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Vaastu Tips for Staircase

Staircase Vaastu

Before choosing size of staircase or direction you should have a clear idea about placement of the stairs that confirms with Vaastu Shastra principles. Below we will see vaastu tips for staircase.

Direction for Staircase:  

A staircase should always build in the west or south direction of the house. It should not be constructed in the Northeast corner that gives financial losses for the owner. In fact, the staircase constructed in any direction except west or south brings losses.



Always start on stairs from north to south or east to west. A turn can be taken to other sides, due to lack of space.

Always construct the Stairs with odd number, ensure that number never end with a zero. This odd number of stairs if divided by three (3) their remains must be two (2).

The  room which having staircase in the Southwest corner of a basement is considered inauspicious. As per Vaastu principles, residents in this room/ house have to experience many health problems like, high blood pressure, critical diseases, anemia etc….!

Vaastu Tips for Staircase

Here are few vaastu tips about constructing staircase to lead a happy life.

  • Broken down stairs should be repaired immediately, as they leads to tensions and accidents.
  • Bathroom, Kitchen, or Pooja room never is constructed under the staircase. This space can be used for storage room only.
  • Never keep safety lockers or Cash counter under the staircases
  • The toilet under Stairs in Southeast can causes legal problems and also cause fights with family members and/or neighbors. 
  • Remedy: Apply red color shades to this direction
  • Stairs should be painted in light colors only.


173 Comments to Vaastu Tips for Staircase

  1. indu says:

    we have a septic tank in SW direction, i know for this we are having enemy problem, but we can’t destroy it.Kindly suggest remedy,without any breakage

    • admin says:

      Hello Indu Ji;

      Septic tank in SW direction is defect. However paint a reddish color to ST. Placing a Pendulum watch in Southwest direction will reduce the bad effects.

  2. Saurabh Sharma says:

    We live in a builder flat on first floor. Building has a common staircase in NE and an overhead tank in the same direction (NE). Please suggest remedies without any breakage.

    • admin says:

      Hello Saurabh Ji;
      Being a flat we can’t change any structural remedies. So other elements in your flat are according to Vaastu Principles the negativity will reduce.

    • Nilutpal kumar Deka says:

      my building has a staircase east side. please suggest remedies without any breakage

      • admin says:

        Hello Nilutpal ji:
        Is it in Exact East or otherwise. Inform is it Upstairs towards South or North

        • Nitin Mittal says:


        • Sasi says:

          Ji, my house staircase built in exact east from North to south. Pls tell me the remedies.

  3. P.Saravanan says:

    Sir,i build a toilet under the staircase in SW direction.but now i could not able to finish my house completely.Any Parigaaram for this..vanakkam.

  4. Hiten says:

    Hello Sir,

    I live in chawl system and we’ve renovated our room by building one more room above one and the staircase has been builded through North east direction, thus we’ve noticed that after renovating our house, me, my dad lost the job, my son has been hospitalized twice currently i m jobless since 6 months totally in dept, so how should i overcome with vastu defect of northeast direction.



    • admin says:

      Hello Hiten Ji;
      I am not getting clarity about your question, can you please call me on 9494214400

  5. Deepak Jain says:

    Dear sir,
    I have constructed a basement in South West . My house is facing west on main road. Please guide

    • admin says:

      Hello Deepak ji:
      Basement means you have Vacated the SW direction, so its a big defect. Please call me on 9494214400

  6. ravi kumar says:

    I live in USA, I recently rented a house and I have some questions about the Vaastu particularly the stairs. House is facing North, as soon as you open the door we see Stairs and to the left in NE is Open Hall. Attached to the Stairs is the wall and other side of it is Garage. I hear every where that Stairs should not be part of house. Not sure if this is middle of house or anything wrong with stairs that way.


    Hi sir
    we constructed our stairs in south east direction anticlockwise but ours plot is 18 feet width west faced. main door on north face, and we have one east face door, so here my staircase raiser step comes in east facing door. is it defect? if so is there any remedy for this.

