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Vaastu Tips for Plants and Garden


The plants play significant role in activating positive energy in to our daily life. In most of the houses, we find indoor plants, lucky bamboo, these plants add a different look to the interiors, and bring positive energy in that house.

Vaastu Shastra is the ancient science and using that we can bring positivity, good luck and happiness in the house. Adhering Vaastu tips for Plants, we can decorate their house nicely and have a Stress free Life style.

Here are some Vaastu Tips for Plants to make your house green, and attractive Garden with nice plantation.


Moreover, it looks natural and exotic! However, there are certain rules to keep the plants in the correct direction to bring prosperity, happiness, wealth and good luck to inmates and to keep away negative energy from that house.

Indoor  House plants not only add to the artistic movement to the house but also maintains the room temperature by adding moisture to the air and reduces airborne bacteria.Tulsi for Vaastu Dosh

Tulsi: Tulsi or basil is a very auspicious plant according to Ethics in Hindu. Worshiping this plant regularly can bring prosperity in that house.

One important thing is to remember that, if your house is having any Vaastu Dosh, then this holy plant never grows in its natural form.  

As per Vaastu Shastra, keep this plant at North, Northeast or Eastern side of the house.

Living room:

  • beautify your living room with cascading and crawling indoor plants. Such plants reduce the imbalance of protruding or sharp columns, corners or pillars
  • Avoid thorny plants in the compound of house which may be unlucky
  • Avoid milky trees within the four walls of the compound, which may leads to unhealthiness to family members
  • For one and another reason always avoid Cactus and thorny plants inside the four walls of compound
  • According to Vaastu Shastra never plant big trees like, Banyan or Peepal in Northeast or East of the house
  • Fruit plants must be planted in the east direction. Avoid growing of bonsai plant in and around the house. Growing of Money plant, Lemon, Lotus, and Jasmine are lucky plants according to Vastu Shastra.
  • Except money plant any other plants cannot be grown inside the bedroom, otherwise that could attract bad luck.

Bamboo Tree Meaning


Generally, growing bamboo is supposed to bring luck and protection from evil powers to House and to the inmates of that house. Small stalks of bamboo popular as “Lucky Bamboo” we can have that separately or in bunch for household or in office use.vaastu tips for plants and garden

The rapid growth and healthy life of this plant is associated with good luck and wealth. The straight green plant also symbolizes the success, prosperity and protection from evil. This plant will grow toward a source of light

A different arrangement represents different properties of bamboo plant.

  • Three stalks: for happiness
  • Five stalks: signify good health
  • Six stalks: connote harmony.

For prosperity, bamboo should be grouped in Eight, 18, 28 or 38 stalks.

Quick look at some of the trees, plants with their auspicious and inauspicious directions in the Plot or Gardens.





 Trees bearing fruits like Banana Mango

Vata , Peepal



Nimba , Pakad



Aam (mangao), Banana tree, Vata



Kela (Banana) , Goolar


Anaar (pomegranate)

Pakad, Goolar, Shalmli, Vata, Peepal , Milking trees, Plants with thorns and red flowers






Trees  and plants with thorns 



Kela (banana) tree


Decorative plants, lawns and gardens have to be designed in lowering part of the plot i.e. in North or East directions along with a waterfall not exceeding at height of 3-4 feet.

Designing a Swimming pool, inside the garden must be only in the Northeast or North direction. Swimming pool in the Northwest, Southwest, South, Southeast direction is not recommended at any cost. And Swimming pool should not be even in the center of the garden. 


343 Comments to Vaastu Tips for Plants and Garden

  1. Nina says:

    Namaste Guruji, Kindly advice, Our house faces EAST but I have a honey locust tree in front of the Main door across the street in opposite home compound (2) There is 1 other same kind tree within my compound in the EAST but not infront of the front door but a very little bit towards the south east end .I placed Subhasristi vinakaya inside my home on the the wall opposite to my front door. I am worried if it is Vastu dosha and request remedy for the same.

  2. Dayanand Bhosle says:

    Our main door opens to the east. we are on ground floor. Our kitchen window n hall – bedroom’s bigger windows opens to the west only. Metal element represents West direction. Our all the plants are in the the grills and out side of the balcony, on the ground. we have almost 40-45 pots on the western side of the house. Wind element represents West direction. But due to plants lots of soil is used for it which represents earth element. So I’m bit confused whether we hv put earthen element at wrong place ie. west ? Will it creates Vastu dosh ? kindly guide.

