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A road which ends at the house plays an important role in Vaastu Shastra. Even if the house is constructed as per Vaastu Shastra principles and if Vidhi-Shula (Approach road) is to the house, then it will generate good or bad results depending upon the direction of that approach road ending at the house. So consider this aspect while searching or selecting the plot

Here are some of the outcomes of different Vidhi-Shula and Defects with their problems on the inhabitants:-



Results / Vidhi Shula Effects 

  1. East-Eshanya
  2. East of  North East
Very good:  high-status and causes richness. Very good for men. Brings growing mobility in life. Best for Media  Professionals
  1. East-Agneya
  2. East of Southeast
Bad: Financial loss, breach of trust, cheating, theft, fire.Increase expenses, Accidents can happen,  Litigation and punishments/actions may be initiated.
  1. North-Eshanya
  2. North of North East
Very Good- Financial improvement. Gains wealth and Happiness for residents
  1. North-Vayavya
  2. North of Northwest
Bad: Enemy, court cases, restlessness, suicidal tendencies, financial loss, interruption in work, bad habits. Unlawful activities.  Instability in Life.
  1. West-Vayavya
  2. West of Northwest
Good: Financial gain, improvement in intellectual faculties. Good for men. Promote owner’s business / profession.  Improve attitude and behavior.
  1. West-Neirutya
  2. West of Southwest
Very Bad: Causes ill effects for house owner, illness, financial loss, Suicidal Thinking’s, affect the happiness Constant quarrels, problems of money
  1. South-Agneya
  2. South of Southeast
Good: Financial gain.Will give peace and happiness.
  1. South-Neirutya
  2. South of Southwest
Very Bad: Financial loss, bad effect for the woman of the house,  Affects wealth / finance; bad habits for inmates, women. Trouble in all spheres

vidhi shula

So while selecting the plot, one should consider carefully, the magnetic direction in which a road, lane or street is focused on the plot to form the Vidhi-Shula. From the table above, best option is to choose plots which have the following street focus:

Option / Vastu Street-focus/ Vidhi Shula


North of Northeast Most preferred
East of Northeast Most preferred
South of Southeast Preferred
West of Northwest Preferred


305 Comments to VIDHI-SHULA

  1. CHANDRA MOHAN says:


  2. CHANDRA MOHAN says:


    • admin says:

      Hello Chandra Mohan Ji;
      Your house is West Facing and Main entrance in Westnorth; ( Vayavya) and road hits at there. Its not a Vaastu Dosh or defect. Since Vayavya Vidhi Shula is good one. Regarding your financial problem there may be another reason. please send me Plan of your house and water source in house.

  3. VIJAYA says:


  4. Srinivas says:

    Sir, my house has North of Northwest and hitting with road.
    | |
    | Road |
    ——–‘ V ‘———– N
    W E
    ————- …..————- S
    | gate|
    | |
    | House |
    But, one more road crossing just in front of my house. as mentioned above is it safe?

    • admin says:

      Hello Srinivas Ji:
      North of Northwest hitting road is not Good. And another road crossing your house in which direction please clarify.

      • Srinivas says:

        Road crossing just in front of my home if West — East.
        Pl advise with remedies if any.
        Thanks for guiding

  5. Aparna says:

    Hello sir,we are planing to buy a land facing south. and there is a turning circle on the south west side cause the land plot to a irregular shape.all other sides have 90 * corners. Pls advice remedies if any.

  6. venkatreddy says:

    Hello sir,we are buy a land facing south.has east of southeast and hitting with road sir above is it safe? if not safe pls give me a solution sir

  7. Kavya says:

    Hello Sir, We are planning to buy a site which is west facing and the road is hitting the site only for 1/4th of the site towards the south west. Is this ok to invest and are there any remedies to follow. Thanks

  8. SureshBabu Tumula says:

    Hello sir

    we want to buy and land which is having east veedhi shoola. Please see the following diagram.
    requesting you , can we buy this type of land.

    | E |
    _| |__________________
    _______ ____________W__
    [ ] [
    [_______] [

  9. SureshBabu Tumula says:

    Dear Sir,
    I want to buy a land, it is a corner bit having road on east and west side. Entire east side hitting a road. kindly guide me. can we buy this land..?

  10. Shankar says:

    Hi Sir,

    I purchased a south facing plot with a 33 ft road running on South. Recently a new 33 ft road from south is forming T- Junction on my plot South East. This road coming from South is hitting 15 ft. Would you please suggest me any effects because of this and its remedies.

  11. santhosh says:

    Hello Sir,

    I have a East facing plot. East of South East is having a road hit (very small road). Site is 50*80 dimension. Road hit is there for 16ft out of 50 ft. Is there any remedy to rectify this dosha. Kindly help me.

