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Vaastu Friendly House

Main Entrance of the house/office is very significant. Entrance in the East is the most beneficial and North is the second option after the East, while designing Vaastu Friendly House.

When searching for house or buying an existing one, ensure the plot is square or rectangular in shape And do not have a cut off in any direction and house not having any Vaastu Dosh.

It is extremely important to know the directions of the plot, because it depends the positioning of rooms, doors, windows and overall construction. That determines overall happiness of inhabitants that house.

Never purchase a Triangular dimension plot or flat or office. Never purchase a flat or house wherein no Vaastu-Directions-and-Planetsbedroom in SW. Toilet and bathroom in SW Forms the Vaastu Dosh and never gives stability to habitats in that House

How directions affects the habitats.

Varun is the God of West and represents the water, thus West direction is the better option for swimming pool. Southeast is God of Fire ( Agnideva ) thus designing the kitchen in Southeast beneficial for that house.

Below is the table showing the Directions and their influences on those habitats  

Main Entrance Directions  / House Facing

Name of the Ruling God


Ruling Planets


Influences on Habitats






Mercury / Budha


Prosperity and  Wealth




God / Eeshwar


Jupiter / Guru


Religion and  Spirituality






Moon / Chandra


Change and Move





Mars / Mangal

Make (a person or area) poor/ Poverty 





Venus / Shukra


Energy and  Strength








Purity  /  Stubbornness




Sun / Surya


Growth and  Happiness






Saturn / Shani


Socially no Fame


So  when you design the house, planning must be according to Vaastu Shastra Principle to balance the directions with that governing God and ruling planet, using the room or space for a specific purpose appropriate to the nature of the God and matters they influences and controls and do not form any Vaastu Dosh (Defect).


9 Comments to Vaastu Friendly House

  1. Manisha says:

    thanks Mallesh ji.
    for giving a detail vastu advice about layout of the flat.
    i really appreciate it,
    you ve suggested sw bed room for the head of the house. that bedroom is though very small and has a common toilet. we are going to use third bedroom as owner’s studio. music recording, . he records his music in his studio, and he is full time musician. though he works from a office ( music training) .

    1. master bedroom
    2. kids bedroom
    3. studio. room

    please suggest. there are three bedrooms.
    ive sent you the plan.
    1. bedroom . SE
    2. BED – SW
    3.bed r- nw

    thanks again

    • admin says:

      Hello Manisha Ji:
      Bedroom in South is to be used as Master bedroom.
      Northwest bedroom for Children.
      Southwest bedroom is for Music recording and training. Because Southwest develops the Skill and Relationship, that best fit for owners profession.

  2. Manisha says:

    I cant thank you enough for timely was really useful.
    with regards

  3. Manju Manoj says:

    Dear sir,
    We have a duplex(two-floor) apartment which is under construction. Our pooja room in the north-east quadrant in the first floor is right above the toilet of another tenant’s flat. We don’t have any convenient place to shift the pooja room to, according to our current plan for the apartment. Hence, changing the apartment’s plan is not feasible. If this is a vaastu dosha, is there any remedy for this vaastu dosha without having to change the construction/plan of our apartment? If yes, what is it? Please help us.

    Thanks & Regards

  4. Kerry says:

    We have had some major issues in our house over the last 18 months. Husband lost his well paid job, unemployed for all this time, daughter and son both needed hoputal treatment, my work have treated me very badly and we are stressed and exhausted. We have a clutter free home, I’ve just repotted my money trees and placed one on south east part of lounge and the other in open dining room and kitchen in south east. This dining room has a sofa too so it’s a good family place. What else can I do to bring good health, luck and prosperity in our home? Desperate

  5. Rajesh Agrawal says:

    In your one one article you have said Pooja room is located in brahmsthan. However in the same article in the question answers section at one place you mention that Pooja room should not be located in brahmsthan. Please clarify.

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