    • admin says:

      Hello Dayanand ji:
      You said like Metal element represents West direction and Wind element represents West direction. Northwest represents Wind. You have pots in entire western part means its covering South-west also. So don’t worry its OK

  3. bijoyinee says:

    i stay in apartment.. so please advice where should i keep my bamboo plant for gud results ?? thank you

  4. ravideep says:

    Namaste shall I plant kadamba & Arjuna tree in my home……

    • admin says:

      Hello Ravideep:
      These are the big trees so avoid planting them in the house, that could be harm the basement of the house. And these are the trees of Krishna-Arjuna

  5. Ragini says:

    Where should we plant bamboo trees outside&I in which direction guruji

  6. Raja says:

    Where should I place my bonsai money plant in a flat?

  7. vaisakh says:

    is it different directions for planting bamboo… some flat…or for planting outside..on soil…guruji

  8. paru says:

    Where should I keep moneyplant inside my house..?

    • admin says:

      Hello Paru ji:
      Yes, you can but in North, North-east and East directions

      • Dharmmendra says:

        Hi. Some one told me keep the money plant in blue bottle in north direction. But when i search on net its showing to keep the same in south east.

        Please advise in which position we should kee money plant in home and office

  9. paru says:

    Hi I put my money plant at entrance of my house. My house is facing Northwest direction. Is it OK?

  10. Shivanna says:

    Namaste Guruji,
    We have built a house with toilets in the south-west corner.All the astrologers visiting our house suggested to demolish it and build on the north west corner.Could you please suggest any measure without demolishing the toilet ?

  11. paru says:

    Can I put my money plant inside my house in northwest direction ?

  12. paresh gandhi says:

    can i put money plant in my bedroom @ north direction

  13. What are the best directions for placing money plant??? Pls reply as 1st best. 2nd options… Rite now my money plant is in the north direction.

  14. Pls reply soon

  15. Vastu is very confusing… Some sites show money plant should b in North or east.. Some say south west… Pls send proper reply…

    • admin says:

      Hello Roshiniji:
      North direction is ruled by Budh Planet and the color is Green, so Money plant or any green color should be in North

  16. Balmohan says:

    I stay in flat and all the three balcony is on south side.. once attached to kitchen second one attached dining room..third to bed room..
    where can i keep bamboo…plant in a is normal bamboo (not lucky bamboo) yellow one..

    • admin says:

      Hello Balamohan ji:
      Means South seems opened, What about other openings and other elements. You can keep Bamboo plant in North or North-east

      • Balmohan says:

        North EAST is also common area.. and north is pathway…common area….
        south is the only place I have balcony but with grills..

  17. Anuradha says:

    The south east of my plot in front of my south facing house is open. Can I plant bamboo trees there? The south west has the entrance and garage so cannot plant there. What number should I plant for good health, wealth and prosperity?

  18. Rajashekar says:

    my door is towards west…somewhere i read crippers are good at the entrance. was planning to keep money plant, however you said it should be in north, northeast…please advice…

    • admin says:

      Hello Rajshekhar ji:
      Any green plants are suitable in North and North-east, in west they are not suitable.

  19. Rajashekar says:

    Also I have a more spacious gallery on the south side of my flat,… is it ok to keep plants on the south side, can keep few plants like tulsi and money plant on the north east or east side as advised.

  20. kamini says:

    Hello Guru ji
    I have kept my plants in the south west direction/west direction.Is it good to keep plants in that’s directions.Does it have any dosh according to this direction.

  21. Sudhakar says:

    I have my own apartment,have puja room towards south west not exactly corner. If you divide the apartment by 4 you get the puja room on north east of south west direction of the house where god is facing east and we face west when praying …. Kindly let me know of its implication …..

  22. swapna says:

    Hi – Please let me know plants that can be kept in office desk for good luck and prosperity. Thanks

    • admin says:

      It’s a Govt office or your own. Plants have to place according to the direction of the Office location

  23. Sunil says:

    Guriji, Can you please let me know where should I place my lucky bamboo at home, I have 8 stalks of lucky bamboo together. Currently I have placed it at southwest corner. Can you please suggest.

  24. krishna says:

    guruji i want to no that if my left side corner of my house is taking buy other person and he has buider his main door oposited so that why only i have three corner of my house in this how i can solve my promble kindly sugguest me what to do because that person in his house he is staying very confortable and for me in am in trouble i canot do anythink in my house.

  25. Varun Diwan says:

    i have west facing house with kitchen in the north-east( in kitchen sink present in the north east corner & gas stove in north we cooks while facing north) direction. and all water tank,toilets and bathroom present on the south-east direction.