    M: 9731222399

  12. Saritha says:

    Hello sir we are planning to buy house which has vidhi shula.Our house entracne direction is east and exactly one road comes and connects to another road in the middle of the plot.Can you please suggest whether it is good or bad or we should not buy it.

    | |
    | | Road
    |—-| | |————————–
    |—-| E
    | |————————–
    | |

  13. Raj says:

    Sorry above diagram not visible properly.Hope this will come correctly

    ——— | |————> Road in front of the house
    | |
    HOUSE | | ________________________________
    | | <—————-Hitting road EAST
    ———- | | —————————————————-
    | |

    Kind regards

  14. Srikanth says:

    Dear Sir,

    We want to purchase one plot. Which is Northeast corner polt. But one problem for that polt which is a road going state to eastsouth corner opposite. Is it called as veedhi potu or veedhi shoola. Shall purchase that plot. Pls help me to take a decision.

    • admin says:

      Hello Srikanth ji:
      Is that road is hitting in East or South-east please clarify, or you can call me on 09494214400

  15. ravi says:

    I saw a flat in an Apartment. The Apartment has one North East vidhi shula ie., front side and also a road hitting it back side ie., total west side. Is it ok. If there is dosha from west road, pl tell me remedy if any.

  16. Mano says:

    Sorry, above diagram is not clear
    | | N
    | |
    | | |———————|————————-|
    |R| | | |
    |O| | Flat 1| Flat 2 |
    -—————–|A| | | |
    ROAD |D| |———————|————————-| E
    -—————–| | | | |
    | | | Flat 3| Flat 4 |
    | | | | |
    | | |———————|————————–|
    | |
    | | S

  17. Mahesh says:

    Dear Sir

    We are constructing an apartment with 15 flats in which we reside in two flats combined and other flats will be let for rent. Our entire site has East- Southeast Veedhi shula. However our combined flat entrance is on west (with a balcony on north east) and the entrances of remaining flats have north and north east entrace. Except veedhi shula all other elements are as per vastu for each flat. Also the ground floor is completely left for the sake of parking (stilt floor). Does it still affect the residents? or do we need to take any precautions? Kindly help.

  18. Venu says:

    Sir i planning buy a used house, pls find the below details.

    The house Entrance from West to East, and East totally close there attached besides home and Entrance West opp Street on my home entrance opposite and left and right have street its like ‘T’ and the home besides also road goes south road. Can i buy this land for good or bad.

    | |
    ——— ———————-
    ——— ————————
    | |House| |
    | | | | Left side beside home road
    | | | |

  19. venkat says:

    Hi, I am planning to buy a west facing flat in an L shaped apartment with 3 towers within the same compound wall. The third tower in the L end has a street focus to the South East corner. But we do not have any entrance over to that street and the compound wall covers it completely. I am looking in the first tower which is at the entrance of the L shape. Is this an issue(Veedhi Sula etc).

  20. Sahil Bhasin says:

    Dear Sir,
    i am planning to buy east facing plot having road hitting on east side .? is it preferable to buy such plot for residential construction.

  21. K Kumar says:

    Hi Sir,
    We want to purchase a house which is hit by North of Northwest, The house is facing the north road. It is hitting the 2 feet of the compound wall.Except compound wall there is no other house construction and a lane of 2 feet is left in the west. Please suggest what should we do?


    • admin says:

      Hello Kumar ji:
      Road is hitting at North of Northwest is not good. For detail analysis please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession.
      My Mail Id: I will reply.

  22. premkumar says:

    Hello sir,

    There is south west road after 2 feet’s of plot..It is not touching the plot… Is there any effect because of this road.

    • admin says:

      If it is hitting in SW then defect

      • Sushama says:

        Dear sir,
        We are about to finalize a plot on rent for 5 years for small scale industry. This plot is located in pure agriculture area having main road at southwest side (about 25-30 feet from plot). If our shed facing north. and if we leave a separate side road to meet main road (southwest side) is it acceptable.

  23. ramya99nimmagadda says:

    Hi Sir,

    We want to purchase a flat with west face entrance. The apartment is having east entrance. There is a 120 feet road on south side.

    However a 20 feet (400 meters length) road that comes from south (South east) hits the 120 feet road and causing veedhi potu. For whole aprtment it is in South of south-east and is good. But for flat it is covering nearly whole south side. And the flat is not having any south opening.

    Does this cause any bad effect? Few people says it effects and has to see flat not plot. Some says, no as it is only 20 feet road and it hits first 120 feet road the effect diminishes.

    Totally in confusion with lot of opinions. If there is veedhipotu, could u suggest remedies?


  24. RR says:

    Hello Sir,

    I want to buy a North Facing plot of 75 X72 dimensions( North 75 feet). This plot has veedhi potu
    hitting in between the plot.

    35 feet Veedi potu 10 feet
    No potu 30 feet No potu
    West xxxxxxxxxxxxxx East

    Veedhi potu is not starting from North- east corner, but starts after 10 feet from North east.
    Can i go ahead and buy this plot?

    If not can i ask the owner to sell with 50×72 dimensions, The plot will still be North Facing and there is a Veedhi Potu on the North East corner with a length of 15 feet( Out of 50 feet , 15 feet is facing the Road).

    35 feet Veedi potu
    No potu 15 feet
    West xxxxxxxx East

    Firstly any of the above dimensions are good or not? Which dimensions are good for buying? Upto what length Veedhi potu is good?

    Thanks in Advance for your reply.


