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Benefits of Northwest Facing House


North West facing house is not so bad. This can benefits with health, wealth and prosperity if other construction is supported by other Vaastu Shastra principles.

Only thing is to keep in mind, the male member of the house may remain away from the house for a longer time if the door faces West and a female if the door faces North.

Northwest is ruled by the planet Chandra (Moon). The owner of Northwest facing house travels from one to another place, his mind is very unstable. Usually, character of this house owner is well natured, soft-spoken and sentimental.

Northwest represents AIR element and which leads to discord and quarrels, also which disturbs co-ordination and relationship. Similarly, waves of jealousy from near and dear affects the patience level and productivity. 

northwest facing house

Northwest Direction is Vayu or the wind is ruling god: This direction is capable of making the owner rich or poor depending on its usage. Vayu  Bhagwan, the God of the Northwest direction, known as “Sadhagathi” means always moving. Vayu is the basic element of survival of life on earth. This is the most significant direction for women in the family.  Giving child birth their developments in life depend up on the proper utilization of Northwest direction, they can get fame and make scientific developments by living in such a property.  God Vayu is associated in formations of the foetus (the unborn young of a vertebrate), its development and easy delivery. Vayu also gives education and happiness to the habitats.

Any extension in Northwest will keep the residents on continuous traveling and always on moving. The extension of Northwest direction will shorten the Northeast or Eshanya, which is inauspicious. Their attitude goes over expensive and this may lead to poverty. Pits, ponds and water storages in this direction will lead to more problems in loneliness. Northwest direction, if utilized properly gives prosperity, good offspring, longer life, health, dignity and support from the Govt authorities.

Romantic-bedroom--North-westBedroom in North-west is good for newly married couple and their children provided that family has elder people. Whereas if the couple is the only elder in family then bedroom in Southwest will better and which is the corner of owner.

While buying the Northwest corner house, see that the North road should run towards West direction and West road should stop. This will gives financial stability. Whereas If the North road is stopped and West road is running, then avoid buying these properties.

And If the North and West roads are running, then observe the surroundings in  East, West, North and South.

The open space  towards South and West sides is more than compared to other directions, and then avoid purchasing this house.  And vise-a-versa North and East directions have a more space compared to other, in such houses, generally inhabitants may get fame and name and will have good knowledge and children will become more intelligent. 


268 Comments to Benefits of Northwest Facing House

  1. Kamal Shah says:

    I am planning to purchase a flat. But its direction are completely in different angle.
    The entrance of th house is facing South east.
    I hold like to mail you the drawing of the flat. Please suggest and forward me the email address.

  2. Suresh says:

    Hello sir , we are planning to rent an appartment. The entrance door is facing North North-West direction. Is that ok. Please advise

  3. Dilpreet says:

    Sir im renting a flat with door facing northwest is it ok to rent

  4. Vishal says:

    Dear brother,
    I am having a construction site office main entrance door in north west direction and office at south east direction so is it ok?? Please advice me for this.

  5. Pratik says:

    Hello sir,
    Iam an Architect.
    My office is located near my house at Northwest side of our plot facing north.


  6. Paresh says:

    We are going to rent an apartment
    The building entrance and the flat entrance west of north about25%
    Is it good or bad
    And northwest corber has kitchen. South west has master bedroom , northeast Jas another bedroom and south east has living room
    And toilet is between kitchen and master bedroom

    Please advise if this is good ?

  7. kusum kumar says:

    My entrance door of an apartment is in west side so kindly suggest me the advantages and disadvantages.

  8. kusum kumar says:

    Entrance of an apartment is in east side and entering the main door is in west side , so kindly suggest me . Is it good or not

  9. Edward W says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am looking at a northwest facing cul-de-sac lot. with front door facing northwest. With bedroom in the southeast section of the house and more yard space in the south east corner side of the house. I am seeking for your expert advice. I will send you the plan and lot plot via email for review. Thank you!

    Edward W

  10. Amit Kumar says:

    Hello Sir,
    I’m looking to purchase a two-stored house in USA which has 234 degree NW facing entrance door , Garage & Master bedroom at North, main toilet in NW, Kitchen in East, living room in South west, kids/Guest room in SW/SE. We are concerned with the house entrance facing NW and vaastu of other rooms. Please advice.


  11. kishorelenka says:

    Dear Sir,

    We are planning to buy a apartment in Bangalore. In that main door entrance is west facing ( North west) more towards west less toward north. can we buy this west facing house. Rest everything is fine like kitchen is in South East, Master bedroom in South west, another bedroom is in North East. Please provide your valuable feedback.

