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Vaastu and Miscarriages

Misscarriages and Mother

Vaastu is an ancient science that explains about how to obtain the benefits of the five basic elements of the universe Sky, Earth, Water, Fire and Air.

Read here carefully to find out how it can assist to keep expectant mothers and their babies in harmony.

According to Vaastu Shastra, the Fire [Agni] element is associated to conceive and growing the baby in a woman’s womb. This is why a hen sit’s on its eggs, to provide much required warmness and heat.



Here, we quote the attributes of each elements that rules every corner of a the house, here’s how

  1. North-East or “Eshyana” corner is ruled by “Water” element.Five elements of Universe
  2. “Agni or Fire” is the ruling element of South-East or Agneya
  3. South-West or “Nairuitya” corner is ruled by “Earth” element.
  4. North-West or “Vayvya” corner is ruled by “Air” element.
  5. And “Space” element rules the Center of the house [Brahmsthan].

Considering the above 5 facts, we’ve created some do’s and don’ts of Vaastu Shastra while conceiving a child.

Vaastu for Pregnancy –Avoid These


  1. Couple using in North-east bedroom, the woman won’t conceive a child; still if she conceives, theMisscarriages and Mother attribute of NE “Water” will not provide adequate heat to reach the fetus, which otherwise my results in miscarriage or abortion.
  2. Once a woman conceives, she should not stay in South-east bedroom, because the attribute “Fire” of SE corner either leads to miscarriage or premature baby birth.
  3. Ensure that there is no staircase or anything weighty in centre of the house [Brahmsthan] which otherwise may leads to various complications in pregnancy.
  4. A pregnant woman should not stay in dark place; she should always stay in light around her.
  5. A pregnant woman should always avoid anything which depresses her like a gloomy or unhappy movies, TV show etc.
  6. A pregnant lady should never use dark and drab colored clothes such as black, dark red etc.
  7. Family members should never hurt feelings of a pregnant woman.
  8. Paintings which show negative feelings and moods such as war, violence, cruelty, grief etc. should not be placed in the house in entire period of Pregnancy
  9. Do not keep bonsai and thorny plants in house.
  10. A pregnant woman should never use a bathroom under a staircase or beam.
  11. A pregnant woman in no way sleep under a beam.
  12. Minimize the use of – all electronic gadgets such as cell phones, TV, tablets, laptops etc. as they emit huge amounts of heat and electromagnetic radiation that leads to miscarriage.
  13. Being South-east is the fire element, and the South is the habitat of Yama, the God of Death. Hence, spending more time in the South / South-East of the house may tempt miscarriages.

Vaastu for Pregnancy – Follow These


  1. A couple may use the SE bedroom of a house to conceive, after the lady becomes pregnant, very Pregnancy and Vasstu soon the couple have to move in to South-west bedroom.
  2. North-west bedroom is a best suitable for an unmarried girls; this will makes the girl should gets timely married and hence can get better chances of enjoying maternity at appropriate age.
  3. Pregnant women always watch motivational movies, read good literature etc.
  4. Wear something light and cheerful colored clothes like light blue, green, yellow, white etc. which should be bright and attractive.
  5. Hanging beautiful scenery paintings can provide pleasant to mind and eyes of a Pregnant women
  6. A pregnant lady should meditate in NE during morning period as beneficial UV rays are rich in NE during morning time.
  7. Always keep fresh flowers and positive atmosphere in the house.
  8. If you are having trouble in sleeping, try sleeping with your head towards south direction, so as to maintain the natural polarity of your body and health of both yourself and your fetus.
  9. Just after conceiving, beginning from any Thursday the pregnant woman should apply a little kesar      { saffron } around her Navel { Nabhi } for 43 days continuously. It is simple process, dip a slightly wet finger into the kesar and apply it around the navel. [This is Astrological Remedy]


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