  25. Meenakshi says:

    Hello Sir,

    We have purchases a north west corner plot which has a big road on west side and sub road on north side. The mesurments of the plot are 40(West) X 30(North). There is a road hitting the west side of the SouthWest corner of the plot for small part(4-5 feets). We are planning to constrct house in this plot. I have read over internet that it is inauspisious to have a Southwest hitting of road. Please suggest if there is any remedy. DOB 02/06/1982.
    Thank you

  26. Meera says:

    Hi SIr,

    I am going to purchase a house has east face. House has three roads. one is on east side.and south side and west side. west side road hitting the house from back side and moving towards south side. west side rode as veedhi shula hitting back of the house and moving towards south (It is not dedend). please let me know can i purchase this house or not.


  27. bhagyalaxmi says:

    Hi Sir,
    Recently we have seen a flat with east facing in an apartment. But for apartment the entrance gate is on North having road in front of it and also having an opposite road to the apartment. for clear picture i have given the picture. so actual doubt do we need to consider vastu for whole apartment or only for flat. if we need to consider for whole apartment is it good or bad to purchase the flat as the apartment is having veedi sula. kindly clarify our doubt.
    | S |
    |E W|

    | Road |
    | |
    | |

    Bhagya laxmi

  28. bhagyalaxmi says:

    | S |
    |E W|

    | Road |
    | |
    | |

  29. ranga says:

    Sir, i am looking to buy a site with road running along the east part of the site ( east facing site)from south to north with down gradient towards north. In front of the site a second road is running from the East forming a ‘T’ at the east of the north-east of the site. The road hitting east of north-east of the site is having a slight down gradient towards the site (i.e towards west) Can I buy this site? Please clarify.

    • admin says:

      Hello Ranga ji:
      Please send me the exact plan or layout of this Plot. If T junction is forming at East of North-east then OK

  30. Santosh says:

    The road is hitting at East South coner to east face please give me good remedies

  31. Santosh says:

    Sir, The road is hitting at East South conner to east face please give me good remedies

  32. Santosh says:

    Sir I have sent my house plane

  33. Avi says:

    Hi Sir,

    We have a west facing house and the road in front of our house ends after our plot. Is it good or bad? Please suggest

    Boundary Wall of our Society/
    I | West MY HOUSE East |House | |House |
    I | Vacant Plot |House | |House |
    I | One House |House | |House |
    | | Vacant Plot |House | |House |
    | | ____________________|_________________| |_________________|

    __________________________________________ ___________________

  34. Respected sir
    we are in a rent house having east – SE veedhi potu, any remedies, pls guide us, Pranams

  35. pavithra says:

    we are planning to purchase a site with north of northeast veedhishoola( half of the the plot was facing the road). it is last but one site from the east side….can we go ahead with that please provide your suggestions….

  36. Venky says:

    Sir, My plot is west facing W. In front of my plot there is east facing plot E.
    This plot E is having veedhishoola front backside ie from west. If that plot E owner don’t build any house in his plot, will there any effect of veedhishoola on my plot W ?

  37. Archana says:

    We are planning to buy a house which has a bend and the corner of the house can be seen on the straight road. Can this be called as Veedhi Shoola?

  38. Priya says:

    Hi sir,
    We are moving to rental apartment….but that total plot100% is veedi shoola,facing west..
    And our flat is facing this is good?
    Plz reply sir

    • admin says:

      Hello Priya ji:
      Road hitting in West direction covering 100% of your house then its OK

  39. venkat says:

    Hi sir,

    i am planing to buy one veedhi sula house which is 2 sides road north and south, one more roads is coming to my house north side (north west veedisula), please advise me can i buy this house or not,
    is there any remedies there to cure

    thanks and regards

  40. neha says:

    Hi.. How about flat in southwest but door facing east ?

  41. Subramanyam says:

    Hi sir,
    We are planning to construct a house (East facing). There is a veedhi shoola from East side covering 20% of the plot. only one house a head in that way. My question is

    1) The part of the house can enter into veedhi shoola (Front room and one bed room)
    2) The main gate we are starting after veedhi shoola road.

    Can you please reply.


    | |
    | |
    | |
    E | |
    N ______________________
    | House

  42. surender says:

    hi sir
    we are planning to buy a plot facing south and having Vidhi-Shula southeast is these plot safe??

  43. Girish sabarad says:

    I have purchased a flat , entrance is west
    I want to know if it is good for me
    My name is Girish Sabarad DOB 29.03.1972

    Please suggest

  44. Srirangam Praveen Kumar says:

    I am going to construct commercial shutters in the site 64’*120′ .but 10′ * 120′ of place is hitting by road in south east east (Agneya) focus. May I construct the shutters or leave the 10′ place. If a want to construct in affected area, is there any parihara?. Please help me.

  45. Devi says:

    We want to buy this house facing WEST, the road curve is there.
    Like L shape, the house front door facing the length arm of L.

