, could you please suggest remedy.


    • admin says:

      If it’s only up-to bathroom then OK, where-as the house slope must be Towards North-east from South-west

      • Ashish Bhardwaj says:

        Hi Sir, Thank You for your reply. Yes, It’s only up-to the bathroom, thank you for house slope tip. Would appreciate your guidance on stairs… We have clock wise stairs in South-West corner of house – few steps on South wall – rising from East to west, then turns right few steps on west wall (rising towards North) then turns right rising towards east reaching first floor. Our south-west area is empty (veranda), except that we have water meter (Delhi Jal Board) under stairs on south wall. To make smaller steps of stairs we are planning to do a bit of modification in such that we start few steps towards south wall rising from north to south, turn right keep the rest as it is (few steps on south wall (rising from east to west… and so on). Is any (before or after modification) a Vastu dosh?


  168. Shweta says:

    Hello Sir,
    Our house on 6th floor on rent. But it’s bedroom is in south east…plz tell what to do…n entrance is south facing …is it good for us

  169. Sri says:

    Hi, Thank you for sharing lot of information.
    I have question, We are considering a new house which is it in the exact middle of ‘T’ junction. The facing of the house is East South corner means Agneya. Half is east agneya,half is south agneya. Is that something bad? What are the problems of Vasthu dosha?

    Thanks in advance for your reply!!!

    • admin says:

      South-east “T” shape house is a defect and not recommended
      It will brings female health problems and financial crises

      • sri says:

        Thanks for the response. Are there any remedies for this dosha?
        My husband is considering this house.

  170. Bhubesh Yaadav says:

    Hi !! I have purchased apartment , which is southeast ie main gate is south facing and main door is facing East..I am facing lot of problems , plzzz provide remedies.

  171. Rajan Khera says:

    I have an apartment having two bedroom towards northeast and northwest, kitchen at south east an living room at south west. there is one bathroom and toilet combined which is between northeast bedroom and kitchen. bedroom doors are open towards south and entrance door open towards most of the north with little west or can say (85-15% northwest) door. electrical cooking stoves with oven are fixed towards west wall. and a refrigerator towards northeast corner in kitchen. no door to kitchen, only opening towards west..
    Kids are using northeast bedroom and we both are using northwest bedroom. little temple inside kids room towards northeast corner. Kids beds are on west wall and head towards south.

    What sort of remedies should I apply to keep the things in life safe. Please help me out to find the exact remedy for situations


  172. Vipin says:

    Please Suggest solution for south west toilet. there is no alternative for me.

    • admin says:

      “Gems therapy” is the remedy for South-west defect
      Please call me for details on 9494214400

      • Rahul says:

        Sir please help me out…
        I have already digged a borewell in south east direction.. not exactly in south east corner but 15 feet away from east direction and 5 feet away from south direction. My plot is west facing and size is 22 *50 (22 feet width in west and 50 feet long in south). Now i want remedies for these defect.. thanks in advance

  173. Ajit says:

    My Main door Entrance is South East direction what will be the problems occurred. what will be the remedy for same?

  174. Keval says:

    Hellow sir
    I m unmarried I have south east bed room on first floor.
    I have one south west bedroom which is used by my married brother.

    So I have to spent whole life south east bedroom on first floor. My bed position is south to north.

    So please solve my problem I m so confused.

    My bedroom entry west to east
    & attached bathroom toilet entry is south to north

  175. Natasha says:

    Hi ,

    I have a south east facing pond and its in the back yard , which I cannot change . Please suggest what can be done

  176. Leena says:

    Hello sir, my bedroom is in southeast direction and my bed is also in southeast corner of room. Neither of it can be changed. Kindly suggest some remedy.

  177. Raj kumar says:

    I am having east facing houce ,septic tank is just enternce at main door what is the remedy for this

  178. Manjunath.B says:

    I have found a house for rent, i have one concern about the kitchen which is situated in south east
    corner, but is elevated from the rest of the house by some 3 feet.
    My doubt is whether this elevation will become a problem, if yes is there any remedy for the same.

  179. nishant gupta says:

    dear sir,
    my bedroom is in SE with attached balcony. the south east corner of my room have an inbuilt almirah with extended storage space on the balcony.
    the bedroom cant be changed.
    entrance of the room is from north east corner.
    the bed’s headrest is kept on wall between south and west with almirah on the north west corner.
    will keeping a siddha shukra yantra or a kalash help? n in which direction.


