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Vastu Shastra Sanctified Science of Harmony and Prosperity

How Vastu works

All of us agree that we, humans, spend most of the time inside a building be it’s a house, office or anything else. And also all things in the cosmos contain a level of energy linked with them. So it’s appropriate to say; all buildings and even open land on which a building is constructed has an energy vibrations associated with it.

As a conclusion from above, it’s easy to imagine that we are surrounded by these energies 24×7. Some of them are positive (with pleasing effects) while others are negative (having very bad effects) on us.

Objective of Vastu is to eliminate negativity and enhance Positivity or positive energy present at the place or site so that a person, family or even business inhabiting can become prosperous and progressive.

In simple way we can say that, Vaastu aims to make harmonious in buildings in tune with mother-nature, so that the habitat lives will be well balanced with happy life.


What Happens in a Building which Doesn’t Follow Vastu Shastra?

If a building is not constructed according to Vaastu principles then the thinking and action of residents or working in such building is not harmonious and progressive. Further it leads to loss of Money, illness and in some cases uncertainty also.

The-Science of Happiness-And-Prosperity

On the contrary if the buildings constructed according to Vaastu principles; the Divine Powers will help and support in the positive thinking and progressive actions to the inmates.

How Vastu Shastra Originate?

As per Vaastu shastra, every direction belongs to some God or divinities which manage respective zones of the house.

For example, Iswar or Mahadev is the ruling God of the Eshan or Northeast direction and hence it is best suited for the Puja room.

Agni (Fire element) supervises the Southeast direction, so it’s best suitable for Kitchen.

It means different sections and activities are related to house, office, shop etc are governed by some of the Divinity.

So by adhering with Vaastu principles we can get power of nature effortlessly in achieving the goals.

Many rules of Vastu shastra are simple and most of them are relates to ventilation, quantity and quality of sunlight a building receives etc.

Whereas some principles of Vastu shastra are concern to Earth energy field and subtle energy fields in nature and constructed environments.

Vastu Shastra and Links to The Universe

We all are aware that Sun is the most important planet which radiates light and heat which is crucial for existence of life on earth, thus Sun is known as the “Soul of Universe”. The principle of Vastu Shastra allows human beings to use unlimited energy of the Sun in the best possible way.

The Earth, which is our planetary home, is like a mother and is a treasure-house for all comforts and happiness which a human cannot find elsewhere. A Vaastu shastra principle enables the human beings to draw on comprehensive role of mother Earth for best results.

How Vastu Shastra works

How Vastu works There are many factors which governs the life of a human being like fortune, karma and Vaastu of the place where he lives and works. Apart from karma and fate Vastu affects on the quality of life also.

If the Vastu is poor and the fate of a person is good then results obtained can range from poor to average; where as if the Vastu is good and fate is poor then the ill effects are at minute.

Thus it’s very important to follow Vaastu shastra principles while building a house, shop or any other structure as it could changes a person’s destiny for betterment. Thus the application of vaastu shastra is wonderful.


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