  46. vinod says:

    We want to buy a house having measurements width 30 ft (north-south), length is 40 ft(west-east),
    west facing and main entrance towards west-north, steps towards(west-south), having veedhi shoola for about 8 ft towards west-south. I request to give your suggestions weather to buy it or not…

  47. Raghuram Neerukattu says:

    Sir ,
    ‘ R ‘
    ‘ o ‘
    ‘ a ‘
    ‘ d ‘
    ‘ ‘
    ‘ ‘South
    ‘ ‘
    ‘ home ‘
    ‘ ‘


    My House is facing this east-norteast street shula can you please suggest me the remidey to reduce that street shula effect.
    Thanks in advance

  48. Raja Reddy says:

    Hello Sir, We purchased a plot with south facing. When we purchased that land there is an empty land in front of our plot. Now they made a layout in that empty land and we are getting 1/4th ‘T’ junction on south of south west corner. And 1/4th road hitting neighbour plot. Is there any remedy for this? Please help me. I
    Neighbour I
    West Plot I My Plot East
    | | South
    | |
    | |

  49. Panigrahi says:

    Sir I am having plot facing North, Road goes from East to west along the width of plot and another road comes from North towards the half width of plot like inverted T junction. Please help me how to reduce the Veedhi shoola/Potu

  50. Panigrahi says:

    Sir, I am having plot facing North direction . i.e East to West road passing along the width/face of the plot. Another road from North comes and joints the East – West road in the form of inverted “T”. Please suggest what remedies we have to take to reduce the Veedhi potu

  51. Firoz Khan says:


  52. lata says:

    Hi Sir, my DOB is 11 sept 1980 and my husband is 23 Nov 1983. could you suggest which facing will be more suitable for us.

  53. shrilata says:

    Sir , my DOB is 11 sept 1980 and my husbands is 23/11/1983. we are planning for house , could you suggest which facing we should start searching for.

  54. kopparapu says:

    Sir our house is east facing . But frrom north road os hitting full house. And we are having gate to the north also. Is it safe ?

    • admin says:

      Road if hitting entire North, it’s some problematic.
      Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession.
      My Mail Id: I will reply. It’s chargeable

  55. SRE says:


  56. mv says:

    Hi Sir, we are planning to buy a house. my DOB is 11 dec 1982 and my husband is 17 Nov 1974. could you suggest which facing will be more suitable for us.

  57. Anil says:

    Hi Sir, I am planning to buy a west facing house with road hitting the house as shown below.
    Is it good as per vaastu.

    Thank You

    | |
    | | N
    | |______________
    | |
    | |
    ____| |
    ____ | E
    | |
    | |
    | ___________ ___|
    | | S
    | |

  58. Lakshmi says:

    I am planning to buy a site of 40 by 50 east facing. One road goes north to south on east side of the site. Another road of 20 feet wide from east to west hits like T at right part (north part) of the site(if you divide the site as 2 parts: south part(20 by 50) & north part(20 by 50). is it OK to buy this plot? Please help me.

  59. venkata reddy says:

    Sir, we have a east facing building.we have a vidhipotu from a road at south direction.In order to nullify its effect, we constructed a small room at the end of the road, but still ladies in our house are not well.please tell us a solution.

  60. Mallikarjun says:

    | west |
    | Land | |
    | |road|
    | | ^ |
    | [B]|»_»_®
    |____ |
    South| H | North»|
    »»»»®|___ |Entrnc |
    East | |
    | |
    H= House
    ®= Road
    [B]= Bathroom

    Hello sir this is Malllikarjun from karimnagar, telangana..
    Road hitting from south to my complete house..My house main entrance is North facing..North road is there.
    East road also is there.
    West side 20 guntas agriculture land is there and East side house..
    We are facing lot of problems please save, suggest me sir.
    My dad, mom facing severe health problems and we are facing court cases, fancial problems, many problems are there please tell me the solution sir i’m begging you, requesting you..

  61. Our home is at the veedhi potu and first floor is extended on north west,due to this my health and my brother health were in bad condition and my dad is not doing any job ……….

  62. prasad says:

    I am looking at a total north potu 30 feet plot. Is it good.

  63. Sanjai Srivastava says:

    Sir .I am constrained to reside in my parental house. Having veethi school .House is west facing road coming from west hits sw corner of the house.Also plot has L shaped .My entire family is suffering with all kinds of problems as predicted in such veethi school. For some time I have shifted from that house but situation is again compelling me to back in that house.Pl.suggest me some remeady.Of I go there again. What precautions should I take.
    Sanjai Srivastava. Allahabad U.P

  64. nagashivudu says:

    sir my home is east door but back side ie., north-vayuvya side road hits the my home so is it problem for my strugles?? please suggest me sir

  65. Radhika says:

    This is my plot structure . Is that vidhi potu is bad?

    | | | |
    | | W | |
    | R | |ROAD |
    | | | |
    —- | |———————| |-

    S ROAD N

    My Plot neighbour plot
    (100yards) (150 yards)


  66. Vishwanath says:

    I am planning to buy a plot in the name of my wife. It’s a East Facing plot with a T Junction road is coming from east to center of my plot, on North side a 6′ Feet lane ,on the west side open plot, on South side a open plot

  67. uday kumar says:

    Hello sir my Uday iam planing to buy house
    NW & NE both sides are effected in vidhi-shula