    We have about 100 yard open area(our own) in front of our constructed part of the plot, here
    (1) we have garden in the west,north & north-west direction(here we have many plants and we have three Tulsi trees 1 is shayama and 2 rama tulsi on the north and north-east portion of my garden)

    (2) left 50 yard portion is for car parking on west and south west area.(we have open south west area of plot)

    Now Guruji, my Question is:-

    (1) Should I place one Tulsi tree indoor at my north-east kitchen. In my NE kitchen sink on the NE side of kitchen ,so I place tulsi tree above the sink or not?

    (2) Should I place Panch Mukhi Hanumanji Photo on the south wall of my home(Bedroom) with red light enlighten under this photo to reduce the negative effects of SE doshas & which day I place this saturday or tuesday.

    (3) I already put rock salt in all my toilets of SE corner.

    (4) Is there any remedy by which all vastu dosh can remove.

    Pls gives your advice on this problem


    • admin says:

      Hello Varun ji:
      Water tank, Toilets and Bathroom in the South-east direction are the defects. Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession.
      My Mail Id: I will reply.

  26. Sir,
    Greetings.I have placed money plants in all directions of my the west it’s creeping on the wall so also on the it okay.Mine is an individual row house.

    Mrs Sudha R

  27. Sir,
    I have not recieved any answer to my query about placing money plants in all directions of the house…which I have,in my house.

  28. Radhika says:

    In which direction should we place lucky bamboo and money plant?

  29. Sudha says:

    no reply till date

  30. Sudha says:

    Guruji .. can I plant a small lily ( croutons) plant infront of the main Door .. or is it unlucky ??

  31. soumya says:

    guruji can u suggest decorative plants which can be kept out of the gate. and which are ideal to keep in the centre of the house. gate is in east direction.

  32. Vasu says:

    Hai guruji, I placed tulasi tree at North East and in front of the tree water bore is there??. Is that OK….or it will increase the weight. And also south portion to my house is empty land. Request to let me know.

  33. Bhaskar says:

    Namaste Guruji!

    We have cactus plants grown by the previous tenant inside the compound wall in the south west direction. Please let me know if it’s good to have cactus plant in the garden outside home but still in compound wall. Thank you

  34. kalpana says:

    Guruji our tulsi plant is in the northeast corner is good or bad say me pls

  35. Rajashree says:

    Sir…Was planning to have a lotus pond at the main gate of our Factory near entrance, please advise if its auspicious .

  36. renji says:

    Sir we r living in second floor &our flat have two main door s one facing to north&another to west so which door we can use as main door please reply

  37. sudhir kumar says:

    Guruji,can i plant banana on the roof,which direction

  38. shailendra says:

    guruji, please advise me which plant should i kept at the main entrance of my flat .main entrance is at south-east direction.there is a gallery along south direction .

  39. Ashwini says:

    Guruji, our flat is having east entrance , south east kitchen and while cooking I am facing east. But I have a big common balcony for kitchen and dining in the south side. I am planning to make it as organic vegetables/ flower garden. Kindly suggest what are the plants to grow in that area as a remedy if any vaasthu defect

    • admin says:

      Hello Ashwini ji:
      Yes, you can make there Vegetable garden. Use some red color flower and fruits vegetable plants

  40. renu Thakur says:

    Pranam guru, in which direction I shoyld plant banana tree.

  41. Premchand Dube says:

    My plot is wide towords east (front) and narrow towords west, what are vastu dosh of such and remedies for the same

  42. Shalini says:

    Guruji, can I plant papaya tree in my garden ? If yes which direction ? And is papaya consider milky tree which is not good for owner health ?

  43. Uma Nar says:

    Guruji, My flat is facing towards east direction and my kitchen is in North side.My kitchen painted with light yellow. But shelf colour is red .Does it have any vastu problem..?

    • admin says:

      Hello Uma ji:
      Kitchen in North is defect. Paint a light green color in this kitchen, red color is defect here

  44. Pam says:

    Namaste Guruji, Can I plant a Banyan tree in a garden near my house? if yes in what direction

  45. Garima says:

    Can i plant arjun tree in my garden? Is it auspicious?

  46. manasa says:

    Hello guru Ji
    Many say that growing promogranate tree is good but we don’t have a lawn or any empty ground can it be grown in a pot , if it can then in which direction it should be placed.

  47. Vinodarora says:

    What we can do to heavy south West corner if it is light without construction

  48. sunil says:

    Can i put bamboo tree in bed room?