  12. Siddhartha says:

    Hello Sir,

    I wanted to get my house plan verified by you before I buy. Wanted to know your consultation fee.


  13. SUBHASH says:

    sir, my flat main door west north corner its ok

  14. Nisha. says:

    Hello Sir.
    We are soon moving into our own flat in Bangalore.
    I realised , the entrance is exactly in Nw corner of flat area, door facing toward north. Also, the Kitchen is in NOrthen side ,but there is utility area extended towards NE.
    The Toilets are in SW corner and Master bedroom is in south direction, with balcony in SE .

    Please suggest remedies or any Pooja which we can do during GrihPravesh Pooja.

    My DOb – 3/6/1981
    My husbands 3/7/1980

    Kindly reply. Would be highly thankful to you. Thanks again.

  15. Vinay Verma says:

    Sir , We are planning to take a flat on lease , the deal is very good but its on 13th floor ( 1301 ) , also the face of the main entrance is to North – West ( more towards West ) , Is it fine ??

  16. SRIKANTH says:

    my flat entrance is at Northwest corner, where should i keep pooja room? if i place northeast corner of my living room, can i place idols facing towards south is okay?

  17. mani says:

    Hello sir we are planning to buy a northwest house which is a corner flat entrance is entance gate also at northwest is it good as per my DOB oct 28 1987

  18. Bhanu says:

    Hi sir,

    We are planning to buy a appartment/flat which is north facing. When we enter into the flat, hall/living room is towards northwest, and children bedroom is towards northeast. Kitchen is in south east , master bed room is in southwest. only doubt here: is it ok to enter the house using north west entrance and is it ok if children bedroom is in northeast?

  19. Arunkumar says:

    Sir I have two side road to my plot ,North and west side. Please guide me to build a house

  20. Angel says:


    We want to rent a house. The entrance and kitchen both are towards northwest and to the south east there is a pool. Is it ok to rent the house?

  21. Sheelma says:


    We want to purchase north west corner plot, this is good or not. second north east hit road in half plot and the turned road from north to south. pls suggest me this is good for me or not.

  22. Ashish says:

    Dear sir,

    I want to buy a plot. Facing SE. Road on SE side. All other sides are houses. Should I buy it?

    • admin says:

      Yes, it’s OK, provided you should construct the house according to Vaastu

  23. Monalisa says:

    While taking a house, should we consider the entrance to the house or exit to the house through the main door while considering the direction of main door.
    Like Should i consider the case when I am inside the house and opening the main door (it is SE )or should I consider I am outside and am entering the house.(it is NW).
    Can you please suggest what should be considered

    • admin says:

      While exit from the house, which direction you face that is facing of the house. Here it’s SE facing house

  24. Mohammed sadiq says:

    North west facing door for rented flat good or bad, North east bedroom facing door good or bad pls. let me know, my rented flat structure like . kitchen – South east, big toilet – north west, small toilet – south east, building entrance – north west. so pls. let know the good or bad.

    • admin says:

      Main door in Northwest is OK, Master bedroom in Northeast and Toilet in Southeast is defect

  25. Vishhal K Modi says:

    Hello sir,

    I am a businessman from Kolkata and the main entrance of our house (apartment) is on the extreme North-west corner and the main door is facing west. Just opposite to the entrance is a staircase which is leading up to our main door. Is it ok?


  26. K Kalyan Ayyar says:

    Hi. We are planing to buy a villa with the entrance facing north west that we will be entering the house facing soth east. The Kitchen is at the right extreme side while entering. Also i need to more details about this house. If i send the plan can you help me please?

  27. Suresh Jaswal says:

    Dear sir
    My house having corners at main directions how we find Ishaan and Agni corners
    Also having house at North to south corner what to do please clarify me sir

  28. Bhanu Prakash says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am looking for rent house and found a duplex house at 2 & 3 floor. Ground floor has a 1 BHK and 1st floor has 2 BHK. This Duplex built at 2 & 3 floor. This building has 2 gates entrance gates. 1 is at North and another one is at west gate. The Duplex house entrance door is at North West. Is it Good ? The mail door is entrance of the hall. After the Hall, next Kitchen and next Bed room. In upstairs another 2 Bed rooms and open place in east side at 3rd (Top) floor. North Road is ending and west road is continuing. Is it Okay to move ? what are benefits of the North west facing house. Please help.

  29. Rajitha says:

    Hello sir,we live in south Africa and we took a rented house facing northwest, when we enter the door, on the right side will be the kitchen, leading to living area, from living area to the right are 2 bedroom, one facing northwest and other to southeast and balcony is oposite to the main door, please tell us about its benefits and corrections if any to be made

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