  180. Chandra says:

    I have a south facing apartment with main entrance at the south east corner. So the Kitchen is in middle south west as proper south west is master bedroom. But the problem is the water sink in kitchen is in proper south west. Can you advice what remedies we have to follow to minimize the dosha

  181. Dear Sir,

    Our bldg. has an underground well on the SE end of the plot on the entrance (covered by the slab. Is this a serious vastu defect ? What remedy should be done ? please advise.

  182. Saranya says:

    Hi Sir,

    My Entrance Door is in Southeast , bed room is Northwest. Is that fine. Your reply will be appreciated.Thanks in advance

  183. Swapna says:

    Hello am Swapna we stay in a flat but the problem is in south East kitchen is there but beside that cut open dock of the apartment as it southeast cut back of the cut utility of kitchen and remaining of the house followed,please tell us the remeedy as we are facing so many problems

  184. navreet says:

    Hllo sir,my basement room is in south east direction ..and i cant change its direction..what i have to do ??

  185. Sanjay says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have brought a flat facing towards east, but my main door is in SE corner facing towards east, it is 95 degree from the center of the flat, and my kitchen is also towards SE. Can you please help me with remedies.

    Many thanks


  186. Arun Prasad says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am renting in an house, whr the house entrance is in north east corner facing east side. I am using a bedroom in the south east corner. But next to the bedroom there is a straicase going upwards. One bedroom is thr in the southwest with attached toilet in northwest. My kitchen is in between of east towards west in the Southside. Stove is facing east. Is thr any vasthu compliance here.

  187. Hemant says:

    Hi, My Office desk is facing South, could you suggest any solutions to avoid any ill- effects.


  188. SAMEER NALAWADE says:

    My kitchen was cut from south east corner and sink comes at south east corner pl. suggest.

  189. surjit singh says:

    respected sir I made my parents bed room in south-east corner that we canot change. pls tell me remedies for that

  190. gaurav says:

    is toilet in s-e direction is dosh or not.
    and kitchen in s-e is good or not

  191. avinash says:

    Hello Sir,
    Septic tank is located in South East corner at my house.
    Is it OK. If not what is the remedy?

  192. C.Satyanarayana says:


    you r very great for so patiently replying so many queries.

    i have flat. with south east cut and bath & wc is there. living from 2002 at the time of purchase in 1994-95 we could not see it. pl tell me what is remedy. do i shift another apartment new one ready my own.

    my experience is no children, i am not putting my energy at optimum level may be lazy or delaying. undecided few issues. This is getting but with lot of delay.

    may be i feel agni (energy) diffussing in my body.

    • admin says:

      Yes, Southeast cut and Toilet/Bath in Southeast causing the problems
      It requires a Gems therapy. Please call me on 9494214400 for details

  193. vivek says:

    Dear Sir, I am staying in rented flat where Kitchen is in NE and master bedroom is in SE corner..Other 2 bedrooms are in NE(my kids) and NW which is lying unused..i am Unlikely in a position to change anything..If possible please suggest some remedy which can reduce the bad effect of NE kitchen & SE bedroom or any other , until i get a new home as i am suffering financial losses as well as difficulty in job or career growth..

  194. Martin says:

    Dear Sir,

    Plan for new home is in progress I have an option to locate the bedroom other than master bedroom on either South east or North east portion of the house which one will you recommend as per vastu (rooms are located on first floor). It will be used as bedroom for children

  195. Nakul Agarwal says:

    Dear Sir,
    I want to make a swimming pool in the south west corner of the house. I understand that underground swimming pool or tank should not be made in SW corner. So can I make above ground level swimming pool in the SW corner


    Nakul Agarwal

  196. Priyanka says:

    Sir i m married and have my bedroom in South East corner of the house. can you pls. tell me what to do?

    • admin says:

      Put a bed in extreme Southwest corner of this room. Put a 200 Grams Moti [Pearls] in a Bowl in Southeast corner

  197. neha says:

    i hv taken a flat on rent which has north toilet and north west cut ….what remedy i should do for its remedy

  198. kanaka valli says:

    Sir, there is utility in southeast extended portion. is that ok, please advise.

