A road which ends at the house plays an important role in Vaastu Shastra. Even if the house is constructed as per Vaastu Shastra principles and if Vidhi-Shula (Approach road) is to the house, then it will generate good or bad results depending upon the direction of that approach road ending at the house. So consider this aspect while searching or selecting the plot





Here are some of the outcomes of different Vidhi-Shula and Defects with their problems on the inhabitants:-



Results / Vidhi Shula Effects 

  1. East-Eshanya
  2. East of  North East
Very good:  high-status and causes richness. Very good for men. Brings growing mobility in life. Best for Media  Professionals
  1. East-Agneya
  2. East of Southeast
Bad: Financial loss, breach of trust, cheating, theft, fire.Increase expenses, Accidents can happen,  Litigation and punishments/actions may be initiated.
  1. North-Eshanya
  2. North of North East
Very Good- Financial improvement. Gains wealth and Happiness for residents
  1. North-Vayavya
  2. North of Northwest
Bad: Enemy, court cases, restlessness, suicidal tendencies, financial loss, interruption in work, bad habits. Unlawful activities.  Instability in Life.
  1. West-Vayavya
  2. West of Northwest
Good: Financial gain, improvement in intellectual faculties. Good for men. Promote owner’s business / profession.  Improve attitude and behavior.
  1. West-Neirutya
  2. West of Southwest
Very Bad: Causes ill effects for house owner, illness, financial loss, Suicidal Thinking’s, affect the happiness Constant quarrels, problems of money
  1. South-Agneya
  2. South of Southeast
Good: Financial gain.Will give peace and happiness.
  1. South-Neirutya
  2. South of Southwest
Very Bad: Financial loss, bad effect for the woman of the house,  Affects wealth / finance; bad habits for inmates, women. Trouble in all spheres


So while selecting the plot, one should consider carefully, the magnetic direction in which a road, lane or street is focused on the plot to form the Vidhi-Shula. From the table above, best option is to choose plots which have the following street focus:

Option / Vastu Street-focus/ Vidhi Shula


North of Northeast Most preferred
East of Northeast Most preferred
South of Southeast Preferred
West of Northwest Preferred