  49. Sarika says:

    can you please suggest as which direction we can keep Aloe Vera plant in house?

  50. nisha says:

    remedies other than growing bamboos for evil sight to home from ayilyam persons

  51. Anil says:

    Namaste Guru ji,
    I want to plant a peepal at my govt office.
    In which direction of my department building should I plant.
    please guide.

  52. Shivani says:

    Can i keep the lucky bamboo plant(feng shui plant) in north direction?

  53. Shivani says:

    Can i keep the bamboo lucky plant in north direction of my bderoom..plz suggest.

  54. Monika says:

    Sir please let me know where I should keep a banana plant as I live in a flat which has balconies which open in North direction in west and sir for our main door which opens in South what should we do

  55. Phanendra says:

    Namaskar Guruji,
    my new loft in Vilnius has missing the south east corner section where is the lift of building.
    In South East I am now connecting canalization for the kitchen in the east section.
    Kitchen will have distance from wall about 5cm.
    Upto kitchen, on mezzanine will be a steam shower bath cabin in corner south east of East section of house.
    But this is should be installed exactly in the corner.
    All columns edges are reduced by sanding of about 1-2 cm. I would like to hide edges and corners with cascading plants.
    Have you suggestions or advises?

    Babanam Kevalam
    Phanendra F. H. B.

  56. Archana says:

    Namaste Guruji . I have a big confusion about my alovera I am staying in a flat . So I am afraid about my money plant ,thulsi also .please give me an advise…

  57. Asha Kiran Sinha says:

    Namaste guruji…….
    Im on rent . I have no xtra puja room.I m forced to keep puja sthal in my bedroom which faces north-east.God faces towards east and we sit towards west.The wall of the sthal is connected to the bathroom ..
    Plz suggest the rght thing.

  58. Karun jamwal says:

    Your article contradicting .. At the beginning you are saying that big trees like peepal is not good in east direction , and at the bottom of the article you are saying that peepal is auspicious in east.????

  59. Sarika says:

    Can you please tell the few plants name which can be kept at the entrance of the flat? Thankyou

  60. Sarika says:

    Can we plant mint and coriander plants in the balcony of flat?

  61. See a says:

    Guruji can I put money plant in sought side in my hall

  62. Sarika says:

    Guruji, Can you please suggest as which all plants can I have at the entrance of my flat..i mean the sides of my main door?


  63. sunny says:

    Guruji, Can you plant banana tree at the entrance of the house beside the main gate, my house is facing east?


  64. Ria says:

    Guruji, I want to keep Bamboo plant in my office cubicle,however i am facing towards west direction,Can you please suggest if keeping the Bamboo plant would be acceptable.

    Thank you

  65. Ria says:

    Also please suggest if any auspicious day is there to keep bamboo plant.

  66. Mounica says:

    Namasthe Guruji… can we have aloe vera plant in house… in which direction….?

  67. pardeep says:

    Sir main rented house mein first floor par rahta hoon majburi mein mandir kitchen mein h koi problem to Nahi hogi entry northeast facing h

  68. Nishan says:

    Hello Guruji,

    Greetings! I live in a rented house which has the main door at the west side, kitchen on the southeast corner, master bed room at southwest and the utility space at north east corner. Please suggest where I can keep the plants in the compound wall.

    Currently the plants (pot) are kept in the car park along the north west compound wall at the entrance. Also please suggest on where & which direction can the lucky bamboo plant be kept inside the house. Many thanks in advance!!

    Kind Regards,

  69. Sanjeev Gupta says:

    i have a my main door opening at north east direction, i have have read that there should not be any opening at sub direction so is there any problem pls suggest remdie for it

  70. Raman Sharma says:

    Dear sir,
    I am planning to buy flat Pl suggest which direction is auspicious to me.
    My dob is 29/01/1982
    Raman Sharma


    guruji mere makan mein north or south face ka amne samne two main door hai, mein kon sa use karu.

  72. Sid says:

    Guruji we have a banana tree in the south side of the house in our front garden. The tree hasn’t bear fruit since we planted it around 10 years back , may be because our gardener keeps on cutting it so that it doesn’t grow tall. Is it fine . is it true that soe kind of “pitra Dosha” is attached to banana tree or is it not auspicious to have banana tree ( kele ka ped ) in your house. Please guide and bless
    Thank You !