  8. Rakesh Nahata says:

    I live in Nepal.I have my staircase block in the southwest quadrant of my home…is it problematic according to vastu..if so please suggest remedies for this..please reply soon

  9. Ashish says:

    I live in Gujarat and running a factory, i have stair case on the east wall heading from north to south, there are 7 steps in staircase. The stair case is 13 feet away from north direction and 2 feet away from east side boundary wall (is this considered north-east side?). Is there anything wrong with the direction?
    please reply at an earliest

  10. Rohit Agrawal says:

    we have our sstaircase built in southeast corner of the house. Please suggest any remedies as we can’t make any changes to the staircase location or such.

  11. Dinesh says:


    I am planning to construct a main stair case in south east direction(due to available space) with double entrance…….on first floor till 4 feet staircase is raising 1st entrance will lead to 1st floor occupants & other entrance will lead to 2 nd floor occupants…


    1_^_1 Entrance to
    1_^_1 1st Floor
    1>>>>> East
    1_^_1_v_1 Entrance to
    1_^_1_v_1 2nd Floor


  12. Piyush Tataria says:

    We have staircase going to terrace from back our house right behind master bedroom from North to Northwest direction. Also we have Toilet in the Master Bedroom that falls under staircase and a Septic Water tank in terrace in North. We cannot remove the Staircase, however we can change the toilet to store room, please suggest what can be done without rebuilding / restructuring anything.

  13. Deval Mehta says:

    Hello Piyushji,

    I live in USA. I have recently bought a house whose entrance is NW and we have stairs in NE side, going up form east to west. Before the start of stairs, we have stage area which is two steps up from the living floor and then to move up the stairs, one has to turn counter clockwise. Reading few articles have suggested that this is a vastu dosh. Is it true? If so, can you please help me? Please note that, the house has not been built yet but under construction and I can’t change the structure of the house. Also, this is a townhouse means, its south-east is open (which is backside of the house) and NW is open which is front of the house. My other two sides are other townhouses sharing north and south walls.

  14. amitesh chandel says:

    hello sir.
    we are constructed staircase in NE direction so please suggest me some vastu nivaran..

  15. Sona says:

    Hi Sir,
    We had bought an apt which is connected to the lower apt through an internal staircase. The entrance of the apartment is through the North main door. The staircase area is well lit with natural light and air but is towards North though not visible from the entrance or living room. Kindly advice.

  16. Deepak Khaitan says:


    We have an apartment rectangle with the longer spans are facing east and west. We have a office space below the full north side from East to west . We wish to connect the apartment to the office internally. We have a bedroom in NW and lobby space in NE. where should I have the staircase?


    Regards Deepak Khaitan 


  17. Nitin says:

    Dear Sir,

    Can I build a house with external staircase at southeast corner, facing east ? In such a case, can I close external staircase by roof and wall from all side ? if so, will it create a cut at north east side?

    Please suggest me.

  18. renuka devi suresh says:

    Stair case constructed in the north east corner in the house. kindly suggest remedy

  19. renuka devi suresh says:

    Stair case constructed in the north east corner inside the house. kindly suggest remedy.

  20. Nitin says:

    Dear Sir,
    If external staircase will open(not closed by wall and roof) then will it extend SE ? or will it be as per vastushastra?

  21. Nitin says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have a site of 40f*48f, where 40f is road side and east side. we have to construct one flat on each floor. In such a case, should we construct internal staircase or external staircase ?

    Please suggest.

  22. Nitin says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you very much for your Valuable help and support.

  23. Puja B Soni says:

    We are planning to move to rented house. We like one house but it has staircase in SE corner clockwise.
    It has still parking on ground floor. Entry to the 3rd floor (the one we plan to move in) is from south. House is corner facing east and south. Lift is in south center.
    Also the house has toilet in both NW and SW corners which are attached to respective bed rooms.
    Kitchen is towards southeast after entering the house. East wall is mainly glass wall. Except the part belonging to staircase.
    I am mainly concerned with the position of stairs in SE and the toilet in SW, is it fine as per Vaastu.
    Can we move into such house, on rent?

    • admin says:

      Hello Puja ji:
      Toilet in SW, Lift well in South are the defects

      • Puja B Soni says:

        Dear Sir,
        Does that mean we should not consider this place to take on rent for our residence?
        Is there any remedy?
        What does this defect mean?


