Vaastu and Health

No house will be 100% Vaastu compliant, every house may have one or other Vaastu defects [dosh] and the occupants may not aware of this concept of Vastu and don’t understand the reason behind continuing sickness to the persons living in that house.

Vaastu Shastra states, if the house structure is designed in such a way that the positive energy should overrule the negative energy, then there will be release of positive bio-energy, which helps to have a happy and healthy life.

On the contrary, if the house built where the negative forces overrule the positive, the overbearing negative field makes your actions, efforts and thoughts negative and you feel lower energy level.

Here comes the benefits of Vaastu, which guides you to have a positive and healthy life in your house.

Following certain simple Vaastu guidelines can help you in preventing sickness and diseases, and to promote a good health.


General Health recovery

The people suffering from Vaat should Sleep on their left side, And

Khapha”; “Pitta” persons should sleep on their right for a Good Health

A Toilet in Eastern direction or in the ‘Eshan’ [North-east] corner, causes a lot of diseases to the inmates. To avoid this, make a Toilet in South or West direction.

If someone in the house is always sick, keep a burning candle in his/her room for a couple of weeks, you will observe positive results.

North-east [Ishanya]

Sick person should use this area for all their activities and sleep here, this is the breathing point of house so it gives most healthy life. Oxygen levels in North-east is very high and so, recovery is also speedy. The Gravitational forces are minimum here and it helps blood circulation and maintains blood pressure in Normal.

Head related issues, such as intense Migraine, Mental difficulties like indecision, confusion and wrong decisions.

Accidents related to head injury, Brain hemorrhage, Depression etc.

Low or no Sex Life, Sterility, Blood, and Vision related concerns my happens.

South-east [Agneya]

This is the corner of Agni, [Fire] the heat element, If a sick person sleeps here there may be chances of increase in sickness.

One of the main reason behind sickness is an imbalance of the fire [South-east defect] element in the house. If the house faces south, and a slope towards South direction, and the underground water tank in South-east, then health problems like Heart diseases, mental depression, suicidal thoughts and attitudes. Probabilities of major fire accident will go on in such houses.


The Defected North-west can leads to Lung problems. Ranging from difficulty in breathing, chronic bronchitis, lung cancer and other lethal lung related diseases.

South-west [Nairitya]

This is a corner of Bhoomi tatva which gives stability or static position. If a sick person sleeps here, there will be little chances of recovery and blood pressure related problems will increase due to enhanced gravitational forces.

Defected South-west will attracts Accidents – major and / or minor, mostly leading to injury in legs. These accidents in the form of fracture, paralysis or even amputation in Some cases. Kidney related health problems may also happen.