    • admin says:

      Yes, Non growth of Banana can indicates there is some defect in the House. May be pitra dosha or some thing else

      • Sid says:

        Thank You so much Guruji for you kind reply and knowledge dissemination to us !
        So should we go on fully cutting the tree form our house then or should we keep it ?
        And the direction in which the tree is planted right now , is it ok ?

        Regards and Shat Naman

  73. Ranveer singh says:

    Guruji !
    My house is west facing.My gallary is in south side.I have garden space in west side left of Main entry from west side.Kindly advice plant to be planted in garden be it fruits or decorative one.

    • admin says:

      Hello Ranveer ji:
      It seems more space in West than East and in South than North, which is defect. You can have small plants of flowers and fruits in your garden

  74. sushmita says:

    my house main entrance faces east and have backyard on west.
    can i grow banana plants in west or what direction is best???
    can i have aloevera in the west in a pot away from the wall
    what is best direction for mango tree and lime tree(it has thorns)???

  75. Prakash says:

    guruji where should i keep my Small Aquerium

  76. Sid says:

    Guruji i have left a comment and its still waiting for moderation
    Please help me and guide me
    Thank You !

  77. prakash says:

    Dear sir

    In my home towards north facing but we have more open space in south there any deffect.

  78. Dr. Nidhi says:

    Namaste Guruji.i have west facing entrance in my 2bhk is in d north and along with the kitchen there is chockdi for washing utensils in east just in one line with kitchen without partition.there is a balcony in the southwest corner of the house.can I place my plants in my balcony and in which direction? I have a tulsi, money plant, office hour plant, pink colour flower plant and a green and pink leaf plant I will buy it later.


    My house main door is facing NW/W and kitchen in South and there is big balcony in NE.
    What can I do to enhance wealth and career luck.

    Please advise

  80. Rajkumar says:

    Hai sir
    I kept money plant
    At north facing
    In front of my door outside
    Here is small confusion
    Which side I can keep money plant
    Main door left side or Right side..
    Thank u
    Give me a reply sir..

  81. Sir, can I plant a lotus plant in my home garden in a tub.?

  82. Vinay Palsamdra says:

    Namaste Guruji, Our plot is west facing but we have our main entrance positioned to the north. We have left some vacant space with pergola in the north east corner of the house above the Puja room. Can we place pots in this area? Mainly flowering plants for the puja. Also we have placed a Oleander plant on the terrace in a pot. Is it alright? Thank you.

  83. aalokit says:

    Hello Guruji,
    Need help, We put plants in pots and decoration on the roof of our house. People say it is not as per Vaastu..
    Is it true

  84. Srinivas Reddy says:


    We have a house facing east on a south-east corner plot. Our neighbour located on our north side planted a mango tree at his south east corner. It has grown and is covering our north-east corner completely. Is it ok?

  85. Manojkumar MG says:

    Hi namaste Guruji,

    But most of the site says the placement of money plant is southeast, not N, NE or E?



    • admin says:

      South-east is a fire element and money plant is green in color, the color of North and North-east. It’s up-to you to decide where to place

  86. Purva says:

    Hello Guruji,
    I stay in a flat and have bedroom and bathroom in south east corner.If its vastu dosh then how can i remove it.
    Thank you.

  87. Gautam says:

    Hello Sir,

    I have much more space in same equal portion in East and South East. I want to reduce the Effect of South East by doing vegetables gardening. Is that good in SE? thank you

  88. anjali says:


    Can I make bonsai of peepal tree? The peepal tree grew on its own in of the pots in my balcony.

    Thank you,


  89. kavita says:

    Pls tell me clearly of direction of aak as per vastu

  90. Dipti says:

    We have two trees (SW side)one very big , one conifers small on either side of the entrance to the property, which we want to cut it down, to put the gate. Can we do that?

  91. Manoj says:

    Guruji, I kept money plant in the north corner part of my flat, but it was giving me negative result. Now I kept in west. It is balance not positive not negative also. Kindly suggest.

  92. Rohit says:

    Greetings !

    I have recently bought an office in a building and constructed it. The floor has some serious flaws as its not even and South West direction seems a bit lower with uneven surface though I had asked to keep East lower, which is lower but all uneven. we got to know about the fault in the flooring only when we started pasting the Vinyl flooring.. now office is in running condition nothing much can be changed as of now.. any suggestion on how to deal with this? We moved to this new office in Aug End 2015 and barring Oct the business has gone down. I am not suggesting that the business is down only because of this but this may be one of the reason as all the efforts going in Vain for the last few months. It is a small office (350 Sq Ft. with one cabin at south east and 13 employee sitting arrangement facing North West, North and East along with the wall.