        • admin says:

          SW Toilet leads to Struggle full life, Career stagnancy and Lift well in South leads to financial losses

  24. Aakesh Chhajed says:

    Dear Sir
    We are having a basement in our building and the stairs to go to basement is in south west direction is that normal….if no please suggest a remedy for same without breakage…..

    Aakesh Chhajed

  25. PBS says:

    Hello..I am constructing a new house ..the staircase is in north direction towards west..I could not change it because of lack of space.others are as per vaastu princiiple.please help if I can do any remedies during construction for stairs defect.

  26. lalit sharma says:

    Sir my stair case is in east south direction…what should I do

  27. […] should not be a Staircase, Toilet and Bathroom in the South-west, North-east and Center [Brahmsthan] of the property you are […]

  28. Krithiga says:

    Hello sir, in our house the main door is facing north and once u enter the house we hv staircase going from North to South and my bedroom is on South west corner next to stairs.
    A restroom is located right below the in between path way of the staircase that is u climb stairs then take a turn to go up exactly below that a restroom is located.
    It measures 8 by 5.
    My mother is staying in that room and she has got more health issues even severe disease also.
    Can u pl suggest remedies ?
    Thank you.

  29. Saandeep says:

    We have borewell in exact eshanya moola. If we draw a line between corner of the. House to the compund wall (northeast corner).the borewell falls on th . Line.kindly the solution

  30. SP says:

    Hello Sir, I live in USA in a rented apartment. I have SW main door enterence and the stairs goes upwards to my living room straight. I have heard that this setup is not good for finances. We have some problems and cannot shift thr apartment. Please advise some remedies.

  31. Ambika Prasad says:

    Namaste Sir,
    I am from Odisha. There is no space to built a staircase in west or south side of my home. Please suggest any other place for staircase. It is a East facing house.

  32. Rohit Chemburkar says:

    Dear Sir,

    My house in Mumbai has an internal staircase on the eastern side which aligned in the east-west direction. Due to lack of space, it rises from west to east for the first 3 steps, then turns anticlockwise to a mid-landing (of 4 steps) & finally rises from east to west for 10 more steps for a total of 17 steps. The staircase does not touch the eastern wall & does not obstruct any early morning light coming into the house from the northeast direction. My master bedroom is in the south-west corner on the first floor Is this arrangement ok as per Vastushastra?


  33. Sambasivarao says:

    Dear Sir,
    Namaskar.. We are building a house in a east facing plot. Stairs are planned in the South-east corner. The stairs arrangement is as follows..
    1) Steps starts at about 8 feet distance (on east side, in South-East corner) from the house.
    2) First climb from North to south till south side border line of the house (about 3 steps).
    2) Then turn and climb towards west (climb from east to west) till near east side wall of the house (about 7 steps)
    3) Then turn towards north and climb till top of the house (about 7 steps).
    Please study this arrangement and suggest.
    Thank you very much.

    Please tell me is I can send the drawing of the house.

    Sambasiva Rao

  34. vs tanwar says:

    Dear sir,
    i am having kitchen in east with south facing plot and stair are also climbing in east.

  35. nandish says:

    Hi sir,
    I’ve built staircase in East but i’ve toilet under first landing not on the center of the house. Is it a defect , if at all please suggest some remedies.

  36. ashish paul says:

    Sir can i make a septic tank under a stair case and a toitet in south direction as i have lack of place

  37. Krittika says:

    Hello sir

    Is it adversely defective to provide storage (closed/open) below the staircase in my house?
    Kindly suggest.

  38. Anurag says:

    I am anurag my stairs in south east direction please give me vastu tips

  39. Anurag says:

    My staire is south east direction

  40. indu says:

    Hello sir,we have south facing house with staircase in north east its start with east and then turned to south and we have north east kitchen pls suggest the remedies.

  41. karthick says:

    Hello Sir, We have west facing house with external stair case in southwest. We have one toilet under this staircase. Is it okay? if it is not okay what are the remedies??

  42. Chakradhar says:

    Hi sir,
    We have stair case in nw and a bath room under staircase facing South if it’s a defect suggest remedy. And can we have second entrance of the house straight to stair case in East direction.

  43. Rohan Tyagi says:

    Sir/Mam please help.

    Stairs end just Left of my bedroom as i exit my bedroom there are stairs just to the left for going to first floor from ground floor. My bedroom faces east and is on ground this ok if not what are remedies ?

