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Vaastu Shanti Significance

Vastu Shanti -Religious ritual of Living House

The house is a place, we create it with love, warmness and where family members share their pleasures and sades. Entering in a new house is a crucial event for the entire family, which surely calls for a celebration, called Griha Pravesh, Vaastu Shanti or the house warming ceremony, is a Puja or a ritual performed before entering the new house.

Vaastu Shanti is a ritual performed to purify the House. This ritual modifies all negative Pranic energy and replaces it with healthy, positive and harmonious Pranic Positive energy. This method dedicates the space and has a deep impact on the atmosphere and the habitats in that House.

Avoid using the house          House Vaastu Shanti

The family should avoid cooking, staying and using the toilet in the new house before performing of the Griha Pravesh or Vaastu Shanti puja.

Preparation for the occasion

Consulting with the well known priest In your area, decide an auspicious day for Vaastu Shanti and Keep everything ready a day before the Puja.

Why Vaastu Shanti

Vaastu Shanti Significance

During the period of constructing the house from getting blueprint to its final shape, the land [Plot] and the construction undergo numerous activities. The land is dug, drilled, burrowed, bulldozed, leveled, landscaped, sometimes even blasted. The construction faces hammering, cutting, welding, machining, movement of labor and machines…the list will lasts long. By the time of building is completed it collects various types of negative and violent energies. Thus, before living in the house it needs to be cleansed and sacred.

Vaastu Shanti For Existing / Old Buildings, Houses

While living in House building it becomes an inventory of the emotions, sentiments and feelings of its residents. Every single feeling becomes attitude in the structure – in the walls, in the furniture, in the very atmosphere. In certain areas this accumulation is high, for example the loft, the basement, the corners, under the stairs, below the ceiling, the corridors, and all such areas which are used less in regular.

Over a period of time this collected energy starts hampering the movements of the fresh and revitalizing energy in the house building. This can increases the negativity in personal lives, relationships, physical and mental health, emotional stability and financial health of the residents.

Vaastu Puja Negative energy of the previous residents can live in the place, even they have left the house. For example, if the previous occupant had become insolvent, or if the previous tenant of a house had undergone from a long illness, unless the space is not sacred its stagnant energy would impose harmful impact on the new residents.

House Building also needs to be space cleaning if the occupants have been undergone major health problems, happenings like a separation, a fight, a divorce, a loss, or even if death has been happened.

In present days the powerful generators of negative energy are the electromagnetic devices like Televisions,Electronical gadgets Computers, Refrigerator, Microwave Ovens, Vacuum cleaners, Mobile phones, Laptops, Headphones ..etc. can generates enough radiation to induce sleep disorder, miscarriages, allergies, hyperactivity in children.

There are also some external sources of bad energy. A house is very likely to accumulate bad energy and vibrations if it is beneath a power cable, very close to railway line, high hoardings, flyovers, graveyard, abattoir [a place where animals are killed], worship places, anthills, excavations, electricity generating station, near a hospital, or if it faces a road dead end.

The Benefits of Vaastu Shanti

The space cleansing process itself is so beautiful that very act can bestow tranquility [Calm] inside you.

  • As the dirty diseased spoiled Pranic energy is replaced with fresh life-giving healthy energy, the house building begins to ‘breathe’ once and vitality gets to circulate and harmony returns with happiness.

  • Personal relationships of residents begin to improve. So does the physical health.

  • The sense of fatigue is renewed with sense of well being.

  • Difficulties in life start getting solved.

  • Disharmony in Friends, Family members and partners gets to vanish

But the biggest advantage of sacred ritual “Vaastu Shanti” is that, there is a corresponding sanctification of our inner space also. The sense of insecurity, fearfulness, failure will be replaced by self-confidence, elegance, determination, harmony and peace in our lives.

Boil and share milk


As part of the ritual, the Women of the house should boil milk in the kitchen until it overflows. The milk should then be shared among the family members or can be used it to make prasad, like halwa or kheer. Here you are wondering why the milk is allowed to overflow, this symbolizes that the family will always have overflowing richness of happiness, wealth and harmony.

Once the ceremony ends, the family should sleep in the same house in that night. This is because Griha Pravesh ceremony symbolizes a new beginning for your family, which starts with decoration of the house, celebration, and feast and should conclude with a peaceful sleep in the New house.


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