    Any suggestion improving the business and money prospects !


  93. BSR says:

    Where (Placement and direction) I have to keep photo of astalaxmi in other than pooja room in a house.

  94. Falguni Iyer says:

    Hello Guruji,

    My house entrance is in North East. We have a balcony in the eastern part of the house and south west part of the house. We were actually planning to keep Tulsi and Money Plant in the South West part as per my friend’s suggestion. As per my friend, the south west part of the flat should be more loaded than the other parts. After reading the article we are clear that Tulsi and Money Plant can be kept in Eastern part but which pots should we keep in south west? Please suggest.

  95. monica says:

    Guruji….I have placed Tulsi plant in north side but there is a closed safety tank under the floor it right to place tulsi plant home is west facing.

  96. pinky says:

    vhere a money plant should be kept in clinic ? clinic enterance is in vest direction but cabin enterance is in east.

  97. sathish kumar says:

    where should i placed my orange bonsai tree

  98. Koel says:

    Namastae! I have kept 2 green palm trees inside the house on both sides of the main door in a brownish red pot is it ok ? Main door is west facing ?

  99. Anshul says:

    Guruji where should I keep shankha in pooja room. What s d meaning of keeping shankha

  100. Jeev says:

    Namaste Guruji
    I have read we should not keep any plants in the bedroom; but can the same be kept in the balcony attached to the bedroom. Was planning to have a hanging pot with bhrami in it

  101. Mittal says:


    Could you please advice where do we plant the Parijat and Champa plant? My entrance of he house is in North.

  102. Rashmi says:

    Hello guruji
    I m living in flat on 9th floor I have two balcony in my flat. My main entrance is on south East corner of my house. My one big balcony that is 120sqft is on southwest and one is on North East that is small one 40 soft. I have planted Tamato, tulsi, Bell pepper, bottle gourd, chilly, Lettuce, mint, coriander, spinach, Origano, desi gulab and other vegetables, herbs, in my southwest balcony. And I kept two 50lt water tanks on south West corner for drip irrigation. Is is OK. To make vegetable garden with drip irrigation on southwest balcony. And please tell me which plant we can keep in North East balcony for good luck, positive effect and good health. Please help me. I m very confused. Which colour should I use in south West balcony for pots and wall.

    Please Reply please advice me whether I m doing wrong or right plz tell me is drip irrigation is OK or not in south West side.

  103. DIP says:

    Dear Sirji.
    Recently we have book a 1 BHK flat for rent in 2nd floor (total floor 5). The main door is south facing. Balcony is in south side. A branch of a fig tree(dumur) is touching in our bedroom balcony. The tree is outside boundary of the apartment. Is it ok. Kitchen is towards south facing between bedroom and hall.

  104. Ravikant says:

    1. My house has East opening, one flat on floor and wall in front of door.
    2. Kitchen with Small balcony connected at East-South corner with balcony door at south side.
    3. I have plant in pot in my east – south facing balcony corner. (Bamboo, Money plant, flowers, Tulshi..etc)
    4. Flat layout is master Bedroom at North -East corner, Kids bedroom at North-west corner, Kitchen East-South corner, Hall South – west corner. Do this vastu is ok or it has any dosh.
    If any how do I correct it or give the remedies pls.

  105. brij says:

    my home has main door to south and gallery to east where should i keep money plant and plz suggest me i have earnings also but as it comes it go also

  106. anju says:

    Dear guruji
    i have bedroom in nw direction, what remedies could be done to remove vastu dosh???

  107. deepshikha jain says:

    can I keep parvtiya aak ka ped at home , and in which direction

  108. Arun says:

    Sir,I live in a village of house is west facing.before 3 years i constructed my new house and still it is not completed.whereas i tried always to make it complete.i also noticed that all my money is wasting in other ways…
    plz help me out to make my home as soon as possible.

  109. jeevraj bhati says:


  110. rashmita says:

    namasthe guruji,
    i want to know about the water filled sankh, the moment i fill it with water, it gets drained from hole inside the tail, water doesnt stay, then what should i do?

  111. Manoj Kumar says:

    Namastey Guruji,

    I have two place for money plant. where I pace money plant ?, in my bedroom (is north-west) Or my kitchen is southern with attached balcony (balcony in south)

  112. Suresh says:

    I have planted cactus plant in north side(left side) of the main entrance.

    Also,we have a small grinding mill (giving service to public for earning our livelihood ) in North West.

    Is everything correct ?

