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Vaastu Tips for Marriage, Vaastu Remedies for Delay in Marriage

Vaastu remedies for delay in Marriage

Marriage of Daughter could be the largest thinking for the parents and at times delay in marriage is becoming the reason to be anxious and causing for restless days. Delay in Marriage of Sons or Daughter is the serious concern for parents. In this article we will see various possible reason that could effect delaying in marriage, Vaastu Tips for Marriage.

Verify the horoscope of to be married boy or girl. Though having a marriage possibility, still they are facing troubles in getting married, at this juncture look for Vaastu Remedies, is there any Vaastu Dosh in your residential house.



Houses built according to the principles of Vaastu Shastra, there may not be possibility of delay in any work that includes marriage also.

Reasons for Marriage delay:   Marriage-and-Vaastu

  • Southwest defect in any house would be a major cause for delay in Marriage.
  • One of the major defects is having underground water tank in Southwest which causes marriage delay.  
  • Slope in Southwest compare to Northeast is another reason for the delay in alliance for marriage.          


Room for to be Married Girls:

Girls Delay in Marriage

  • Particularly single girls who are facing problems in getting married, should never use the Southwest bedroom or for her other activities.
  • Because the southwest direction gives stability in the house and do not let her to marry easily.
  • The door of her room should not open or to be given in the Southwest direction of the room.
  • A marriageable girl should be provided with suitable room so that she would get married at her proper age.
  • Northwest is the ideal direction for marriageable girls to stay there.


  • Due to one or another reason Northwest is not available then extreme western direction is a good option.
  • Furnishing and bed sheets should not be of Black or blue colors, they may be pink and violet.


Room for marriageable boys:

To be married boys should use Northeast bedroom. Also they can use extreme south and extreme west direction for their all activities.

Marriageable boys should never sleep in Southeast direction.




36 Comments to Vaastu Tips for Marriage, Vaastu Remedies for Delay in Marriage

  1. jyoti says:

    in my home one room is in south west (my parents ), other is in south east n third in north east.. in north west drawing room is there. in south west corner toilet is thr.. i m 26 years old and there is delay in marriage plz tell me solution for this.

  2. diya says:

    i am a 32 yr old divorcee and wish to marry again but no luck so far. my bedroom is currently in the west-north west direction.i sleep with my head in the north as there is a beam in the south. please help

    • admin says:

      Hello diya ji:
      Using North-west room is OK. You have to use some Yantras in the house for speedy results

  3. Julie says:

    I am 45 yr old divorcee and wish to marry again. I recently purchased a flat with 1 bedroom in the northwest for my 2 sons, and one bedroom in the southeast for myself. The kitchen is in the south. There is no opportunity to change the placement of the rooms. Are there suggestions to help make this right? The bedroom and kitchen are my biggest concerns. Thanks for your advice.

  4. Suchi says:

    My sister age 25, 18/06/90
    Wants to marry but always find problem in kundali..or such small reasons.
    Advise for her

  5. ANSHU JAIN says:

    Hi, i have been looking for a prospect (boy) for marriage the past 4 years but no luck so far. my bedroom is in north west corner of the house but the kitchen in south west corner. please advise on the same.


  6. Sheetal says:

    Hi. My age is 31 years and my marriage is delayed.

    In my house there are three rooms – in the south-west is my room, in the south-east is my parents’ room, in the north is my brother’s room with attached bathroom in the north-west (he is married, currently separated, and has a daughter). The kitchen is in the north-east, hall in the south. A second bathroom is in the west. Two entrances to our house – main entrance (used frequently) is in the east. Other entrance is in the west. Both entrances are bang opposite each other.

    Pls help with remedies for my marriage and also for reunion of my brother and his wife and daughter.

    Thank you.

  7. preeti says:

    I am 23 year old want to marry soon.. But i am not getting good proposal for marriage..i am very tensed plzz help me

    my all friends getting married

  8. Meera Kulkarni says:

    My daughter is not getting ready for marriage. We have consulted many astrologers, and everyone is saying that there is delay in her marriage. But right now her age is 27 running. Her birth details are birth date: 7thJan1989,time:4.00pm, nakshatra:purvashada nakshatra raasi:dhanu ,jilla Latur(Maharashtra). Kindly I request you to suggest some remedies for this.

    • admin says:

      Hello Meera ji:
      It seems your daughter is using North-east or South-west bedroom, Please call me for details on 9494214400

  9. Jannet Wilson says:


    I am 32 and have delay in marriage (DOB: 04/10/83, Time 05:07 am, Place Mumbai).
    I am currently using North West room. the bed is in the North West corner but it is below a huge window on the North wall (the bed is below it).
    also, in front of the bed there is a door (of the bathroom).
    Is it Ok?

    should I do anything more to make this happen asap?

    Thank you in advance for your help!!!

  10. blessed says:

    I am female and have bedroom in northeast and kitchen in the southwest. Both of these cannot be changed, and my bed is a platform bed which is fixed. Kitchen cannot be moved. Are there any remedies I can do? I am having delay in finding someone for marriage. Finding someone takes a long time, and relationship will have problems. I am not in India, if possible can you help via email.

  11. Priya says:

    Good Evening,

    This is with regards to marriage of my elder sister. Her DOB is 30.07.1979, time: 9:45am, Place: mumbai. we have our own house but at present living in a rented flat.We are trying continuously for her marriage but not a single proposal turns back to us. We have contacted many astrologers they say she has late marriage our parents are worried abut her. Can u pls. suggest some remedies which can help us / her to find a suitable match for her.

  12. Mani says:

    Is it ok to live in a house with main door facing north east? Im 36 old woman and getting problems in getting married. Would this house effect adversely?

  13. SM says:


    I am in relationship with a boy for 5 years and even though my parents want me to get married, they do not agree for this boy.

    Please suggest a remedy.


  14. Mohit Gupta says:

    My DOB is 29/09/1985 , time- 14:00 PM , place – Moradabad (UP)
    I have been much delayed in marriage and not getting favorable proposal. My sleep direction is head towards North East. I live in a rented accommodation so I can manage myself only but not all the construction parts of building . Please advise , what remedies I can do for myself.

  15. Supriyo Dey says:

    I am 32 years Male, looking for a suitable partner. Kindly suggest Vastu Remidies.

  16. arjun singh says:

    I am planning to move into a new house. One bedroom is in south west which I am planning as master bedroom for me and my wife. Flat entrance is from North. so hall is in north. In north west there is kitchen. One very Big balconey is in north east. which is covered and having glass windows. Which I am planning to give to my unmarried sister for which I am planning early marriage. one bedroom is in south east which I am planning to give to youngest sister which will be married later. The same south east room I want to use as my day time study room. will it be fine. Or remedies like wind chimes, hina and flowers can help in north east extended balconey. please tell.

    • admin says:

      Everything is OK. Marriageable sisters should use North-west area and not North-east, some how South-east is OK

  17. Preeti says:

    My sister don’t 9.6.76 (Bihar) staying in North East room. Unmarried. Pl advise on some doable remedies. It is not possible to change the room or house.

  18. charanpreet kaur says:

    I am 32 year old facing delay in marriage. my bedroom is in south west direction and there is no option to change the room. kindly suggest some remedies to remove the vastu dosha for an early marraige

    • admin says:

      Use Northwest area more and more for all your activities. Please call me on 9494214400 for details

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