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Marriage Delay and Vaastu Shastra

Every one wants to know the possible reasons for Marriage delays of their beloved child.

There may be many reasons for delay. Few of them may be practical, Astrological but most of them are due to Vastu shastra defects in their living houses. Being they are not built according to the Vaastu Shastra principles.

Marriage proposals will come in smooth way, if followed these simple Vaastu Tips.

# Under ground Water tank in South-west direction of your house could be main reason for marriage delay.

# Marriageable boys should use North-east bedroom

# Marriageable Girl should use North or North-west Bedroom.

# Never paint doors and windows with black color. Accessories like bed sheets, fabric should never be of Black colors.

# Never keep Clutter, unused iron material in the rooms and under the beds.

# If the main door of your house is not constructed according to Vaastu, try to avoid marriage discussion in such houses.

# To be Marriageable boys never sleep in South-east bedroom instead use North-East or South-West bedroom..

# Marriageable boy should sleep with their head towards South and Girls should sleep with their head towards West.

# Always keep door of attached toilet closed and toilet seat cover always closed when not use.

# Avoid plot which are raised in North-East and Lowers in South-West

# Girl (after starting of their menstruation cycle) should never use North-East and South-West bedroom instead use North-West bedroom.

# Avoid construction of staircase or anything heavy at the center of a house [Brahmsthan].

Vastu Tips for Peaceful Married Life

Vaastu and Marriage

  1. Avoid using in South-East bedroom.

  2. Couple should Never use North-East bedroom.

  3. Never keep thorny and bonsai plants in the house.

  4. Bed should not be used as storage (even it’s of wooden).

  5. Mirrors in Bedroom should create conflicts in couples.

  6. Extension in South-east can create arguments in Couples.

  7. Use single mattress on bed and prefer single bedding.

  8. A wooden bed is recommended for peaceful married life.

  9. Buy square or rectangular bed.

  10. Keep the North-east direction of your house always clean and clutter free.


10 Comments to Marriage Delay and Vaastu Shastra

  1. Chandra Malar says:

    Ma’am my north east been raised by four steps than south west and south east. My kids are 7 and 5 years old girls. Any remedies for the raised floor?. Toilet in north east we are closing and the room we going to use for prayer and study room. Pls advice.

    • admin says:

      Hello Chandra ji:
      You have strengthen the SW by using Copper Swastika and Pukhraj Stones, please call me on 9494214400 for details

  2. arka says:

    mam , i am married and my bed room on north-est , wahat to do , becacuse i have no extra bedroom to change it

  3. Sonali says:

    Dear Sir

    It is a good article. I have been told that the south east is the marriage corner and my cousin also sleeps in the south east room of their house as she wants to get married. Her vastu consultatnt has also told to light a red bulb in south east corner for early marriage.

    Kindly advice


  4. Parul Kumar Jain says:


  5. Mamta says:

    Mam our bedroom is in southwest and toilet is in south the flow of water from bathroom is atsouth and southwest is it good or not

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