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Vaastu and Women Health

Vaastu Women Health

It is the essence of house that women should healthy and stay fit to enjoy a peaceful domestic life. Because A woman converts a house in-to home.

Woman creates balance between her social and spiritual states by performing varies delicate tasks at home. Thus, the Woman in any house is a crucial person in adhering with Vaastu Shastra, the ancient science which reveals significance of Five universal elements, directions and flow of energy in the House.

Keeping the Vaastu of any place, may be house or a mansion, is not an easy task.

Adhering with some of the Vaastu-Shatra principles we can resolve several Professional, Financial, Physical and Psychogenic problems [Specially of Women].

  1. Never use North-east bedroom and instead use South Zone bedroom to have a Peace and prosperity in the House.
  2. Sleeping with the head towards South will gives more understanding and strengthens the couple relationship.
  3. If you are Feeling Tired or Lethargic, spend some time in the East of your House and see the results.Vaastu and Women Health
  4. East is ruled by Indra, the God of war and weather, Hence Indra gives power to the Bones, Eye, Heart, Spinal Cord and improves the Blood circulation.
  5. The North-east direction is a very significant and spiritually energized zone and is ruled by ‘Easwar’. This direction is best suited for Meditation and making breathing exercises in your house.
  6. Avoid constructing a Toilet in the North-East and Center (Brahmasthan) of the house which is a severe defect and can brings sickness to residents specially Toilet in Brahmsthan causes Miscarriages.
  7. Avoid sleeping head towards North Direction during pregnancy. You should always sleep in the southern direction.
  8. Woman having sleep disorders must keep her head in South Direction, to maintain the natural polarity, health of your fetus.
  9. The staircase in the exact center of the house (Brahmasthan), can leads health fear to the expectant mothers.
  10. Pregnant women should never sleep in the North-west [Air Element] room during her entire pregnancy period.
  11. Toilet in North direction can leads to incurable diseases (Cancerous) to the Woman’s in that house
  12. Defected South-East direction will always attracts health problems to the women and makes them to forced Sickness.
  13. Put a Happy family photograph in South-west of the bedroom for healthier compatibility in Couples.
  14. Keep a basil plant (Tulsi plant) and pearls in the North Direction for prosperity.
  15. The blue color has cooling attributes, so a night bulb emitting soft blue light would be very soothing. Violet, indigo, purple are recommended colors for the walls. Avoid red color in the bedroom.
  16. To minimize health problems related to heart and the nervous system, never use space below the staircase for bathroom, toilet, pantry, or even for storage of food grains and eatables.
  17. Avoid bigger windows in South-west, instead keep a bigger windows in North Direction for success, if you are a Working Women. 

Vaastu Women Health


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  1. Geeta says:

    Hi Sir..
    I am living with my husband in rented house whichhas main entarence in south west corner and bedroom in north east corner. My dob is 05051083…1107 am..


    Can u advise…this is fine.

  2. Jai says:

    I am having one apartment but south east corner is cut means south west is extended towards south. what can i do pls give an advice. if you want i will send you the keyline.

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