  44. arun says:

    My verandha (sit out) is in kannimoola. Is there any problem?


    Respected Sir,

    Our house plot is North facing ( 1260 square feet , 30feet (E-W) , 42 feet ( N-S )
    duplex house.

    Ground floor is completely left for parking.( NW- Garden , NE- Sump , water tap , SE- Electrical portion , SW – empty space but car parked on this SW area ) . Our staircase to the 1st floor starts from NE from North to South . Is there any defect ? If so can we change stairs towards NW ( East to west and clock wise reaching north to east to enter the main door. Main door is in NE ).

    And Our ground floor south west is normal ( rectangle all corners ).
    Where as 1st floor and second floor , SW corners have extended and extended space is wardrobe ).
    is there any defect.

    1st floor NE – Blacony and main door.
    NE to NW – Hall , NE qudarant – Pooja room , SE – Kithchen , SW – Bed room, West – Toilet
    2nd floor NE- Balcony , NW – Guest bedroom and toilet , NE to SE – Hall , SW – Master bedroom with attached toilet. Toilet is in west portion.

    Internal stair case is E to W ( 5 feet from pooja room )

    Please advise. Thank you.


  46. Debdas Barik says:

    sir \madam

    I have stairs in the north-west facing west . so u plz suggest me it is right or wrong ?? or suggest me the remedies??

  47. kirti says:

    namskar sir we are planning to make double story house but according to our design staircase comes in north east facing, please tell us any easy remedy, thanks

  48. Paresh lohia says:

    Sir, My plot is a bit south east facing. Where should i place stairs and toilet.

  49. chandradip says:

    I dont have much space & My stair in West direction can i built batroom only under stair.

  50. SUNITHA says:


  51. Sudhir says:

    My house staircase is exactly in the center of the plot. How does this effect on me and my family

    • admin says:

      It will create so many problems, because the Center of the house [Brahmsthan] emits positive energy for the entire house and this will get polluted
      The owner of the house will always in stress and looses self confidence
      Health problems related to abdominal area to the family members in such houses

  52. Harsh says:

    Stairs in my house are in East Direction. It starts from East and goes towards North. To avoid any ill effects can you please suggest any remedy. Thanks

  53. Prachi says:

    In apartments, is main entrance door facing stairs going down, a vastu dosh?.

  54. HEIDIE APILADO says:

    Hi! our bathroom area in north and stairs going to second floor northe easth. is there any remedy for this?

  55. Cristalyne Seegobin Gulati says:

    Hello we have our staircase directly in the middle of our home. I know this is bad as is directly in the middle leading from upper level to main and then into the basement as well. Stairs are straight not circular. Moving the stairs will not be possible. Is there any fix for this?

  56. Susmita says:

    Hello Sir, Mamm
    I have puja room adjacent to toilet , and there is no any other options to change that , what should I do ??

  57. Avneesh says:

    In my shop i sit below the building stair case…my counter is below the staircase. I cannot shift anywhere else.. plz give me a solution

  58. Sanjeev says:

    We have Anti clockwise stairs pls suggest remedy

  59. Shashi Bhushan says:

    Respected Sir,
    My stairs is built in North and east corner and total step of stairs 17+1 (roof) pl let us remedy .

  60. Vijay bhagwwan narkhede says:

    Sir .we have south west bathroom under staircase.and the staircase is coloured black .is it problematic.?

  61. Aarti Das says:

    Namaskar, my name is Aarti Das. My birthdate 12.11.81. We shifted to new rented apartment. On 8th floor, 802. My main door is on south. And have French windows on north. Please help if it’s a good for vastu

  62. indyankesh says:

    Sir, Which is the best place to have the staircase and lift room (i.e. room that will have the lift and staircase) for a west facing plot (i.e. road is on the west)? What should be the direction of entrance to this room and the direction of alight for the stairs? Note that the entire ground floor will be open for parking and the major portion of the main gate will be in North-west portion of the road facing western compound fall. Is it ok to have the gate spanning across the entire west side of the plot?

  63. subhashini says:

    if a outside staircase is placed in the middle of northeast direction what is the remeady?