  199. nawin says:

    Dear Sir, my house facing direction is south. entrance door facing is south east. we have south east balcony. In my house south east towards east is extended for 2 feet from balcony. so because of extension, east & north east portion is cut.

  200. Deeraj says:


    We are constructing house.The engineer has given option for childrens room either in northeast corner or south east corner…and the kitchen too.We have the pooja room in between the kitchen and bedroom on the eastern wall.Our plot is west facing…hence we have our living in the northwest corner and master bedroom in southwest and dining in the south portion.
    Kindly suggest as to which side is better for cgildrens bedroom….southeast or north east.Kindly tell us what remedy we can do so that our child’s marriage doesnt get delayed.

  201. Suchitra Birya Das says:

    I have a attached bathroom( toilet n bathroom) in the south- east direction. It is not possible to change it. What are the remedies for this vastu defect.

  202. VIKASH says:

    sir my kitchen is in north east and water tank is in south east , facing soo much problems, kindly assist. pls let me know the solutions as we are unable to reconstruct it. kindly reply

  203. Divya mehta says:

    I want to know for shop. South east is extended n we are planning to have office fr the owner in the extended area what solution we can have for it. Its an hardware aluminiume shop in which xtended south east will b used for office purpose

  204. S.Anand Kumar says:

    Sir my house Plot and main door entrance is north Facing and my plot in three corner junction (Road turns opposite to my plot at north east corner) In South East corner i have Under Ground Water tank. I am suffering financial losses. Sir pls give me Solution

  205. rahul kumar hela says:

    there is a well in the south east corner of my house kindly give a remedy

  206. pinky says:

    we are planning to buy a house which has 2 roads i.e., on south and east directions and has entrance in East direction. Is such house recommended.can we buy it.

  207. Pratibha says:

    Hi my house is North facing but one of its bed room in South East extension with its door facing west.The bed is placed towards East with feet towards West .South wall almirah is attached to the wall ,bed can’t be placed towards South West direction. I wanna use this room for my single child .plz suggest to nullify negative effects.

  208. kishore says:

    we have under ground water tank in southeast of society what is the remedy for same

  209. Dherendhar says:

    Hello respected Admin

    I have a kitchen in South East however to the extreme south east corner there is a washing sink which is like an extension to the house.

    And my entry is from the north west corner of the flat.

    I am concerned that this sink is causing issues, is my assumption right?

  210. Main lavanya says:

    Dear Sir, our main door entrance is on south east. kitchen is in North east. but I kept the stove is on south east direction and cooking by facing east. kids bedroom and master bedroom is in North west side with balconies. south direction was closed .south west there are bathrooms. please suggest me to do any remidies for that.

    • admin says:

      Bathroom in Southwest is a defect.
      It requires “Gems remedy”
      Please call me on 9494214400 for details

  211. Bhavani says:

    My car parking in SE corner.septic tank also in that it ok are any remedies for this.and my master bedroom in half of the house and bed will face in South side is it ok.

    • admin says:

      Septic tank in Southeast is defect. It requires “Gems Therapy”
      Please call me on 9494214400 for details

  212. Dear Sir,
    We have started the construction of our house which is east facing (25ft X 50 ft)recently.Unfortunately ,we have digged the bore well in south east direction at point 3 ft from south wall and 3 ft from east wall.Our entrance gate planned is North east side.
    Kindly Advice is it ok.if not how to proceed.

    • admin says:

      Bore-well in Southeast is a Defect
      Please send me the plan of this house on my mail id:, I will reply
      It’s a chargeable service

      • ST says:


        I have swimming pool in the south side backyard, can not change, and Swimming pool pump in the SouthEast corner of the plot. what remedies to do, rest of the house is according to Vastu.

        Pl. suggest

  213. vijeet ved says:

    I have overhead water tank in south east corner..please suggest me the remedy without demolition of water tank.

  214. Hello sir, I’m a law student and my bedroom is in northeast corner of the house. I’ve only two options available in the house that’s northeast bedroom or southeast bedroom. Which one should I prefer?
    Please guide me with remedies.

  215. Renu pathak says:

    I have master bedroom in south east in house which was a government flat on second floor, my neighbor living in my right side flat which is in east . what should i do ..i can’t exchange my bedroom
    my flat is in south east of building but not in last corner so please guide me what can i do.