  68. nareshkumar says:

    hello sir iam naresh, my plot has waw street focus, can you give any remedy

  69. Arpreet says:

    Sir, i m purchasing a 3 bhk flat all is perfect according to vastu kitchen in south east master bedroom in south west study & pooja room , living room all good but only one doubt. doubt is parking road hit (t junction from west )my master bedroom dress which is in south west corner but a big concrete wall is from top floor to first floor for all dresser room covered.
    so my question is that area is covered so do i use that area of exclude it from flat & do not use it …for remedies ??? or do i use it

  70. parichita says:

    Sir can I send you the master plan of the project that I want to purchase

  71. potlurisrinija says:

    Hello, We planning to purchase a house. The house main door is facing West but the house faces South. In this case can I consider it as West facing house?
    _______________ _______________ ______________
    | | | |
    | | | |
    House1 | |______ | | House2
    | |Door| | |
    | |______| | |
    ______________| |_____________ | |_______________



  72. karunakar says:

    hello sir,
    our plot is north facing north face length is 47 and east side is 36 and vidi sula is there on north side and the road is 30ft it is covering north side and remaining 17ft is at west side is it goos or bad sir

  73. Akhilesh says:

    | 30 feet road |
    | |
    | |
    25 feet road

    40 feet east facing
    |50 feet inside

    IS it good to construct house on this plot. Please suggest

  74. RK says:

    Recently we have purchased a south west corner facing plot which has a road on its south.
    At south south west corner of the plot there is a road coming from south and forming a T junction.

    pleas find the below picture Road coming from south and crossing to East phase. there will be road hit for my site
    | rd| [ site ]
    | | ________________
    west | | road East
    | ___________________________

  75. RK says:

    Recently we have purchased a south west corner facing plot which has a road hit on its south phase
    At south south west corner of the plot there is a road coming from south and hitting to south corner

    Please suggest me.

    | Plot *|plot1| plot2|
    | plot|| R | ======================
    | O | ============================
    | A | | Plot |
    | D |

  76. Shoaib says:

    Hello Sir,
    My house faces North-East and the main door also falls in the NE section. A small portion of the NE section and the whole east section of the house faces half a road(T-junction). the other half portion of the same road cuts the property next to me.

    is this is a Vastu Dosh or is it Good Vastu. Thank you very much for your assistance.


  77. jawahar says:

    hello sir, I want to purchase a plot with east facing 30 feet road but from west-north west road is hitting the plot and narrow gap of 3 feet is left on the north side of plot. pls suggest

  78. SRINIVAS says:

    West of West South and it os almost 80% of the road is covered.
    On the main road having divider on the. Road
    We don’t have x road near our plot kindly suggest me the remedy for this my mail id is

  79. suresh R says:

    Hi I am buying a 3 bed room apartment in the first floor of the property with 30 feet road on the west side of the property. The main gate to the apartment community is at north- west corner of the plot. And my apartment is north facing and entrance is at North. The total plot area is 38 feet west and 60 feet north. And the plot is at T junction by west- south west , but the exposed plot area is just 4 feet width. Does it have a big impact to my apartment in the first floor and do i need to do any remedy for it.

  80. Mala Suresha says:

    Hello Sir,
    We have a west facing 30 * 40 plot with 40 towards road. plot is covered by houses all 3 sides and west side by road. However there is a small lane which is part of the opposite house that people are using to walk. This hits the road that runs in front of our plot. Is this considered as Veedi shola. I lane is coming from south. Please let us know if we can build or house of not.

  81. Sai says:

    N. |road|
    |. Gate|
    | |
    | | E

    Road pass through west
    And east side open plot
    Road will hit exactly as shown in diagram
    Is this is good

  82. Sai says:

    Sir..veedhisula 60% is there north of noth east. Remaaining 40% north of north west is not it good one for buy?

  83. Sahasra says:

    Hello sir, we purchased a house where the main door is towards north east. Our plot has three roads on east south and west. There is a roundabout road at southwest. Is it a defect. What are the remedies.

  84. saibaba says:

    hello sir, we are planning to purchase a plot which is west facing and the road Sulla hitting from west side from south to north road facing area . the plot is also located in T junction the road comes from west and turns left to north side and right to south side…… total front facing of the plot is 25ft and total front facing is been under road Sulla (T Junction)..

    Is it good to buy this plot ?????? kindly reply….

  85. vvs balakrishna murthy says:

    For North facing house is there any effect of South niruthi veedhi potu? If what is the remedy?

    • admin says:

      Yes, it’s a defect having Vidhi potu in South of south-west
      Gems therapy is the remedy, for details please call me on 9494214400

  86. Surender says:

    Forwarding again, First time sent on last Sunday 8th May. Need Reply. Dear sir, I am planning to buy plot. I seen two side by side plots of east facing. One is clear east and another is also east facing with veedhi pootu on north east. Out of these two plots which one you will recommend. Pl reply as soon as possible. Surender

  87. Jatin says:

    Hello Sir,

    Sir, I had also purchased a plot having same issue, my plot is facing west and in center only road is hitting the plot and forming T shape and both side another plots are there. So kindly give your valuable opinion regarding this. I am eagerly waiting for your reply.