  64. RAJU AUDDY says:


  65. Arush says:

    I have staircase in my kitchen which causes vastu dosh so what should i do?

  66. Husnara says:

    Hi, we have 2 entrances to our home in the north and in the south, we mostly use the north gate but is it ok to have long length gate in south when compared to North,because we have long gate in south and short gate in the north. Please suggest…Thank you.

  67. Bala says:

    Hi sir my house stairs constructed anti clock wise house faceing is north face kindly give me solution thanks

  68. anitha says:

    We have constructed kitchen under the staircase . is there any remedy for this problem

  69. Chandan kumar says:

    Namaskar sir,
    I am from Ramgarh , I have stairs in north-east direction of my home. and we are facing many type of monetry losses in my house please help me.
    so, I need an advise that may I use Mirror in front of that stair(which is in south-east direction) to reduce vaastu dosh of stair.

  70. Swamydas says:

    We have North East corner facing house and staircase is at southeast corner constructed with gap on both sides of compound wall(east , south ).
    Can I cover the staircase ??.I have 3 questions
    1.if I cover the staircase what happens

    2. If I didn’t cover the staircase what happens

    3.Bottom of staircase which is most preferably to construct bathroom or storage room

  71. Mrs.Sathi says:

    Hello sir,
    In my house the stair case is constructed on the direction of South to North to East. Is it right or wrong?

    Please reply the same.



  72. Kishan says:

    Sir my staircase is towrd East while climbing our face is toward East direction and then turn to South and again toward West direction steps what should I do if it’s not good as per vastu.
    Second one sir regarding kitchen as u told already that kitchen should be in South East but hard to stablish so we have decided in North West are of house but I have doubt about platform , entrance door and stove and sink placement and in which direction I shud face
    Please sir suggest me as soon as possible
    Thank you.

  73. Surjit singh says:

    Dear sir,
    Can we build staircase from west to east due to lack of space nd only a small toilet under the stairs. Plz reply is it OK or not. If yes give remedies for the same.

  74. Lavanya Khandelwal Jain says:

    Sir, we want to take our first step in round shape and then rest in rectangular.
    Does it attract any vastu dosh?

  75. Shilpa Sundarka says:

    Sir there is a staircase where I want to built a toilet. Building a ceiling or a storage between them cuts the vaastu dosh or not?

  76. prashanth says:

    We have staircase in North-west corner towards North (Touching the north compound wall). We climb towards west first and then turn back to east. Can you please let me know is this as per the vaastu… What remedies can we do to avoid vaastu dosha… Looking forward for your rely.

  77. sruthi says:

    Hello sir, my parents have constructed a new house where the bathroom (north facing) is placed below the internal staircase on the north west of the house and opposite to the main door ( East facing). Ours is a three storey house and we needed a bathroom on the ground floor also. The plot is only 60 yards and place is very less so we were unable to find a better idea. Also the staircase surrounds the lift. Please let me know if this is a vastu defect and how it can be corrected.

  78. Raja says:

    Hi, Inner staircase shall we use black or dark granite flooring and wall light color painting. If we use dark color granite floor it give rich look for staircase that why i ask you.

  79. Ajay says:

    Hello Sir Ji,
    My house has staircase in North East corner and facing towards the south direction, will it cause damage or they are ok.

    • Mallesh Gangaiwar says:

      Stairs in Northeast is a severe defect will causes Mental Stress, Adversely affects on children’s growth, their education and career
      It requires “Gems Therapy” Please call me on 9494214400 for details

  80. NJ says:

    Hello Sir,
    one of the toilets with rust color walls in my house is under stair case with toilet door facing South West . Could you please suggest remedies.

    • Mallesh Gangaiwar says:

      What is the location of this Toilet ?

      • NJ says:

        not sure how to upload the hand drawn map of the ground floor on this web site. But let me try to explain.
        – Home is 56 degree NE facing.
        – Stairs starts from around 4 feet on the right of the main door inside Living room.
        – Bathroom is located below and at the end of the stairs facing 229 degree SW
        – Kitchen is behind Living room with burner 142 degree SE. cooking is done facing same direction.
        – I have a fountain located in the south of home in backyard.

        I can send hand drawn map to your email along with first floor map. Please let me know.

        Kindly guide.

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