  216. Archana Vethekar says:

    For southeast bedroom are we suppose to place the copper OM Swastik and Trishul outside the entrance of bedroom door or outside the main entrance of the house door.

    • admin says:

      If main door is in Southeast, the we have to place Oam, Swastika Trishul on entrance door. for Bedroom it not requires, instead you have to Keep 200 Grams of Moti in a Glass bowl in the bedroom

  217. Gurpreet Bawa says:

    Hi dear
    My house is L shape house. Southeast corner is not in house. There is a cut from south to east. Even the bramhasthan is not in house. Can u plz help me to cure these defects. I will be thankful till life.

  218. Sai says:

    Hello Sir,
    The house is east facing with main door in east. There is a garage in south east and there is a door from the garage to enter the home from the south. Is this okay?

  219. Sai says:

    Dear Sir,
    Can you please advise if the following is okay or if any dosha is there. My house is east facing with main door in the east. The garage is in South east and the wall of the garage is touching wall of the home. The north wall of the garage touches the south wall of the home and door is there in the north wall of the garage and this is to enter the home from south.
    Is this a vaastu dosha to have minor enterance to home attached to garage?

  220. Lyle Luna says:

    Dear admin,
    Is having garage attached to south of east facing home with door from garage into home a defect?
    Sai Lyle

  221. Neeraj says:

    Dear sir
    I have a submersible connection in South East corner of my house.pls tell.
    Other positions are:
    My kitchen is in SE
    My mater bedroom is in SW
    Toilet is in West
    Puja roomin NE
    Stairs are in SW.
    House is south facing, with main door in SE direction.Main entrance is from East direction in house.

  222. Shah says:

    Hello sir

    My wardrobe is in SE direction can you pls suggest remedies for it

  223. […] color represents the wealth, so, placing purple plants or money plants in purple pots in the Southeast corner of the house can bring a change in fortune and enormous good luck in attracting […]

  224. Tejasvi says:

    hello sir,i have bedroom in the south-east direction on first floor i know it is not so good but i can’t change it.what can i do to improve this situation?i also have bathrrom in my room exact @ south side corner pls sugest me some remedies.

    • Mallesh Gangaiwar says:

      Place a green color or use green color curtains in this SE bedroom.
      Put 100 Grams of Moti [Pearls] in glass bowl in this bedroom

  225. yadu246 says:

    Hello Sir,
    My house got extended towards SE corner, there is a Patio towards that direction, can I install wooden wall towards SW to make it rectangular?

  226. Madhusudan K.Bhide says:

    I am repairing a house at my native place where SE conrner is left open with no roof ( with a red earh floor) and structure exists on other sides. wve it have any dosha if I leave it like that

  227. Madhusudan K.Bhide says:

    A vacant SE corner in a house – whether it will have any bad effects on the owner

  228. Narinder says:

    My house is a North east facing having one room in north west 3ft above the ground level, submersible pump is in south zone, Please advise remedies

  229. Narinder says:

    Dear Sir,
    100 sq yd (15’x60′) north east facing Gnd Floor
    One bed room is 2 Ft high from floor level in north west zone
    submersible pump is outside the house in south/south west zone
    Please advise …

  230. Suguna suthagar says:

    Hi sir, Am from Chennai, we living in rental flats which is in first floor. Master bed room is in South east ,and kitchen is in south west ,cooking east facing. And toilet also south east. I have 2 kids.always faced some problems with my hubby, and all are facing health problems frequently.plz give me a resolution. My husband dob-13-12-1980.
    My dob-08-07-1989. Thank you sir

  231. Ravindra says:

    Dear sir,
    My house facing east entrance and my children bed room toilet is is in south east corner ,beside that wash room and kitchen horizontally.or we can washing area in south east wall and toilet to south wall attached to bed room pl do the nedfull

    • Mallesh Gangaiwar says:

      Southeast toilet is a severe defect and causes female health problems.
      It requires “Gems Therapy” Please call me on 9494214400 for details

  232. meena parikh says:

    Dear sir,
    My house is facing south east. since i moved in this house I lost my steady govt. job and my 2 daughter got major heath issue. we are completely destroyed financially. can you please help me out for any remedies?

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