  88. srinivas says:

    Sir noth road east road noth slippery road it is good or not?

  89. wisdom says:

    Hello, I am planning to Buy a house, which is east facing with north east main entrance, whole road hits east facing wall. Is it bad?
    We also have a small 20feet drive way to north east entrance.

  90. Hemant Singh says:

    I am planning to buy a farming land which has roads along the south and west sides also the south-west corner is round. Should I but this plot. also please suggest if there is any vast solution for such a plots.

  91. Ananda Kumar Dogiparthi says:

    I want buy a plot in position is north northwest veedi shula any remedy for this

  92. sai says:


    Sourth :
    Road g
    —– east door ——-

    house is facing south but main entrance is at east. Total house blocked by south
    sir plz give me effects

  93. Sandeep says:

    My house is hitted by a road in north of northwest. Please suggest some remedies

  94. prakash says:

    I have East facing site ( East road) and from north east side one more road coming and hitting approximately middle of the site

  95. sarveswar rao says:

    Hi sir first of all thanks for replying so patiently to every one.

    Sir i am running a hostel in the name of swati she is my first daughter.
    I was on a rent which is EAST facing, however from backside of the house there is a veedhipotu and it is the dead end, there is no left or right turn the street directly hits my house from backend. I am residing at 1st floor.

    from the time i am here my family health was not good at all.
    Now i am planning to move into a NE bit and the gate is at the right side of the street. Is it good to stay there?
    Sir please suggest me i will be so thankful to you. Please help with all my problems.

    • admin says:

      You said the gate is in the Right side of the street, means here also Road is hitting in North-east please clarify, if so it’s OK

  96. Chandra Sekhara Reddy K says:

    Hi Sir I would like to know about North west and west T road hitting effects, whether it is good or not, here is a west side facing house, but 90% of entrance(begining from north west) was covered by T road. Please provide me solution.

  97. Sir mere north facing plot hai road hitting NW hai.plot size ka front 35ft hai.road NW mein 5 ft mein hit karta kya main front ko 30ft karke.NW hitting road wali vastudosh se bach sakta hoon kya.give me some advice

  98. Predeep yadav says:

    Sir our house the road hitting from northwest corner from both north and west is anyy solution for problem

  99. sanjeev biranje says:

    Sir what is the remedy for the road hitting the plot in the north of northwest

  100. nagjyoti k BIRANJE says:

    Sir my building is lying on North of northwest veedhi shoola what is the remedy

  101. Ram says:

    My present house is north faceing
    We are purchesed beside house which is east side to my house
    But newly buyes house had a veedhi potu
    Road is hiting on N-NE
    road goes through noth to west side(2 side road NORTH ,WEST) hitting point is just 30%, without veedhi potu 70%
    Is this good

  102. sudhir says:

    Hello Sir,

    My name is sudhir, i am leaving in a rent house and the house has W – SW vidhisula.
    My bedroom is at E-SE of the hose.

    Can it effect renters too or only owners.

  103. Baskara Raveendra says:

    Dear Sir,
    My Plot is facing Northwest – Vaayuvya veedhi shoola, in that place we had constructed Independent House which is facing to East Direction. Total plot size 60 x 40, in that 30 feet is NW Veedhi Shoola and balance of 10 Feet is NE – Good area.

    To avoid this NE Veedhi shoola, we had constructed a Small Disti Ganapathi statue just in front of Compound wall exactly on center portion of Veedhi shoola place.

    Now, i am requesting you, please suggest some more remedies to avoid veedhi shoola.
    for your better understanding i just dropped the layout of my house.

  104. Vinay Bakale says:

    Sir what if the road hits the 90% of the east facing plot . The 10%which is not hitting is south east

  105. gangadhar says:

    Sir 40 60 plot north road & north west road

  106. Srinivas Gundla says:

    Sir, I am planning to purchase a plot belongs to East face plot. dimensions are 52 X 45 feet. North side Northwest (North Vayuvya) one road ends, we have a electrical pole also there in between the road and north side people constructed a wall beside the this plot. This north vayavya road not belongs to our colony also. We will not use this North Vayavya road. Because we have road at east side only.

    Sir, please suggest me whether I can purchase it or not?

  107. Sir my plot having north and west road north side 50 ft and west side 30 Ft’s. But northwest(vayuvya) hitting road from north side so plz help to be construction

  108. Mallika says:

    My house is west facing and it has west of south west (west nairuthi) veedisula. sir please give remedies as we are facing many problems.

  109. Giri says:

    Hello Sir
    I am planning to buy a house, which is east facing. But it has a East Veedhi shoola. Veedhi shoola is though out the house. Please Advise

  110. Sudha Alvakonda says:

    We are looking for house. We enter the house from east to west. But there is road in front of the main door, though the actual drive way is a bit to the left. That’s how we enter the house. The road comes from East meets the house in a small curve and goes south.

    Please let me know if this is acceptable?