  113. shobha says:

    Should anar( pomegranate ) plant kept in the house I have it in the east direction….ppl told mr its nit favourable in the house

  114. soni says:

    Namaste Guru ji
    I live in an apartment so open space is an issue I have planted tulsi plant and banana plant and I worship them regularly but as per the article it says east n north east is good positions bt I have only one balcony which is in north west one small open place is there in north east bt they are the back sides of our bathroom which I feel is nt right coz our exhaust our towards that direction pls guide.. can I keep it where I m keeping it or any other small remedie that we can do for good results.

  115. what are the best flowers or plants to be planted in the south east?

  116. sheelu says:

    Can we grow alovera at home .is it auspicious?

  117. Rajesh says:

    I have constructed a house in north east corner. But there was more vacant space in the west for gardening. I have created a barrier wall in between my house and compound wall with a gate.

  118. Shaiilajzzaw says:

    Guruji. My friend gave me laughing budda but from then we were financially came down what to do can I give her back the same budda

  119. Sahil Dhull says:

    i have a peepal tree in north west of my house is it good or bad.. please guide me

  120. karthik m chavan says:

    namasthe guruji
    i have bought lotus plant can i keep it inside pooja room or should i keep it anywhere inside house please reply?

  121. Raghavendra says:

    Namaste guruji
    I have constructed house main door is west (west facing site) water tank above car parking.I have small space in north side of house. I have grown lemon tree in north east .kindly let me which plant to be grown for good prosperity,health and peace.? There also space outside house .which plant can be grown there? Kindly reply

  122. lucky says:

    Which flower plant can be planted in the garden ?

  123. Jitendra Brahmbhatt says:

    Our plot east west and north south is corner facing ..which wall we can consider as east west north south

  124. Aniruddha Gupta says:

    Can I have Chilli( Mirchi) plant in my flat? If so then in which direction?

  125. Sasi says:

    Hi Sir,

    I have a west facing apartment on 2nd floor of 5 story building, with balconeys on north-east,east and south-east. Building is facing towards east. for my apartment there is extension of floor Outside EAST and North-east balconies which is top part of building name holding beam. Im planning to place some plants in that extended area. please suggest if i can place small plants here.

  126. Reshu Gupta Rajvanshi says:

    I Live in a rented house and have unavoidable provision on keeping plants. I have thought a lot but I can not place plants in east north or north east direction as they are blocked. The only direction left is south. Can i place indoor plants in south direction of the house.

  127. Bobby says:

    Hello guruji,
    My flat entrance is in west direction of the house. I kept laughing buddha opp of my entrance? My living room is in south direction of the house n money plant n bamboo is in the south east of the living room. Pls let me kno if there shd be any changes in plant n laughing buddha positions. Thank u

  128. Where to plant jackfruit plant in a house sir …pranam

  129. Ajay Bhan says:

    I stay on 3rd floor. can i keep money plant out side the gate of my house ? pls guide…

  130. Milind Jadhav says:

    Hello Guruji,

    I have a south facing row house & my main door entrance is on SE.. Pl adv Whr shud i keep my money plant?? Also i kept my shoe rack on SW corner.. is it ok.. Pl adv.

    Thnks / Milind Jadhav

    • admin says:

      Money plant in South-east is OK. Shoe rack should be in North-west

      • Milind Jadhav says:

        thnks for ur rply guruji.. but as per my south facing room i kept Toilet bathroom at NW Corner.. nw i hv balance space in SW Corner.. pl adv whr shud i keep my shoe rack? Is thr any prob of i kept my shoe rack on SW Corner as my house facing is SOUTH.. Pl help. Thanks

  131. vivek says:

    hellow guruji
    beside of the gate west corner i have planted
    banana tree , drum stick tree, and guava tree
    is this correct
    please reply guruji

  132. Prasannasimha Rao says:

    My house is facing south, road. Behind on d north side i a small temple complex. Gahesha, Shiva parvathi facing east and venkatesha, Lakshmi, Maruthi facing north
    The shade of gopuram does not fall on d house. North side of house is covered by big wall of the temple. Is there any vastudosha

  133. rajesh says:

    Can arjun tree instal at home garden

  134. Mittal says:

    Namaste What email address do i send you my house plan on ?

  135. Kavitha Kavitha says:

    Namste guruji,we r staying in 1st floor .can we keep some decorative flower plants East direction wall on upstairs .because we have small garden on dat wall .

  136. Rajamani says:

    We have Neem tree in South West corner. But beyond compound wall. Our house faces West. Is it good?

