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Vaastu and Relationship Success

Every person in the Universe may be single or married, needs luck in relationship and romance. Vaastu Shastra, the ancient Indian sacred science describes about to create and enhance harmonic stress-free living in one’s martial relationships and to live better life by lighting romance and deep feelings.

If implemented properly, Vaastu Shastra can make your love life with huge benefited by creating a balanced environment around your living space.

It helps to make the relationship more enjoyable and also enables to develop an unbreakable bond with your better half.

For that first find out what defects the house has.

Directions and Placements

  • If the house is positioned on T-shape and the main building is situated in the south-east direction of the plot, then it makes breakup in good energies that otherwise may leads the spouse to look beyond for satisfaction

  • Placing a Mirror, facing towards “T” junction road, will ward off negative effects of “T” shape road up-to some extent.

  • In certain situations like “T” shape towards South-west, South and South-east, Ratnadhyaya is the Out-most remedy.

When, the structural changes are not possible in such houses, then remedial measures will gives result up-to more than expected level. Since these remedies have to be implemented properly.

  • According to Vaastu Shastra placement of lampshades with soft or light-colored lighting in the South West Bedroom will stimulate the tired love life.

  • Mirrors that directly facing the bed in the bedroom are the main reason for creating marriage problems. These mirrors boosts unfaithfulness, larger is the mirror, more is the harmful in marriage!

So, never place a Mirrors in Bedroom, if you have, remove all such mirrors from bedroom.

Water Bodies

Water - vaastu tips for relationship successIt is well known that water bodies, like ponds, fountains, swimming pools, are to be located in the North-east of the house.

Instead Water bodies if placed in wrong direction, the men folk from that house will likely to develop a wandering eye which can lead to unfaithfulness.


The depression in the West direction on ground floor can makes the spouse with excessive negative energies which works against the marriage relationship.

  • You must have to fill up this depression. For example, if you have a basement in the West, fill up it immediately.

  • If it’s not possible, then hang a brass bell there, the vibrations of this Bell will help reduce the negative energies created by this depression.

Keep it clean

Ensure that North-east corner of the room is not cluttered in any way.vaastu tips for relationship success

Place white flowers in the North corner of your room, and purple flowers or Red Roses in the South-west corner to enhance your love relationships with the ecstasies they bring.


Newly married couple should ensure their bedroom always in South-west or in North-west. As the magnetic energy of both these directions will light the love and understanding between the partners. Never construct a bedroom in North-east and South-east sides of the house.

  • Decorate your house placing beautiful crystals items. Crystal helps in attract light and lighten up your relationship as well.
  • The idols of any deity should not be placed in the bedroom. Keep Idols in the prayer room only.
  • Surround yourself with magnificent love colors like orange, purple, and pink.
  • Too many mattresses on a Bed increase the chances of struggles and arguments. So couple facing marital disharmony can use ‘single’ mattress on double Bed.
  • Avoid television, computers / laptops or any other reflective devices, even a mirror in the bedroom, as it boosts conflicts between couples.
  • Cover the reflective devices in the bedroom while sleeping should be the best alternative.


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