  111. Babu says:

    Dear sir,
    I have planned to purchase a plot facing south like T junction. The entire 30feet wide of south face is hit by 30 feet road. Is it good to purchase?

  112. aj says:

    sir, our the lot is facing northwest, but half of the lot is hit wit the direction of the road then curve to the right.

  113. hello sir,
    Purchased a West street focus plot but there is a road passing from North to South and the entire roads are looks to be T shaped in front of the plot. One running road and one street focus. please advice me should i construct a house or not and what will be the vastu remedy for this. the entire plot facing west on t point.

    I I
    I I
    I I
    I I
    ____________________________I I__________________________________
    ____________________________ I__________________________________
    I I
    I I
    I I
    I I
    I I

  114. Hello Sir,
    I bought a home for which we have north east “T” Junction but it is little bit cross, the plot is north facing and the road will be from north side which intersects the house facing at north east corner and the plot is extended 10 feet towards north side of north east corner and 1 feet towards east side of north east corner, can you please help me understand of that is good or need to do any corrections.
    Thanks in advance

  115. Sir can you respond to my posting above?

  116. chetan says:

    Apartment has 2 flats one with west and east doors on each floor where road side flat is west facing and Plot planning is as below. could you please help in understanding this case. Will this be considered as (E SE_ corner. can i by the West facing flat in this case. Please suggest.

    this plot has a road in front and another road coming from east.

    ______| |
    | R |_____________________ N
    Plot | O |Road from East W E
    ______| A |_____________________ S
    | D |
    | |

  117. Bala says:

    Hi Sir,

    Our house facing is South and having niruthi vedhi potu. Please tell me best solution for this

  118. Anusha says:

    We are planning to buy apartment with main entrance South facing, which is having a T junction with another apartment opposite to this.But the road is only for the entrance to the Apartment is this safe to buy.

  119. p s naidu says:

    sir my house facing north road middle hit east / R \
    —————- ————————————-road
    1 1
    1 1 E this is no gap
    1 1 ————————–
    1 N House S
    1 1 —————————

  120. s nagi reddy says:

    Sir , my DOB is 13 Nov 1976. we are planning for house , could you suggest which facing is suitable for me.

  121. Simmi says:

    Sir, we are planning to buy a north facing build up house. Its gate is in north east direction which is at T point. Will it be beneficial for us to purchase that? My dob is 29-10-84 and my husbands dob is 29-11-83.please suggest best location for us.

  122. Vikram reddy says:

    Remedy for T junction veedhi potu from west side

  123. V.sapthagiri says:

    Sir,Our house is east facing with 400 yards ,200 yards house was ,which we constructed is east aagneyam with vidhi shula.Remaining 200 yards is open plot thst means beside to our constructed house.
    so what my doubt is if we construct on open plot by dividing compound wall that means both of the houses has seperate gates with seperate steps with no attachment vidhi shula dosham will go or not.please reply me.

    • admin says:

      This requires site Visit or send me the lay-out of this house or plot. It’s a chargeable service

  124. vinod says:

    Sir my dob is 25..12..1979…at night 12.05…aap 26 b man sakte he……sir mujhe t point plot mil raha he..mere plot ko ek gali 10 foot chori hit kar rahi he from North northwest…please advice me

  125. vinod says:

    Sir ji meradob 25 december 1979 raat ko 12 bankar 5 minute par he…aap 26 b keh sakte he…mene north northwest t point plot liya he.. please bataiye acha he ya nhi

  126. feroz says:

    I’m planning to buy a plot with south side road it has also road hitting to property face at east corner can I buy this or not

  127. Shiva says:

    Hi sir
    I purchased a open plot 23 x 46 north west plot. It has veedhi shoola on north side. The street starting at eeshnya parallel to the plot. The street not touching vayuvya. So I want start construct house in that plot. Is it good or bad

  128. Manjeet Singh Yadav says:

    Sir my plot is east facing and road is hitting straight towards the plot is it good or bad if I do construction please advise me and west side also there is a road but not hitting the plot

  129. Kavitha says:

    Sir I have a plot facing south and it has veedhi shoola at south east end of south as below .25Feet of my plot is having veedhi shoola as below which is greater than 50% of the plot’s road facing . So this is like south south east veedhi shoola but veedhishoola is coming in south west portion also as 25Ft > 20Ft. Is this a good plot to take . Any issues with such kind of plot
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    —————————– ——————————————–

    ROAD ROAD ROAD on south of my plot

    | |
    | |
    E | W|
    | |
    | |
    |—————– |

  130. sunil siddamsetty says:

    Sir I thank you very much for providing so much info in your website…I have a query i and my father stay ide by side plots his plot has roads on north and east my plot is towards his south side and east facing road .we do not have a compound wall in between. there is one
    north west north veedhi potu hitting directly to my fathers plot.he does not believe in vastu .we together for last decade.some one now pointed out that north noth west veedhi potu is bad as i have agrand son now iwant to have this corrected.As there is no compoun in between our plots,does the nort north west veedi potu effect my plot also and if there is any correction please refer. Thank you kindly suggest.