  137. Satyabrata Sahoo says:

    Can I plant red chilly plant in a pot at north east side.

  138. arun says:

    Hi guruji,
    My house is north faced.I have planned to plant a flower plants in northeast corner (in side compound) it is OK or not. What are the plants are advisable?

    Thanks & Regards,

  139. Monika says:

    Namaste guru ji please let me know which direction can we keep banana plant as I have a balcony in North direction

  140. kammini s says:

    Jaisiyaram, is it good or bad to grow a lot of bamboo trees in front of house?

  141. madhu says:

    Namastae Guruji,
    I recently bought Twisted Bamboo to home. have placed it in Hall (East corner), where our main door is west facing. is it right way to place there ? first of all Twisted bamboo is it good to have it in home. please guide. Thanks

  142. vishal says:

    Sir, I have adenium, gulab & yellow flower plants near to entrance of main door to entry of house in big size cement pots. I have one crown of thorn plant & rubber plant in my garden in south west direction of house. Is it ok or to remove these plants ?

  143. sujoy mallick says:

    Sirji, I purchased a flat (1 bhk). where NE corner toilet, East side kitchen, south bedroom, full south balcony, entrance from west, SW staircase, NW lift. overhead tank SOUTH, Septic tank/underground tank at NE. I got remedies for toilet from your site, I am worried mainly about flat is south open, Could U provide any other remedies ???

  144. sushmita says:

    Namasted guruji
    Im living in a rented flat with my husband and daughter….my master bedroom is in south east which I know is wrong but plz give me remedies in spite of changing the house……..
    I have two balconies one south east another south west which one is good for plants……im planting shami . Banana. Tulsi… hibiscus

  145. gaurav says:

    Can i plant banboo or money plant in bathroom?

  146. Sudesh Sharma says:

    I am staying in staff quarters,
    Which direction is best to plant a shami tree,
    Should it be in pot or on ground,

  147. Ravinder says:

    is it possible to place bamboo plan 38 stick togeather in north or north east direction.
    what would be positive and negative effects.
    pls revert

  148. Rohan Sharma says:

    I want to plant aloe vera. Can I plant this beside outside of my house? and in which direction. Please advise.

  149. Pooja Rane says:

    Namaste Guruji,
    I wanted to plant methi seeds and corriandar seeds in the balcony of my house to be used in cooking.
    I have heard we can not plant them inside the house as it is inauspicious. Is it so?
    Also please let me know if I can plant them in the house, in which corner or direction should I plant it.


  150. durga prasad bss says:

    namaste! guruji! i am living in a flat having main entrance on NE side and our master bed room is on SW corner. While coming out of master bed room (door) we are facing east.Can I keep palm tree beside master bed door if so in which color pot? and can I keep bamboo tree NE part of my flat ? pl advice….

  151. Pushpa says:

    Can we keep tulsi plant in west side of my house?

  152. Ishita says:

    I want to plant an aloe vera plant, my mother says it is not good to plant it, where can i plant it, in which direction?
    And also is it okay to plant ginger, coriander and mint plants in the house?

  153. Should green chilly n aloe vera plant b kept at home?

  154. mahi says:

    I have aloe vera plant, please tell me AT what direction should we place it ?

  155. Gyan Bikash Ghosh says:

    my house is north facing, two bilva(beil) tree present in the center of north direction inside the plot front of my building. Bilva tree was planted by my previous owner of my house. what should I do???

  156. Simul Patel says:

    We have Banyan tree in south west direction. Is it good to have it in that direction or it will be inauspicious ??

  157. h b shah says:

    i have alovera plant in south -west direction at ground floor garden,Is it give advice

  158. Anshu says:

    where to grow bamboo tree in the house

  159. Priyesh says:

    There is a oleander plant in the north of my house is it ok to have that plant in north. One of my friend told me to ripe it off as it brings bad luck should i do that…. help me

  160. Vk dhingra says:

    thorny plants are not grown in house, but it is said Lemon and Pomegrenate is an exception, is it true. Mention more detsiled information. However preliminery information is fine.

  161. Vk dhingra says:

    Vk dhingra ph. 9810350100

  162. Vk dhingra says:

    Which direction should be Lemon tree.

  163. hiralal says:

    hi my name is hiralal
    i can use this plant my office

  164. Abhinaya says:

    Guruji, please suggest apartment is facing east, we have a master bedroom in south west and attached bathroom south east corner. is this good?
    2. One bedroom in north east with a balcony in the north east. is this good?
    3. My kitchen is in north west corner. but i cook facing east.

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