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Vastu Tips for East Facing Flats/Houses

East Facing House Main Door Placement

Its fact that East Facing Flats or Houses are the second most ideal homes after North facing house the people prefers.

Another thing that, Most of the people assume to believe that all East facing Flats/Houses are equal in-terms of Vaastu shastra, but that’s certainly not the instance.

According to Vastu ShastraEast facing flats/houses can range from being favorable to very unfavorable ones.

In simple words facing of the flat/house doesn’t make it favorable or unfavorable, it’s all about the positioning of elemental placements like rooms, Fire element, Washrooms etc.

Here we are providing some of the important Vastu Tips for East Facing Houses, if you are in process of purchase a new flat/house.

East Facing Flats/Houses – What Vaastu Says

As said in earlier the inauspiciousness of a flat/house doesn’t depend upon the facing and assuming that all East facing flats/houses are good and South facing flats/houses are bad.

Since the positioning of the main door entrance of the flat/house has a supreme concern thus we have to decide it carefully.

East Facing House – Main Entrance Door  

We all aware that, East direction is considered to be good among all directions in Vastu Shastra, however, care should be taken that entrance  of flat/house should be placed in proper position in East instead random.

Place the entrance in “permitted” places, rather than in the “restricted” area.

While analyzing the above image, the East part (length from Northeast to Southeast) is divided in 9 equal parts. Each part is called as “pada” in Vaastu Shastra.East Facing House Main Door Placement

The “pada” numbered 5 which is in green color and the pada number 1, 2 are in orange color; 3, 4, 6 and 7 are in yellow color whereas the remaining padas 8 and 9 are in red color.

Here are the meanings

  1. The 5thPada (green) is the most auspicious to have a main door for East facing house. It’s the place of Sun (God of fame) and blesses inhabitants with name, fame and respect in the society.
  2. The Pada’s 3 and 4 you can have main entrance / main door here, if Pada 5 is small, then you can include pada 4 and 3 with 5along with.
  3. Padas 1 and 2 are not potential however, if you happen to have entrance here then nothing to worry, as won’t bring any harm; not benefits. If you’re using “Pada 1” for main door, then keep at least 6 inches(1/2 feet) of space from NE corner and door. Means main door should not touch Northeast corner.
  4. The Pada’s 6 and 7 are to use then it’s better to includepada 5 in this arrangement.
  5. Padas 8 and 9 are should never be used to locate the entrance of a house, because this door is from where illness enters in to the home

Important Vaastu tips for elemental placement in the house

  1. Place the main entrance door in the Northeast area.
  2. The kitchen should be in Southeast area of the house, as a second option you can have it in Northwest area.
  3. Construct the stair case in the Northwest or Southeast area.
  4. The master bedroom of the flat/house must be in the Southwest zone.
  5. Female child room should be in Northwest corner.
  6. The living area should be in the East of Northeast direction or in Northeast corner.
  7. Keep more windows in the East direction so that sunlight will be more in the house which gives health and luck.
  8. Please check that the East side is not elevated as compare to West side.
  9. Avoid a flat / house having Southwest entrance door, as it is the devil energy entry door, which can brings Struggles and misfortunes



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