  131. A.SYAMALA says:

    Sir, Our house is North facing and road is hitting on west side. So we are having North West vidhi shula. Please guide us. Is there any remedy? If we keep Ashoka tree (bonsai), can it rectify to some extent?

  132. Bindu says:

    Dear sir,
    My house is north facing. I dont have vidhi shula when i bulit the house but now it appeared. Road is not hitting house but the turning bent starts adjacent to our house that too 3 feet away(in between small canal is also there) from my house. Shoud i consider this as vidhi shula or can i neglect as the road is not hitting my home. pl suggest me. thank u

  133. Badari Narayana says:

    Sir I am going to buy a North Facing House, fully road facing. But house has perpendicular road facing northwest of the house. the house is at the t-junction, with full road on north side and another road (direction of road is north to south), faces on north-west corner of the house. Please suggest whether is it good as per vaastu.

  134. Chary says:

    I have bought one South facing Plot. While I bought I had a diff. layout wherein Street focus is not there. Now local people shared diff. layout wherein street focus is there for my south facing plot. This street is not directly hitting my plot as there is a 33 ft. road in front of my plot. This street focus is like a ‘T’ Junction for my plot on South west side. Since I have already bought this what is the remedy I have now. Pls. suggest.

  135. prasad says:

    Dear Sir,

    1) We are looking to buy a plot with East facing ( 40 ft X 60 ft) Road side 40 ft and it has Vidhi Shula (veedi potu) to entire plot. is it ok to buy the plot? please suggest me.
    2) My DOB is 10/02/1982, which facing flat is good for me?

  136. Don says:

    We have purchased one west facing plot. The plot has one road( only for this plot) hitting from west to south west corner.We are planning to buy that small road too. Is that ok to rectify the veedhi shoola problem. Or please suggest any remedies to rectify the problem.

  137. BairavaRajender says:

    Hi Sir,
    I am Looking to Purchase a Plot, Which Having East and North facing(corner Plot), Dimenson of Plot is 35/45 Having Both sides East Side(22f Road), North Side (25F Road).
    One Road is Hitting from North to West till end of the Plot, Size of the Road is 25F(Plot width is 45f)
    I am sharing Plot Dimension to your Maild Id Please suggest

  138. Paddy says:

    Sir, I have been living in a flat for the last 15 years with main door facing Northwest, Kitchen adjoining toilet in the south and one bedroom in the south east while the other bedroom adjoining verandah faces east/north east. I have always faced problems in career and my children face continuous health problems. My father died of cancer in this house. Please let me know if there are some simple vastu remedies to rectify the same. Regards, Paddy

  139. Abdul Raheem says:

    My date of birth is 19.08.1972 and my name ia Abdul Raheem please send which is preferred and if Veedi puttu which face is preferred

  140. Abdul Raheem says:


    W Asset E


    Road 1.


    House. Apartment



    Road 2


    My date of birth is 19.08.1972
    Please send your suggestions

  141. Ravi says:

    Dear sir,
    The home faces east (plot faces east) and main door is also east facing. There is a road hitting from south to the home. is it ok to buy the home?


    | | | R |
    | |East | O |
    | | | A |
    | Home Door | | D |
    | | | |
    |_____________| | |
    South | |
    __________________ | |
    | Road |
    | ________________ |
    | R |
    | O |
    | A |
    | D |
    | |
    | |

  142. Naveen Kumar says:

    For all Veedi Shoolas tht are considered as bad plz put a reflecting glass over the house and make sure the reflecting glass to be of same width of the road tht it hits the house. And also place three copper Trishul of the road width with its face facing the road commming to the house. Make sure the reflecting glass mirror is for the full height of the house and width to be of the road.

  143. girija says:

    we are planning to purchase a west facing plot that has a 27 feet road.
    The road is T shaped


    I W I

    W denotes west direction and that road is directly facing the plot of 36 feet x 50feet plot
    of 36 feet plot, 27 feet is subjected to west road hiting
    can i purchase it

  144. satyanarayana Murty K says:


    I am planning to buy a North Facing plot, Plot is having veedipotu in northeast side (50%) covered. Please advise shall i take this plot.

    • Mallesh Gangaiwar says:

      If that Vidhi Potu is only up-to Northeast, then it’s OK, but if that also hitting North then not advised

  145. satyanarayana Murty K says:

    thank u sir for your reply.

  146. Dheeraj Kumar says:

    We have a flat and building is facing road from west side (south). The road is branch of main road like a approach to the building. Is it harmful??? Because road is very small one and is ending on both sides.

  147. Krishna says:

    Sir- I’m planning for a flat in apartment (4 of 4th floor). The apartment main entrance is South and my flat is West. However we have a South of South East (Dakshina Aagneya) veedhi chupu. Please clarify this is veedhi potu or veedhi chupu.

  148. aruna says:

    Our Plot is 22.5 feet ( East to west ) and 40 feet ( North to south ) , we are having 30 feet roads on south and west . we constructed house North face door entry by using west road . Unfortunately due to layout change in westren side 20 feet road is joining our 30 feet west side like 90 degrees rotated T —–I . Our plot is hitting Master bed and hall on west side ) west -SW and west . Can you plz suggest any remedies .

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